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BIGGEST LOSER CONTEST RULES ANDINFORMATIONCONTEST GOALGoshen College wants to help you reach your weight loss goals for 2013. We are ofering you a contest that will more than reward you for your weight loss. This contest is open to all Goshen College employees. So get your fellow employees together and !ring them in to start a "ourney of a lifetime. The time to ma#e a change in your life is now$ So get up and get going on your way to !ecoming Goshen College%s &iggest 'oser.WHATS INCLUDEDGoshen College%s &iggest 'oser Contest will !e eight wee#s long and you will !e put into groups of ()e to si* people. +ou can either create your own group upon sign,up or sign,up and !e put into a group. These groups ser)e two purposes- 1. encourage and support each other in your weight loss goals and 2. a system for recording wee#ly weights. The !est part a!out our program is that no one gets eliminated. +ou will !e in a group with other employees who will !e the !asis of your moti)ation throughout the competition. HOW TO ENTERSign up deadline: Janua! "#$%& C'n$e($ )egin( Janua! *+, "-+*, and end( Ma.% "+, "-+*&Sign up using /ualtrics at https-00goshen.1ualtrics.com00S203S456S78dma9:;che1'egistration 9orm and return it to ?>. @lease !e sure to put a time during the wee# that you might plan on wor#ing out. Goshen College will try to put you into a group of people !ased on your day and time preferences. +ou are not re1uired to wor# out with your fellow team mem!ersA howe)er we are trying to ma#e this an option for you aswell. In 'de $' '/.iall! pa$i.ipa$e in $%i( p'ga0 and )e eligi)le 1'pi2e(, !'u 3ill need $' agee $' $%e pa$i.ipa$i'n ule( ei$%e 4ia 5ual$i.( ' $%e Regi($a$i'n F'0 a( n'$ed a)'4e&ELIGIBILIT6 Bpen to all Goshen College employees 1C or older as of 101013.FORMS =ll contestants will need to sign the rules form either )ia /ualtrics or the !elow >egistration 9orm noting that they are in good health to start a )igorous e*ercise program. INFORMATION MEETING+ou will recei)e noti(cation on who is in your group on Tuesday ;anuary 2:th. Bn ;anuary 30th there will !e an information meeting for all participants at 10-00 am Dlocation T&=.. =t least one mem!er from each group needs to !e present although all participants are welcome to come.WEE7L6 WEIGH8INSThere will !e wee#ly weigh,ins e)ery Thursday throughout the eight wee#s of the contest Dminus spring !rea#.. =ll team mem!ers need to weigh,in Deither athome or on campus. and su!mit their weight !y 1 pm. 4f we do not recei)e yourweigh,in !y 1-00 pm each Thursday you will !e out of the wee#ly priEe gi)eaway for that wee#. ?owe)er you will not !e eliminated from the contest.There will !e no weigh,in on the Thursday of spring !rea# D9e!ruary 2Cth..WEE7L6 INDI9IDUAL WINNER2ach 9riday !ased on weigh,in data the Thursday !efore the name of the wee#ly winner will !e announced in 9S& and will recei)e their priEes.Goshen College @age 1BIGGEST LOSER CONTEST RULES ANDINFORMATIONSELECTIONWEE7L6 INDI9IDUAL :RI;E@remier @ar#ing Spot on campus Dfor the following wee#. @riceless$=74 'unch D1.T'$al AR9 '1 pi2eights >eser)ed.Sponsor- Goshen College. This program is not produced sponsored or e*ecuted !y P&C%s The &iggest 'oserQ or 74S=Q.REGISTRATION FORM@lease (ll out and sign !elow stating that you ha)e read the rules of this Sweepsta#es and agree to the terms therein. Signing this form !elow means that you are ready to participate in a progressi)e e*ercise program and that you are entering at your own ris#.Pame-8888888888888888888888888888888888 5epartment- Goshen College @age 2BIGGEST LOSER CONTEST RULES ANDINFORMATION88888888888888888888888888888 BMce @hone- 8888888888888888888 Goshen 2,Gail- 888888888888888888888888888888888888@referred 5ays L Times to 2*ercise- 888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888Create own group B> assign to a group- 8888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888884f Create own group names of mem!ers-88888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888Signature- 888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888 5ate- 888888888888888888888Goshen College @age 3