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    An Analysis of Variance Test for Normality (Complete Samples)Author(s): S. S. Shapiro and M. B. WilkSource: Biometrika, Vol. 52, No. 3/4 (Dec., 1965), pp. 591-611Published by: Biometrika TrustStable URL: 03/02/2009 15:44

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    Issue Table of ContentsBiometrika, Vol. 52, No. 3/4 (Dec., 1965), pp. i-xii+309-675+i-viiiVolume Information [pp.i-viii]Front Matter [pp.i-xii]The Goodness-Of-Fit Statistic $V_n$: Distribution and Significance Points [pp.309-321]The Probability of Covering a Sphere with $N$ Circular Caps [pp.323-330]The Convex Hull of a Random Set of Points [pp.331-343]Tests of Randomness Based on Distance Methods [pp.345-353]The Bayesian Estimation of Common Parameters from Several Responses [pp.355-365]On Linear Functions of Ordered Correlated Normal Random Variables [pp.367-379]Some Properties of the `Hermite' Distribution [pp.381-394]Counting Distributions for Renewal Processes [pp.395-403]On the Distribution of the Largest Characteristic Root of a Matrix in Multivariate Analysis [pp.405-414]Laguerre Series Forms of Non-Central $x^2$ and $F$ Distributions [pp.415-427]The Performance of Several Tests for Outliers [pp.429-436]A Special Case of a Bivariate Non-Central $t$-Distribution [pp.437-446]The Theory of Least Squares When the Parameters are Stochastic and Its Application to the Analysis of Growth Curves [pp.447-458]Locally Asymptotically Most Stringent Tests and Lagrangian Multiplier Tests of Linear Hypotheses [pp.459-468]Some Problems of Statistical Prediction [pp.469-483]Short-Cut Multiple Comparisons for Balanced Single and Double Classifications: Part 2. Derivations and Approximations [pp.485-498]On Elementary Symmetric Functions of the Roots of Two Matrices in Multivariate Analysis [pp.499-506]Sequential Sampling: Two Decision Problems with Linear Losses for Binomial and Normal Random Variables [pp.507-532]Approximate Means and Standard Deviations Based on Distances between Percentage Points of Frequency Curves [pp.533-546]Tables to Facilitate Fitting $S_u$ Frequency Curves [pp.547-558]Upper Bounds on the Moments and Probability Inequalities for the Sum of Independent, Bounded Random Variables [pp.559-569]The Simple Stochastic Epidemic Curve for Large Populations of Susceptibles [pp.571-579]The Distribution of Response Times in a Birth-Death Process [pp.581-585]Some Remarks on Double Sampling for Stratification [pp.587-590]An Analysis of Variance Test for Normality (Complete Samples) [pp.591-611]MiscellaneaA Solution of the General Stochastic Epidemic [pp.613-616]On a Partial Differential Equation of Epidemic Theory. I [pp.617-622]A Paradox Involving Quasi Prior Distributions [pp.623-627]The Index of Dispersion as a Test Statistic [pp.627-629]Chi-Square Approximations for the Distributions of Goodness-Of-Fit Statistics $U^2_n$ and $W^2_n$ [pp.630-633]A Note on the Analysis of Incomplete Block Experiments [pp.633-636]On Random Rotations in $R^3$ [pp.636-639]Correlation in a Singly Truncated Bivariate Normal Distribution II. Rank Correlation [pp.639-643]A Note on the Queueing System $M/M/1$ with Balking [pp.643-645]Some Multivariate Density Functions of Products of Gaussian Variates [pp.645-646]A Note on Estimation of Ratios by Quenouille's Method [pp.647-649]A Generalized Two-Sample Wilcoxon Test for Doubly Censored Data [pp.650-653]Bounds in a Minimax Classification Procedure [pp.653-654]Analysis of Categorical Data [pp.654-660]Significance Points for the Two-Sample Statistic $U^2_{M,N}$ [pp.661-663]Estimation of the Parameters for a Multivariate Normal Distribution when One Variable is Dichotomized [pp.664-668]

    Corrigenda: On the Sum of Squares of Normal Scores [p.669]Corrigenda: Robustness to Non-Normality of Regression Test [p.669]Corrigenda: Table of Percentage Points of Pearson Curves, for given $|surd |beta_1$ and $|beta_2$, Expressed in Standard Measure [p.669]Corrigenda: Some Inequalities on Characteristic Roots of Matrices [p.669]Reviewsuntitled [p.671]untitled [pp.671-672]untitled [p.672]untitled [p.672]untitled [pp.672-673]untitled [p.673]untitled [p.673]untitled [p.674]

    Other Books Received [p.675]Back Matter


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