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  • BIOLOGY DEPARTMENT Texas A&M University New Student Conference 2015 Freshman Advising Meeting
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  • Conference Objectives Review Biology Degree Plan Options Review Core Curriculum Department Grade Requirements Scheduling and Registration Announcements Make this a WHOOPIN Experience
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  • Undergraduate Programs Office Staff Office: 107 Butler Phone: 979-845-3116 Vanessa Nordell-Senior Advisor Christine Farris-Director Clint Crampton-Advisor II Tara Hardin-Advisor Victor Castillo-Advisor Crystal Wager-Office Associate cwager
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  • Career Advising Workshops Specifically Targeted to Life Sciences Majors (including Resume Writing and Job Search Strategies) On-Campus Interviewing Science Careers Listserv Website (with specific information about finding employment with a science degree) Resume Review Special Events (including Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Sales Panel Discussions) Life Sciences Career Fair LIFE SCIENCES CAREER SERVICES
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  • Marilyn Yeager Coordinator, Life Sciences Career Services Koldus Building, Suite 209 (979) 458-1303 LIFE SCIENCES CAREER SERVICES
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  • BIOLOGY CURRICULUM *All Biology Degrees are 120 credit hours* First two years common science requirements in all degree plans. B.A. Biology Similar to B.S. Biology; Mandatory Minor (list included in your packet) B.S. Biology Basic Biology Degree. Biology electives can be freely chosen from an approved list. B.S. Microbiology Focused on prokaryotic biology including bacterial genetics and bacterial physiology. B.S. Molecular Cell D irected electives are focused on cell, molecular and developmental biology. B.S. Zoology Focuses on chordate and invertebrate anatomy along with physiology and other zoology directed electives.
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  • FOUNDATION COURSE COMPLETION TIMELINE Specific courses must be completed before starting your 5 th full semester (indicated by ** on the degree plans) for entry to upper- division BIOL elective courses. These are as follows: Introductory Biology: BIOL111 & BIOL112 Secondary/Foundation Biology: BIOL213 & BIOL214 Introductory Chemistry: CHEM101, 111, 102, 112 Organic Chemistry: CHEM227, 237, 228, 238 Calculus: MATH147 & MATH148, or equivalents
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  • TESTING, TESTING1, 2, 3 AP Testing Refer to the undergraduate catalog for a listing of AP scores and their course equivalents CLEP Testing Contact Data and Research Services (DARS) at 979-845-0532 Departmental/Placement Tests Foreign Language Core Curriculum Courses Math Assessment Test
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  • Math Assessment What is it? A tool to determine your placement in MATH at Texas A&M University. There are 33 questions. What if I scored 22 + : You are eligible to enroll in MATH147/151/171. less than 22: You should enroll in pre-calculus (MATH150). Can I retake the exam for a higher score? Yes, you may take the MPE up to three times, with a 14-day waiting period between attempts. Consider the Personalized Pre-calculus Program through the MATH department to help you brush up on skills before retaking the MPE. Go to for available session dates.
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  • UNIVERSITY CORE CURRICULUM All students entering Texas A&M University Summer 2014 onward have a required core curriculum different than previous years. For a complete list of courses used to satisfy the specific areas, please refer to
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  • IMPORTANT DEGREE REQUIREMENTS RESIDENCE REQUIREMENT A minimum of 36 hours of 300-400 level course work must be completed at A&M to obtain a baccalaureate degree. 12 of the 36 hours must be within your major field of study. WRITING INTENSIVE COURSES Two Writing Intensive (WI) courses are required in your major field of study. Courses currently approved include: BIOL351, 388, 400, 401, 423, 491 (with instructor approval), designated sections of OCNG420 and VIBS443 ELECTIVE RESTRICITIONS Non-majors courses and courses below the minimum level required in other areas of the degree program. (i.e. BIOL107, BIOL206, MATH102, etc.), introductory courses to another field of study. (i.e. BIMS101,etc.), any ROTC course. Some may need to be specific for International/Cultural Diversity or 300-400 level to meet Residency.
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  • Department Grading Requirements Students in the Department of Biology A grade of C or better in BIOL111 and BIOL112 is required. Only 1 D is allowed in courses within the major as long as the GPA remains 2.0+. This means all BIOL classes (excluding 111/112) and any course used as a major-specific elective. Ds are allowed outside the major field of study. However, Ds are unacceptable if you plan to attend a graduate or professional school.
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  • Example First Year Freshman Year First Semester:(Th-Pr)Credit BIOL 111 Intro. Biol. (3-3) 4 CHEM 101 Fund. Of Chem 1 (3-0) 3 CHEM 111 Fund Of Chem Lab (0-3) 1 Core Curriculum Elective (3-0) 3 MATH 147 Biological Calculus 1 (3-1) 4 Total 15
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  • Example AP/dual credit Freshman Year First Semester:(Th-Pr)Credit BIOL 214 Genes Ecol Evol. (3-0) 3 CHEM 101 Fund. Of Chem 1 (3-0) 3 CHEM 111 Fund. Of Chem Lab (0-3) 1 Core Curriculum Elective (3-0) 3 MATH 147 Biological Calculus 1 (3-1) 4 Total 14
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  • SAMPLE TRIAL SCHEDULE MWF 8:00 9:10 10:20 11:30 12:40 1:50 3:00 4:10 5:45 WED. MATH147-501 CHEM101-510 PSYC107-505 THUR. MATH147 LAB BIOL111-511 LAB MON. MATH147-501 CHEM101-510 PSYC107-505 TUE. MATH147 LAB BIOL111-511 CHEM 111-502 LAB FRI. MATH147-501 CHEM101-510 PSYC107-505 TR 8:00 9:35 11:10 12:45 2:20 3:55 5:30 MWF classes are 50 minutes long; TR are 1 hr and 15 minutes 20 minute break in between classes *MW 4:10 and MW 5:45 are 1 hr and 15 minutes
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  • IMPORTANT!! BIOL111 is lecture/lab combined. Look through the sections to find the combination you prefer and register for a section with available spots. Introductory CHEM is not lecture/lab combined so you must sign up for them separately. Make sure to sign up for a CHEM111 lab when you sign up for a CHEM101 class. You will add the CRN for both 101 and 111 to your worksheet, then submit. Check restrictions.
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  • My Record
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  • Example course search result
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  • Quick Registration
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  • COMMON REGISTRATION PROBLEMS and SOLUTIONS Time Conflicts = Pay careful attention to the class times listed. Field of study restriction = majors only section. CHEM111 common Honors restriction = take only if admitted to Honors program or if minimum requirements are met. HNR is in the title of the course. Section numbers start with a 2 (ex: CHEM101-201). Some classes fill up quickly. Core curriculum classes are generally flexible and may be taken in any semester. Prerequisite & Test Score error = Accept Lab Safety Acknowledgement for any lab course (do each semester); Accept AP credits if it is a prerequisite for another course you want to take (ex: MATH151 credit to enroll in MATH152) KINE 198, 199 and 120 sections fill up quickly.
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  • END OF MEETING ANNOUNCEMENTS The registration process: 1.UNTIL 12:30PM-ask any questions concerning your registration and/or degree plan. 2.Group registration will begin promptly at 2:00 PM at the second floor of the STUDENT COMPUTING CENTER. Be there by 1:45PM to be sure your login is working. 3.Make sure before registration to have your net ID set up and remember to accept the Lab Safety Acknowledgement. 4.Please be sure to verify your class selections with an advisor once your registration is complete. Pay fees (if needed) and have a student ID card made (if not already done). You may also go to a bookstore and purchase or reserve textbooks. 5.Remember, we are here to help you. If you have any questions please feel free to call or drop by our office. 979-845-3116.
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  • Biology Department Texas A&M University


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