bipolar disorder- demystifying a serious mental illness

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  • Living with Bipolar Disorder Lets Walk Together



  • The Havoc that Is Bipolar Disorder

    Extreme Mood Changes

    Swings of Energy levels


    Poor Focus & Concentration

    Impact on judgment & decision making

    Recklessness/risky behaviour

  • Is Bipolar just one illness?

    Anxiety Disorder Depression



    Phobia Delusion

    Substance Abuse Panic Attacks

  • Bipolar I Disorder ~

    > Severe form, with/without Psychosis

    > Marked by Manic episodes

    > Involves Hospitalisation

    > Lesser Depressive episodes

    Bipolar II Disorder ~

    > Less severe form of BD

    > Episodes of Hypomania which

    may develop into Mania

    > Longer, Debilitating Depressive phases

  • Bipolar~ is Not just about Chemical Imbalance

  • Difference is in Brain Structures

  • The prefrontal cortex region of the brain is critical for

    judgment, executive functioning, decision making,

    focus and concentration.

    In Bipolar and Schizophrenia afflicted, this key region

    of the brain is biologically different from brains of

    healthy persons.

    This has been proved by advanced MRI Scans.

  • Bipolar is said to be incurable is treatable

    10% of those afflicted succumb to suicide

    On an average a Bipolar faces~

    - 12 years of reduced life expectancy

    - A decade of productivity lost in prime years

    Among top 3 causes of long term disability

  • Steel Your Mind To Stigma of a Dual Type

  • External Stigma is Stigma faced in society,

    in the job market, marriage prospects and

    interpersonal relationships.

    Internal Stigma?

    That is the war you have to win against the

    devils within you. Devils within which undermine

    your confidence and motivation.

    Stop making unfair comparisons ! Let Go!

  • The Positive~ BD Can Be managed

  • 6 Step Process







  • Medical Treatment Is The Foundation

    Balance between side effects and benefits

  • Caregivers do their part, but that alone wont help.

    What can we do to regain balance of mind?

  • Vigorous Exercise/Fitness Training

    Working out is a well known buster of

    Depression and Stress.

  • Walking amid Nature > Mindfulness

  • Yoga ~ Pranayam and Meditation

  • Neuroplasticity ~ Meditation can Rewire the Brain!

  • Creative Visualisation >> Manifestation

  • A Higher Power~ Have Faith

  • We Are Insanely Creative~

    So, Lets Express Ourselves!!

  • Music Is Therapeutic

  • And so is Writing!

    My Book* was a

    cathartic Journey

    that ended up

    freeing me..

    Write for yourself.

    Maintain a journal

    or Blog if thats

    your calling..

    ( *Hyperlink)

  • Reach out

    Abolish Stigma

    Connect at Human Level

    Instill Hope, Belief & Transform Lives

    The Challenges are How to:-

  • Population 23 Million

  • 70 Million Indians suffer from

    Serious Mental Illnesses (Source~ Indian Health Ministry)

    15 Million Bipolar

    30 Million Clinically Depressed

  • LESS than 5000 Psychiatrists practice in India!!

  • is a First In Many Ways

    Someone Had To Make The First Move. Why Not Me?

    A Community Website unlike

    any other in India

  • The digital revolution is far more significant than

    the invention of writing or even of printing.

    ~Douglas Engelbart

  • Professional Help (Hyperlink)

    Psychiatrist/Psychotherapists/Counseling/NLP Practitioner

  • My Story Set Me Free.

    New Stories Came Pouring Out..

  • One Such Candid Story

  • Offline Peer Support Meets

    We Are Now Truly A Community!

  • Vijay Nallawala

    Author of~ A Bipolars Journey~ From Torment to Fulfillment

    Inspirational Storytelling & Personal Branding Coach,

    Mental Wellness Catalyst. Founder:


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