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  1. 1. The proper way of making birthday games turn into the highlight of fun and learningA classic birthday party organized for kids isnt complete without birthday games. It is the peakof fun for the children there and what they all came for. In that moment there are many thingsthat you can do to increase the fun, but there is one thing not many parents consider: Teaching.At first, this sounds crazy to you. Having somebody teaching the kids things when they could behaving fun with birthday games. The trick is that is exactly what is going to happen. With theLab of Crazy Scientists team, children can have a lot of fun while learning through our greatscience experiments and shows. It is a great way to keep their attention while they look at themagic of science right in front of their eyes with, because our years of experience and studyproved to us that there is no better time to make good use of teaching and learning than whentheir minds are already extremely captivated and intrigued.To do that we use entertainment at its finest way to make everything around the party becomemore exciting. A combination of all kinds of fun activities mixed together with the magic ofscience to make their day very unique and playful.That is what we are specialized at here at the Lab of Crazy Scientists: birthday party organizersgetting kids interested in learning and discovering. Of course, you need certains tricks to getkids very excited about learning, but our years in activity proved that this works.