bimcampus presentation - northumbria university graduates - josh, angus and rob

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Josh Dobson, Angus Donaldson and Robert Eaton present their year out so far to Northumbria University


  • 1. BIM Campus Josh Dobson Angus Donaldson Robert Eaton

2. What Is Campus?Campus is a purpose made Building Information Modelling (BIM) training suite, which aims at teaching and building useable and relevant BIM skills that are instantly transferable into the workplace and which will enable young people within the construction industry to make a valued contribution to their employer at a very early stage. 3. Autodesk BPAC 4. Project One - The House 5. Project One - The HouseRev.AmendmentDate66851A(00)GAE001A(00)GAS0013 142512001280200943 Store3 23401 m 9.9 SF3735135511005 1 Dining Room 15 m 161.6 SFUP---310 Room600015 m 157.4 SF62588454 A(00)GAE00161A(00)GAE0011 A(00)GAS002215 m 165.6 SF12 Room412050002 Living Room26 m 284.6 SF1235By Department Legend Circulation8 2340Communal Space4 PorchGarage Storage11002 m 26.6 SFRoom Schedule - Level 0 Level710North2 1 A(00)GAE0011Level 0 1 : 20NameLevel 0 Level 0 Level 0 Level 0 Level 0 Level 0Dining Room Living Room Store Porch Room RoomStatus525525305 1000131615101424Project StatusProjectTypical HouseDrawingGeneral Arrangement - Level 0Project No.58162432Area 15 m 15 m 1 m 2 m 15 m 26 mScale at A11 : 20Dwg. No. DrawnA(00)GAP001AuthorCheckedRev.CheckerDate10/31/13this drawing is copyright - check all dimensions on site - inform architect / so of any discrepancies - work to figured dimensions only - do not scale 6. Project Two - University Projects 7. Project Two - University ProjectRev.114 233 2 5 14579 810 9Amendment11 10Date12 11A(21)GAV003 A(24)GAV001 A(00)GAS002---Roof 10500Level 3 7500Level 2 4500Level 1 1500GROUND LEVEL 0Level 0 -1500 TOF -18001Section 1 1 : 50StatusCompletedProjectThe Young Lit & PhilDrawingGeneral Arrangement - Section 001Project No.Dwg. Project Number No. A(00)GAS001Scale at A11 : 50DrawnJDCheckedRev.CheckerDate11/07/13 8. Project Two - The Young Lit & Phil 9. Project Two - The Young Lit & Phil 10. Project Two - Visitor Centre 11. 46 Westgate 12. Project Three - 46 WestgateBrief: To design a new building tailored to the Arts, both visual and auditory. An exploration of vertical space must be incorporated. Shedule of accommodation: Performance Space Exhibition Space Dressing Rooms StudiosCafe and Bar 13. Laser Scanning and Point CloudPoint Cloud DataRevit Model 14. Structural Modelling 15. Structural ModellingArchitectural & Structural models_Structural model_ 16. Structural ModellingPile Foundations are insertedUniversal Beams 356x171x51 are addedSteel Bracing is added to provide structural rigidityPrecast Concrete retaining wall is builtUniversal Beams 254x146x31 are addedInsitu Concrete floor is poured203x203x46 Structural Columns are addedUniversal Beams 178x102x19 are addedIntermediate Concrete floors are pouredUniversal Beams 533x210x82 are addedC Channels 152x89 are added 17. Project Three - 46 Westgate 18. Project Three - 46 Westgate 19. Project Three - 46 WestgateGround Floor AxoFirst Floor AxoSecond Floor Axo 20. MEP Modelling and Clash DetectionNavisworks Clash Detection - Beams and Columns versus Doors, Windows and Curtain Walling