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1. Binary Options Trading- How to make it Big? Femi Emmanuel 2. Introduction Binary options trading are slowly becoming a huge craze in contemporary world. Though not many people are aware of the rules and consequences of this type of trading, one can see that day by day more and more people are engulfed in the realm of the binary options trading system. There are various strategies for such trade; three of the most elaborate ones are discussed below. These strategies are best for beginners in this field. Moreover, these strategies also have tricks and tips hidden beneath its layers that would help a person to make it really big. Binary Options trading is a game of quick planning and strategies. Once a person gets a hang of these strategies and methods to trade, the person is bound to reach new heights in this trade. Strategies and systems are important in binary options trading. You can download free strategies here Let us explore some of the methods and strategies for trading. 3. Strategy I The conservative strategy is a long term one. It is best for those who want to increase their capital nice and slow. The trick of this strategy is to make sure that the level of risk is minimised and to wait for the best time to play ones move. The pattern which is ideal in this strategy is to take up the last two units of the Zig Zag and to draw a Fibonacci between these last two units. The Fibonacci must be drawn from Unit 1 to Unit 2 in case of a downward trend and from Point 2 to Point 1 in case of an upward trend. The target in such an arrangement would be to indulge in at least one to two binary options trading per day. Experiments have showed that by following this method, one can make a profit of at least five thousand in twenty consecutive days. Thus, roughly one can say that this method makes a profit of five thousand per month. 4. Strategy II The Semi-Conservative Strategy is to be best used by those who want to make more money at a per month basis; and also to make more trades per day. Unlike the conservative strategy this method involves around four to six trades on an average per day. The rules of trading are exactly the same as the previous method. But there is one exception the Fibonacci series is charted out at two scales which is 161.8 and 127; whereas in the conservative method the series is charted out only at 161.8. With level 127 trades, it is advised that one must not take this sort of trading with more than six minutes to the expiry of the deal. This is because this level plays a lot with the risk factor and enhances the chances to lose money if your trades are not successfully completed within the expiry limit. Thus to reduce the risk factor and yet earn more by making four to six trades in the 161.8 Fibonacci scale, this method is recommended. 5. Strategy III The third and the last strategy popularly known as the Aggressive Strategy is not for the beginners and laymans in this field. This method involves a keen understanding of the price cycles, Zig-Zag Lines and the Fibonacci series. Here, a price cycle can be broken down to many short term price cycles. It is with these short term price cycles that one prefers to work with. Each short -term price cycle can be considered for three binary trades in total during normal trading conditions. The move to be played in such trades depends totally upon the experience and conscience of the trader. If the trader feels something is not quite right about the setup, the price cycle or the trend of the trade; it is best to avoid going for any trade in that cycle. It is recommended keenly to wait for the next cycle or till the inner instinct do not give thumbs up for such trades. This strategy for binary Options trading can provide around a hundred or more exclusive trading setups every day. The trader who indulges in the third strategy must know these setups and the price cycles very closely before actually trading. 6. Important Points to Remember All the three strategies which have been explained above if resorted to at the right moment can help the trader trade the commodities, stocks etc. and earn a good profit. Even if a trader chooses to go for only two trades per day using any of the methods and most importantly, selecting the setup with highest probabilities, the trader can earn a good amount of money for the trade that he undertakes. The trader who indulges into binary trade must be a very keen observer, must have patience and a strategical mind. This is because the trader, when still in the beginner stage must learn to look at the way the trends move. Depending on the trends one can make an estimation of the price cycles and probabilities. This would help the trader is knowing the trend closely. Patience is required because if the trends or price cycles are against the trader, then it is best to wait for the next profitable setup instead of jumping to trade in the setup which holds all odds against the trader. Strategy is important for not only choosing which method to undertake while jotting out the probability for the trade but also of how to indulge in real trade which would help the trader earn maximum profits. 7. Conclusion To conclude, one can say that binary trading is a game of mathematics combines with luck and probabilities. The instinct of the trader plays a major role when it comes to real trading and helps in paving the way for a high value profit or loss for the trader. Thus, if one wants to trade in this field, must needs to learn all the tips and tricks before trading. Watch videos and download free trading strategies at This would reduce the risk factor and increase the profit earning factors to the maximum for any trader.