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<ul><li><p>45 45 45 </p><p>29.07 - 01.08.201529.07 - 01.08.201529.07 - 01.08.2015</p><p>45 FESTIVAL OF TRADITIONAL SONGS AND DANCES45 FESTIVAL OF TRADITIONAL SONGS AND DANCES45 FESTIVAL OF TRADITIONAL SONGS AND DANCES</p><p>ILINDEN DAYSILINDEN DAYSILINDEN DAYS</p><p>2015</p></li><li><p>Pokrovitel:</p><p>Sobranie na</p><p>Republika Makedonija</p><p>Organizator:</p><p>BILTEN</p><p>45. </p><p> 4/2015 , 01.08.2015</p></li><li><p> - 2015</p><p>3</p><p> -</p><p>... . </p><p> , </p><p> , </p><p> -</p><p>.</p><p> , </p><p> . </p><p>45- </p><p>, </p><p>. , </p><p> !</p><p>45. </p><p> Whatever it is called in other </p><p>languages, the term jubilee has identical </p><p>meaning. Jubilee means to celebrate </p><p>something, to give special meaning to a </p><p>certain anniversary, to mark the </p><p>importance of a particular event. </p><p> And that is exactly what is </p><p>happening at the Ilinden Days Festival. </p><p>Cultural associations from all over the </p><p>world come together for the 45th time </p><p>celebrating their own jubilees at this </p><p>festival. We would like to use this </p><p>opportunity to congratulate everyone on </p><p>their jubilees!</p><p>45th Republic Festival of </p><p>Folk Dances and Songs </p><p>Ilinden Days</p><p>JUBILEE</p><p> Jubilee Jubilej </p><p> Jubileu Jubileusz Giubileo </p></li><li><p> - 2015</p><p>4</p><p> . </p><p>. </p><p> -</p><p> . </p><p> , </p><p> - , </p><p> The members of the ensemble </p><p>from Italy are among the most sought-</p><p>after participants in the Festival this year </p><p>for group photos. Hundreds of seles on </p><p>mobile phones and short conversations. </p><p>They say that when they left the aeroport </p><p>from Skopje to Bitola they noticed that the </p><p>roads are identical to those in Sardinia: at </p><p>times straight, slightly curved, slightly </p><p>Antonello Piras, </p><p>president of the Quartiere </p><p>Villanova di Cagliari </p><p>Ensemble - Sardinia, Italy </p><p>, , </p><p> , -</p><p> , </p><p>, ! -</p><p> -</p><p> , , </p><p> . , </p><p> - </p><p> ! , </p><p> -</p><p> -</p><p>.</p><p>uneven with many hills. But when they </p><p>spotted Pelister they knew they were </p><p>already in Bitola. Of course, it had all </p><p>been checked out on the Internet rst! From the conversations with </p><p>them we learn that they really like the </p><p>Macedonian food, rakia, and beer, and </p><p>they haven't missed the opportunity to </p><p>taste pizza and spaghetti cooked after </p><p>Macedonian recipes. Also, they almost </p><p>unanimously emphasize there are such </p><p>beautiful girls and gorgeous women </p><p>here! At the Ilinden Days Festival, </p><p>they are presenting dances from Sardinia </p><p>characterized by intense strength and </p><p>vigor, capturing great attention from the </p><p>audience. </p></li><li><p> , -</p><p>... </p><p>. </p><p> 40 , </p><p> 22 </p><p>, , </p><p> .</p><p> , </p><p> -</p><p> . </p><p> , </p><p> . </p><p> 16 66 </p><p> , , </p><p> , -</p><p>. </p><p> - 2015</p><p>5</p><p> , </p><p> -</p><p>, </p><p> 1- </p><p> 22 !</p><p> Even though it is really warm, </p><p>actually hot, I still feel great in Bitola. </p><p>Here, the temperature in the shade is </p><p>around 40 degrees Celsius and in our </p><p>hometown it does not go over 22 </p><p>degrees. But it does not matter. What </p><p>matters the most is that we are together </p><p>with you on this festival for the rst time. </p><p> We have been all over the world, </p><p>but we are now in Macedonia for the rst </p><p>time, as well as at the Festival in Bitola </p><p>which, as we have noticed, arouses great </p><p>interest and is visited by numerous </p><p>people. Therefore, we have decided to </p><p>present music and dances from the </p><p>Kurpie region, as well as authentic </p><p>costumes that were worn in the past. Our </p><p>Ensemble is comprised of people from 16 </p><p>to 66 years and they are all amateurs, </p><p>mostly students, but we do also have </p><p>dancers who are doctors, engineers and </p><p>others who love folklore. </p><p>Andrej Durdal, </p><p>president of Kurpie Zielone </p><p>Bialystok, Poland</p><p>In our hometown, </p><p>the maximum air temperature </p><p>on 1st August is </p><p>22 degrees Celsius!</p></li><li><p> - 2015</p><p>6</p><p> . </p><p>- </p><p> , </p><p>, , , </p><p> . </p><p> .</p><p>, </p><p> !</p><p> 6- -</p><p> 50 </p><p> -.</p><p> , </p><p> , </p><p> !</p><p> We visit Bitola often and with </p><p>great pleasure. We have fantastic </p><p>collaboration with CAS Pletenka </p><p>Bitola and our host Zlatko Stojchevski </p><p>and we are also delighted when we visit </p><p>Tetovo, Prilep, Veles, Shtip and other </p><p>Macedonian cities. Our children have </p><p>made friends with children from Bitola </p><p>and we feel like home here. </p><p> At the Ilinden Days Festival we </p><p>are presenting dances from Vranje, </p><p>performing the Old Vranje choreo-</p><p>graphy which no one in Serbia dances as </p><p>effortlessly and zealously as we do! </p><p> On 6th September we are </p><p>marking the 50th anniversary of the </p><p>urban CAS Sevdah-Vranje.</p><p>Srdjan Aleksandrovikj, </p><p>president of the urban</p><p> CAS Sevdah from Vranje, Serbia</p><p>We dance </p><p>effortlessly and zealously!</p></li><li><p> - 2015</p><p>7</p><p> , </p><p> -</p><p>, </p><p> . </p><p> , </p><p> . </p><p> 40 </p><p> -</p><p> .</p><p> - </p><p> 420 </p><p>38 </p><p> . </p><p>. , </p><p>1962 --</p><p>, </p><p> 700 , </p><p> .</p><p> , </p><p> , </p><p> 40 </p><p> !</p><p> Velika Gorica was once part of the </p><p>city of Zagreb, but, as president </p><p>Cundekovikj says, their city is larger than </p><p>the capital city. The name of the </p><p>ensemble comes from Turo Pole which is </p><p>a eld between the rivers of Sava and </p><p>Kupa. This ensemble is celebrating 40 </p><p>years of work this year and it is with great </p><p>pleasure that they are marking the jubilee </p><p>at the Ilinden Days Festival in Bitola. </p><p> -FE Turopolje is one of the </p><p>biggest folk societies in Croatia with </p><p>around 420 members which currently </p><p>have 38 choreographies on their </p><p>repertoire with different costumes for </p><p>each one. In Bitola, they will perform the </p><p>Susak choreography wh ich i s </p><p>particularly interesting because of the </p><p>following amusing thing: the English </p><p>protected the mini-skirt in 1962 and we </p><p>afrm that we have had a mini-skirt for </p><p>more than 700 years thanks to our </p><p>choreography, said Cundekovikj. </p><p>Zlata Cundekovikj, </p><p>president of the Turopolje </p><p>Folk Ensemble </p><p>Velika Gorica, Croatia</p><p>We are celebrating </p><p>our jubilee 40th anniversary </p><p>of our ensemble in Bitola!</p></li><li><p> - 2015</p><p>8</p><p> -</p><p>. -</p><p> 14 , </p><p>.</p><p> -</p><p> , </p><p> , </p><p>. </p><p> . </p><p>, , , -</p><p>, , , , -</p><p>, , ... -</p><p>!</p><p> , </p><p>, </p><p> 14 , </p><p> !</p><p> At the Festival in Bitola, we are </p><p>presenting the folk tradition from Roma-</p><p>nia with a special accent on the music </p><p>and dances from the region of Dobruja. </p><p>We have been to Macedonia for 14 times </p><p>so far, but at the Ilinden Days Festival </p><p>only once - this time!</p><p> We are impressed by the history </p><p>of the city. We have already visited the </p><p>M u s e u m a n d H e r a c l e a a n d w e </p><p>particularly liked the old part in the city </p><p>centre that shares identical details with </p><p>Bucharest. The Macedonians are very </p><p>good and hospitable people and that is </p><p>something we really like. We have been </p><p>to places all over the world, Belgium, </p><p>Holland, Hungary, Turkey, Cyprus, </p><p>Moldova, Poland, Greece, Bulga-</p><p>riareally everywhere!</p><p>Shtefan Koman, </p><p>director of </p><p>Baladele Deltei Doruletul</p><p>Tulchea, Romania</p><p>We have been to </p><p>Macedonia for 14 times so far, </p><p>but at the Ilinden Days Festival </p><p>only once - this time!</p></li><li><p> - 2015</p><p>9</p><p> -</p><p> , </p><p> , -</p><p>. </p><p> () -</p><p> . </p><p> -</p><p> , </p><p> 55 </p><p> , </p><p> .</p><p>, 21- , </p><p> -</p><p> -</p><p> .</p><p> ,</p><p>, </p><p> O n e o f t h e m o s t f a m o u s </p><p>ensembles of Macedonian folk songs </p><p>and dances in Toronto, and the North </p><p>American continent overall, is our guest </p><p>in Bitola this year. This was enabled by </p><p>the Emigration Agency of the Republic of </p><p>Macedonia. The founder and instructor of </p><p>this ensemble is Aleksandar (Alek) </p><p>Petlichkov who works relentlessly with </p><p>young Macedonians to this day.</p><p> The Makedonka ensemble has </p><p>visited many places around the world, </p><p>marking a great jubilee last year 55th </p><p>anniversary of its foundation, leaving </p><p>behind numerous dancers of several </p><p>generations who are all commendable </p><p>for cherishing and preserving the </p><p>Macedonian folklore abroad. </p><p> The President of the Republic of </p><p>Macedonia rewarded the Makedonka </p><p>ensemble with the acknowledgement </p><p>award, Charter of the Republic of </p><p>Macedonia, on the 21st July this year for </p><p>thei r achievement and mer i t for </p><p>Macedonia. </p><p>Makedonka Ensemble, </p><p>Toronto, Canada</p><p>Ambassador of the </p><p>Macedonian Dance and Song</p></li><li><p> ! </p><p>!</p><p> &amp; </p><p>! 1- !</p><p> - </p><p> .</p><p>... ,</p><p> ,</p><p> ,</p><p> ,</p><p> ...</p><p> ...</p><p>, </p><p> ,</p><p> ...</p><p>... ..</p><p>... ... ...</p><p>1- , , 21.00 </p><p> - 2015</p></li><li><p>2015</p><p>45. </p></li></ul>