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  • 1. The Effect of GenderRecovery in Spinning Rossana F. and Kalile E.
  • 2. IntroductionEveryone gets dizzy atleast once in their life.There are many ways ofgetting dizzy andsometimes it takes a lot oftime to get over it.Peoplewho are used to spinningmight get over dizzinessfaster.
  • 3. Effect in Your Body After Spinning Around Several Times +Symptoms: Dizziness Vertigo Vomiting Headaches Vision (blurry)
  • 4. ReactionsProper Signal are not transmitted to the brainEar will not be able to maintain balance:-Canals tell the brain the head is moving/rotating > fluid called endolymph (motion sensor withlittle hairs)- constant rotational velocity > endolymph no longer pushes to the cilia (making the brain thinkthe head has stop moving)- Instant you stop (endolymph travels in a circle in the semicircular canal but because you werespinning as well) unable to detect the spin / forced to stop- cilia > causes your brain to suddenly start thinking your head is spinning in the opposingdirection / despite is notEyes will start moving in fast speed (blurry)from side to side, until therecovery...
  • 5. How to Prove It?
  • 6. ExperimentPurpose: We want to find out what gender recovers fasterafter spinningHypothesis: If athletes can recover faster than noneathletics, then the genders will affect the time of recoveryIndependent: Male and FemaleDependent: Amount of time of recoveryConstant: # of spinsHow we measured their reaction time? After spinningaround ten time, we time how much it took for the eyes tostop moving...
  • 7. Data * Had to spin 10 times > the reaction*They all do sports was measured with a timer... after their eyes stopped moving we also stop the timer & record the information!
  • 8. Graph *Percentage of the speed and time of recovery for both GendersFrom 10% to100% Malesrecovered90% more 90%than females..
  • 9. ConclusionAfter doing this experiment we foundout that males recover faster thanfemales...!!!
  • 10. ConclusionAfter doing this experiment we foundout that males recover faster thanfemales...!!!

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