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<ul><li>1.StanislavskisBirthday Party Thats me!Panyatree (Sunny) Kongkwanyuen</li></ul> <p>2. Dear Cicely Berry,You are cordially invited to attend a birthday celebration for the late and great Konstantin Stanislavski, tohonor his memory along with the contributions to the world of Theatre.Please arrive at the BISS Blackbox on Thursday 10th January at 10:50am for the party. Be prepared for alively discussion of your theatre beliefs. We look very much forward to your company and your opinions!Yours faithfully,The Representative of Stanislavski.My Wonderful and all Inspiring Theorist My theatre theorist is Cicely Berry, a world renown voice and text coach. Obviously to looksmart for a birthday party filled with many passionate theorists, I have to get my game on and do somegreat background research on Berry herself, and her theories and what she does. It was difficult findinginformation on her overall, but the most difficult information to find was her personal information. In all themany websites I have visited, I only managed to find two sentences summing up her life: all she did whenshe was young was to read poems and be crazy about it. I was more fortunate with her theories howeverthey were not so detailed. Berry works with Shakespearean text and physical exercises to help train actorsto open up their voice, to find their potential so that they can better express their feelings orally. She hasworked with all actors who acted in any Shakespearean plays from stage to the silver screens. Whichmakes sense because she works all over the world! Including prisons where she uses Shakespeare as avassal to help people be more confident and better express themselves. Being a rare voice and text coachfor Shakespeare, Berry has worked with many now famous celebrities in their early times. She has alsopublished many books on how to use voice to unlock potential.Presentation and WorkshopAfter the research, we presented our theorists in a power point presentation along with a workshop to help my classmates understand what our theorists really do (and of course to show OURunderstanding and knowledge of our own theorist) I think my overall presentation and workshop was okaybut I could have done better. Ive only realized that after I finished my workshop. The workshop did focus ontalking and the structure of the text and where people think pauses were but I think that I should havefocused on physical exercises that let out the voice or maybe I could have gone further with theShakespeare text exercise. I panicked and rushed the workshop and so it ended faster than it was suppose. 3. Woyzeck Scenes To relate to the play that we are studying, Woyzeck, we are to look at scene three, the fairgroundor circus, and scene 21, the last and murder scene. We were ask to interpret the scenes in our theoristsvision. What we would focus on and how we will present the play. For me, I think Cicely Berry would focuson how the text shows expression and motive. This will then help actors in using their voices and bodymovements to reflect their objectives in the scene. This should make them be able to play out the sceneswithout the actual need to use props. The settings for both scenes would be fairly simple because thatwould bring more focus to the actors. However, I think (in both mine and Berrys opinion) the murder scenerequires more action than words. All the other aspects were not as important to her because it was not inher field. Berry has only worked with Shakespeare after all. Berry would want to have the use of theactors/actresses voice to be very confident and to really show the real emotions and motive of thecharacters. Though, I think that the script in scene three is quite long and can get the audience confused. Iwould take out the unnecessary text or shorten them to still have implied meaning (the foreshadowing oflater events) but still keep it short and simple. Other aspects such as lighting and other technical thingsarent in her forte so it is not important.Birthday Party~From looking at some of the pictures I got, I managed to pull a simple modern Cicely Berry. Sinceshe was born in London, she must have a British accent and after watching her video, it was a heavyaccent. I tried to use that at the birthday party, but during our group discussion I seem to have forgottenabout it because I was too busy thinking what to say. Fortunately, I oddly speak in a British accentsometimes that habit kept me in character. During the party, Ive met a few other theorists. For example: Jerzy Growtowski, Stanford Maisner,Tadashi Suzuki, Vsevelod Meyerhold, etc. In these conversations, I had to constantly defend myself when Istated that voice is important in the play because most of the theorists in the room have more a movementtheory. Antonin Artaud (By Saad) and Berry had some things in common because he focused onexpressing emotions and Berry focused on expressing emotion too but through voice so we had ouragreements and disagreements. I honestly felt being ganged up on but I still managed to defend myselfbecause it is always easier to express oneself through oral language. Our group discussion was weird tome. I wanted to speak but I just couldnt find the right time and when I did say something, all the thingsthat I wanted to say just left my head. I was wondering if what I said made sense at all! Overall I shouldreally improve in public speaking. When I have to talk about something and be smart about it, I begin to minihyperventilate and all the sentences in my head begins to mix or disappear. Thats when all I find it hard tocommunicate and end up repeating things because I was sure that the audience didnt understand. </p>