Big Changes, Big Rewards

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Post on 06-May-2015




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Change offers us a valuable opportunity to improve, and the risks we take can lead to meaningful rewards. This keynote panel will share their stories and insights about how they have chosen to meet the challenges of large scale change and grow from them. Lisa Viezbicke, Director of the Morse Library at Beloit College; will address how she feels these big changes have brought big rewards to the library and community.


<ul><li>1.Big Changes, Big Rewards LISA VIEZBICKE, BELOIT COLLEGE WILS WORLD 2014 </li></ul> <p>2. Environment c. 2011 Small liberal arts college (~1250 FTE) Merged library &amp; IT Flat collection budgets / decreasing non-collections operating budgeting Doing more with less since 2008 Incremental adjustments within departments Locally run ILS 3. Ian Worral 4. Caratello 5. Catalysts &amp; embraced opportunities Bestowed 3 retirements 1 staff departure Donor funded project position Elective Strategic plan ILS migration project 6. Staffing Departures 2011 Cataloging assistant 2012 Technical services librarian 2013 Circulation manager Acquisitions assistant Recruitment 2013 Collections coordinator Digital archivist Consulting librarian Temporary hires 2012 Project archivist 2013 Project librarian 7. How Environmental monitoring Participation Communication Mindset focus on community goals balance effort to match outcomes Prompts, reminders &amp; accountability Before, during, and moving ahead 8. Our rewards Streamlined operations &amp; collections management workflows New digital archives program Focus on access, instruction &amp; outreach Increased capacity for one-on-one support Participation in faculty planning &amp; discussion groups Positioned for new Information Literacy Framework Workgroups Built in cross-training / sustainability Expanding knowledge &amp; participation for all staff Leadership opportunities New perspective Adjusted pace Energy/content for engagement with campus So far. 9. Thank you. Lisa Viezbicke </p>