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How Companies With Sales Teams Can See Revenue Uplift From A/B Testing and Give More Information To Sales


  • 1. Bizible + Optimizely How Companies With Sales Teams Can See Revenue Uplift From A/B Testing

2. What Bizible has done to extend the Optimizely platform into Salesforce unlocks new value for Optimizely customers. Companies with sales teams should seriously consider Bizible for insights that prompt action and create value. - Dan Siroker, CEO, Optimizely 3. Optmizely experiments automatically added to lead Specific variation seen along with time 4. In this industry first, companies with sales teams can now easily see which experiments and variations are generating the most revenue. 5. A few other use cases See lead to opportunity conversion rate by variation. Run complex reports on other Salesforce and Bizible fields such as variation revenue by device type, location, or by marketing source. Since experiment details are published to Salesforce, its easy for sales to know which version of a page a contact had seen, which is great for testing things like pricing. 6. Reporting Run custom report using Bizible fields For example, by experiment or variation 7. Bizible also helps you make better marketing decisions by tracking your marketing efforts in Salesforce. 8. ROI Dashboard Settled & Projected ROI Sales Pipeline Performance 9. ROI Breakdown See which campaigns are top performing with sorting by ROI Customize to view only the data that matters most to you Easily export to Excel for further number crunching 10. First click attribution from any source/search phrase/ad campaign Custom fields for endless reporting ability Detailed information about your leads and opportunities instantly Lead insights and visitor behavior log 11. AppExchange Reviews The Bizible team is absolutely fantastic to work with. Not only is their product amazing, but they speak Salesforce fluently too. Bizible is a great product. It integrates easily with a website and provides key information for adwords users through salesforce. Product support is excellent and their response time is great. Bizible is exactly the missing link between online marketing and sales. It helps your Org to measure both the quantity and the quality of leads and opportunity that each of your online marketing sources is generating. Plus, you will be able to track users journey on your website. Brilliant reports and unique customer service. Bizible has given us unprecedented insight into how our customers find us and what's working/not working in our Adwords campaigns. 100+ Perfect Reviews 12. Visit to learn more about marketing analytics in Salesforce or request a demo today.