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HOW TO MAKE CHOCO MANGO PUDDING RECIPE INGREDIENTS :1. 1 pack of Chocolate pudding powder2. 1 pack of Mango pudding powder3. 2 pack of Vla powder4. 500 ml of Water5. 1 tablespoon of sugarTOOLS :1.Boiler2.Stove3.Pudding mold4.Plate

STEPS : 1. First mix well mango pudding powder with 500 ml of water2. Cook and stir well until the water boil3. Pour the mango mixture into the mold and chill it in the refrigerator4. While we wait for mango pudding to chill, cook chocolate pudding with the same steps with mango pudding.5. If mango pudding already set, pour the chocolate mixture into the mold (on the top of mango pudding)


INGREDIENTS :1. 1 pack of Plain jelly powder2. 2 sachets of vanilla Condensed milk3. 1 cup of Sugar4. 700 ml of water5. 1 bottle of lemonade

TOOLS :1. Stove2. Boiler3. Cup4. Stick Ice Cream

STEPS :1. Mix well 1 pack of jelly powder with 1 cup of sugar2. Heat 700 ml of water until boiled3. Add the jelly and sugar mixture into the boiled water and stir it well4. Pour 2 sachets of condensed milk into the mixture stir it until boiled again5. Pour the mixture into the cups for just a half6. Wait until the mixture set, and put the stick into the center of jelly7. Pour the lemonade into the cup, on the top of jelly mixture8. Put them into the refrigerator and wait until the mixture froze9. Jelly Frozen ready to servPictures of ingredients : tool