birthday party themes - emerald city party themes princess knight boot camp ... even sing and...

Download Birthday Party Themes - Emerald City   Party Themes Princess  Knight Boot Camp ... even sing and dance to their favorite Lion King songs such as I Just Can’t Wait to Be King

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  • Birthday Party Themes

    Princess & Knight Boot Camp

    Embark on a magical journey where dragons, princesses, and magical beings live! Guests will create their own fantasy world, incorporating real and magical creatures. Perfect for princess lovers who need training in the field and for knights who want to save the day! Guests will create a princess & knight themed craft and perform their proper royal etiquette in a mini-performance for their royal subjects at the end of the birthday party.

    Fairy Tale Magic

    In this magical far-away themed party, guest set out to explore the fascinating world of fairy tales. With their magical wands in hand, party guests will create one of a kind fairy tale characters and work together to defeat the villains of the forest. The fantastical tunes and unbelievable story in this mini-performance will be unforgettable so dont miss your trip to storyland!

    Pirates & Mermaids

    Ahoy Matey! This party is for the child who loves to explore the swash-buckling characters above and below the high seas. Guests will embark on a magical oceanic journey as they develop their very own pirate and mermaid characters, solve treasure hunts, and meet creatures under the sea. Guests will make a pirate/mermaid craft to use in their final mini-performance. So walk the plank straight over to Emerald City for a party you wont forget!


    If you could be a superhero, what special powers would you have? Let your super powers come to life at this exciting birthday party. Perfect for small people with heroic minds, we will be designing magic disguises that harbor special powers and help us rescue the audience from villains! Show off your newly discovered powers in a mini-performance at the end of the party and save the world!

  • Fancy Nancy

    Ooh la la! Come join Fancy Nancy and her best friend Bree for a birthday celebration you will adore (thats the fancy word for really, really like!) Enjoy your special day along with your best friends drinking elegant lemonade and whatever delicious finger foods your grown-ups provide! Guests will dance among the flowers to festive French tunes, make beautiful crafts, and perform an exquisite story together created by your own fanciful imaginations!

    The Lion King

    Hakuna Matata! No worries, your childs birthday party will be a blast as they explore scenes and songs from the hit musical The Lion King. Guests will become the playful animals of Pride Rock and create their own adventures with Simba and Nala. Theyll even sing and dance to their favorite Lion King songs such as "I Just Cant Wait to Be King." The party will conclude with a mini-presentation that will make everyone ROAR!!


    You and your friends will explore a frost-covered wonderland filled with familiar characters and friendly faces in the frozen land of Arendelle! Everyone will have a blast participating in creative drama, storytelling activities, and singing including songs such as Let it Go! All party guests will showcase the skills they have learned in Arendelle by performing in a shining final show at the end of the party.

    On the Move

    Get ready to explore the city with planes, trains, and automobiles in this transportation themed party. Together your guests will weave a tale of adventure and a hunt for treasure in the concrete jungle using any transportation means necessary to get the job done. They will take you along for the journey in a mini-performance at the end of the party. Just make sure you get back in time for cake!

    The Wizard of Oz

    Follow the yellow brick road to our Wizard of Oz themed birthday party where you and your friends will develop a mini play and/or musical based on the scenes from the famous story and movie! Dance and sing along to tunes such as "We're Off to See the Wizard," "Over The Rainbow and "Merry Old Land of Oz!" Gather your courage, wits, and heart about you as you journey through Oz together with your guests, but watch out for those lions, tigers, and bears, oh my!

  • Dance Dance Party

    Dance parties are all the rage! This hip-hoppin birthday party will have guests move it-move it to their favorite songs, and even sing along! Firework and Dynamite are just a couple of the explosive hits your child could choose. I gotta feeling the performance at the end will leave even the grown-ups ready to step-up to the dance floor!

    Willy Wonka

    Oompa Loompa doom-pa-dee-do, we've got a perfect birthday for you! Use your "pure imagination" to go on a candy-filled journey with Charlie and all his friends in this Willy Wonka themed birthday party. You and your guests will get to travel inside the famous candy factory as you develop a play and/or musical based on scenes from the deliciously decadent book and movies. Dance and sing along to tunes like "The Candyman," "Oompa Loompa," and "I've Got a Golden Ticket," but make sure to keep hold of your everlasting gobstopper and make sure to watch out for Slugworth!

    Rock Band Jam

    Dont Stop Believing that your birthday party could be one of the most fun parties in Chicago! The birthday kid will rock out with their friends and have a battle of the bands! Queen's "We Will Rock You," and Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'," are some of the totally awesome tunes students might learn in this class. For a complete listing of songs, please contact our office. Guests will perform for parents in a final rock star showing as the finale to the party.

    You can also customize your very own birthday party theme for an additional $75!

    CYOT Suggestions: Harry Potter, Pokmon, Doc McStuffins, High School Musical and so many more!