biomedical team malick fofana, margaret culver, ryan coleman

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Biomedical Team Malick Fofana, Margaret Culver, Ryan Coleman

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Biomedical Team

Biomedical Team Malick Fofana, Margaret Culver, Ryan Coleman Table of ContentsProject Goal Customer Needs AssessmentBackground Research Other products on the market Specifications IdeasEvaluation First Exhibit: Surgery Man Second Exhibit: Disease Progression ModelingAppendices

A tech building will create opportunities for interactive learning and increase tourism in South Central, PASTEM EducationTourism Our goal is to construct an interactive, innovative and economically sustainable building that promotes STEM education and tourism in South Central, PA specifically the Huntingdon area.

3Customer needs were established through a survey of Penn State students and a biomedical engineering professor

A strong pre med program at Juniata led us to narrow our focus to exhibits involving medicine FieldClass of 10Class of 11Class of 12Class of 13 Medicine 8/10=80% 6/8= 75% 8/9= 89% 14/17= 82% 14/17= 82% 7/8= 88% 9/9= 100% 14/17= 82% Acceptance Rate for Juniata Students into Medical School

Tailor our design project to fit with this info5Research conducted revealed many cutting edge technologies that could be applicable to our tech house

Specifications were based on six main categories: size, functionality, adaptability, safety, interactivity and education

SafetySizeFunctionalityInteractiveAdaptabilityEducationFind pictures7A list of ideas was generated based on existing models and new innovative ideas A: EKG monitoring game

B: Interactive anatomy surgery thing (laproscopic)

C: Interactive animated skull

D: X-Ray & Broken Bones

E: Brain EEG

F: Interactive Heart

G: Disease Progression Display (HD Touch Screen)

H: Microbiology (Microscopy, germs, bacteria, )

I: Interactive Neurons

8Our ideas were evaluated by concept screening and scoring with an emphasis on interactivity, visual appeal and education

Surgery Man allows patrons to perform surgeries on the body while following along with the virtual surgery

Disease Progression Modeling allows patients to track the way a disease attacks the human body

SummaryThe design process began with recognizing the opportunity and continued through the selection of our exhibits

Surgery Man is an interactive anatomy model that allows people to explore the human body and common surgeries

Disease Progression Modeling will be a lifesize display that will show how a disease affects the body and how medicine helps the body fight back

Appendix A: Gant Chart

Appendix C: Concept Screening Concept Variants Selection CriteriaAB CDFGNumber of People that can be engaged at one time 000-0+Level of oversight needed -++++0Easy to use/ user friendly 00++0+Visually appealing0+-00+Maintenance Required -00+0-Cost --0+--Ease of Installation+0-+++Safety0+++++Interactive++0-0+Educational++--++Age Appropriate +++0++PLUSES 464658SAMES 444251MINUSES 313312NET 151346RANK525431CONTINUE?yesyesnonocombine with AyesAppendix B: Concept Scoring

Gaumard Scientific

Virtual Surgeries

Nanoparticles and Brain Tumors