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The reason for India's downfall and the remedy.


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    Bharat Mata is Crying

    Dr. Arun Kumar Suri. Consultant Pediatrician


    Something is very seriously wrong with our country. Not a day

    passes without some serious crime being reported or some major scam

    getting unearthed. Our country has acquired the dubious distinction of

    being among the most corrupt countries in the world.

    Many people are still living below the poverty line. Basic health care is

    not available for all people. Infrastructure facilities are still poor. Overall

    literacy level is low even though some states like Kerala have very high

    rate of literacy. But the conduct of the so called educated people is far

    from being satisfactory. Most of them are selfish, self centered, self

    serving and have no hesitation in exploiting other people.

    The conduct of many of our elected representatives is disgusting to

    say the least. People of honesty and integrity constitute a minority. Most

    of them place their own interest above the interest of the society. Several

    of them are facing serious charges like murder, rape and extortion.

    Each political party is only interested in proving that the other party is

    not better. It is difficult to believe that any political party is sincerely

    interested in rooting out corruption and weeding out criminals.

    Divorce rate is increasing and families are breaking apart. Mental

    problems like anxiety, depression, and insomnia are on the rise. Children

    are not safe even in their own homes. Women are not safe at home, at

    their work places or while traveling.

    Terrorism has spread its tentacles across many states. Religious

    fundamentalism is posing a very serious threat to national unity and

    integrity. Many young people are turning to smoking, alcohol and drug

    addiction. Promiscuity is on the rise.

    To sum up we are witnessing moral bankruptcy on a large scale. Why

    do we find ourselves in such a pathetic state? What are the reasons for

    the downfall? Is there any hope for the country? How can we resuscitate

    and rejuvenate this country?

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    India has a glorious past. Ours is the most ancient civilization in the

    world. We have a very rich heritage not found in any other country in the

    world. What is particularly noteworthy is that the ancient Indian wisdom

    has stood the test of time and modern scientific research. Let us take a

    look at some salient features of ancient Indian wisdom correlating it with

    discoveries in modern science. Then we can understand that the reason

    for the downfall of this great country is the neglect of our heritage.

    Our enlightened ancestors (Rishis) gave us two streams of knowledge-

    Apara vidya (worldly knowledge) and Paravidya (spiritual knowledge)

    Various branches of worldly knowledge have been mentioned in

    ancient Indian texts. We were pioneers in town planning, architecture,

    metallurgy, astronomy, political science and economics (for more

    information on this topic please visit the website of Indian Institute of


    A few examples are being mentioned. The spherical shape of the earth

    has been clearly mentioned long before modern scientists discovered it.

    The law of gravity also can be found in our ancient texts. Temples built

    several centuries ago have withstood the ravages of time and natural

    calamities while buildings which are just one or two decades old have


    The atomic structure of the universe has been outlined in the

    Vaisheshika system of orthodox Indian philosophy.

    That the entire cosmos is a manifestation of just one entity is

    categorically stated in the phrase Sarvam Khalvidam Brahma which

    means all this is verily Brahman, the Sanskrit word for the ultimate

    reality. Modern physics has proved that matter and energy are

    interconvertable thus vindicating what the ancient Indian scriptures have


    Scientists at NASA have concluded that Sanskrit is the most perfect

    language in the world and all Indians should be proud of this.

    The Indian system of medicine is more then 5000 years old. It is

    called Ayurveda which means the science of life. It has given the most

    comprehensive definition of health including the physical, psychological

    and spiritual dimensions of health.

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    For a long time doctors in the western world dismissed the idea of soul

    and said this as there is no evidence they cannot accept the existence of

    such as entity. But research in the field of paranormal phenomenon and

    parapsychology has yielded irrefutable evidence for the existence of soul.

    More and more people in several countries are beginning to accept

    the phenomenon of reincarnation due to mounting evidence. Extensive

    research has been done by reputed psychiatrists and other scientists in

    the field of reincarnation. Past life repression therapy is being employed

    successfully is the management of many psychiatric disorders like anxiety

    and phobia.

    Reincarnation has been unequivocally and emphatically mentioned in

    Bhagavadgita which is more than 5000 years old.

    The Ayurvedic concepts like doshas and body constitution (Vata, Pitta

    and Kapha) are being accepted by many doctors. Universities in many

    developed countries have started teaching Ayurveda. While the advances

    is modern medicine are certainly useful and indispensible, it should be

    remembered that ayurvedic concepts remain relevant for ever.

    The importance of preventive medicine has already been mentioned

    in Ayurveda. One of the principles of Ayurveda is protecting the health of

    the healthy. There is a topic called Swastha vratta in Ayurveda which

    means the practices necessary for leading a healthy life. This consists of

    Dina charya (daily routine) and Rithu charya (seasonal routine).

    Ayurveda gives lot of importance to diet in maintaining health and

    treating diseases. It classifies food into three types-Sattvic, Rajasic and

    Thamasic. Sattvic food calms the mind and is conducive for spiritual

    development. Rajasic food agitates the mind. Research has shown that

    changing to a predominantly Sattvic diet can bring down aggressive

    behavior in children. Dietary modification is one of the modalities being

    tried to reduce crime and improve behavior.

    Indiscriminate eating is one of the reasons for increasing crime rate

    all over the world. Hope more and more people realize this and consume

    predominantly Sattvic food.

    Role of diet in the causation of many physical diseases is being

    understood by scientists. A person should consume food which suits his

    Dosha. Unaware of this many people eat what is not suitable for their

    constitution, get sick and run to a doctor. Dietary modification has proved

    effective in curing some diseases for which surgery was recommended.

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    Ayurveda has recommended a set of exercises called Yogasanas for

    healthy life. These exercises keep the joints supple and improve physical

    fitness. Some Yogasanas are recommended for the treatment of certain

    diseases like for example Bronchial Asthma. Yogasanas have become very

    popular in many developed countries.

    For a long time people ridiculed the idea of spirit possession which is

    mentioned in Ayurveda as a cause of mental illness. Some well known

    psychiatrists are convinced that spirit possession is a cause in some

    cases. 30 years among the dead is a book written by Dr. Carl A. Wickland,

    M.D which throws light on this topic.

    Panchakarma an Ayurvedic procedure has been found to be effective

    in removing toxins from the body. Many such curative and rejuvenative

    procedures have been mentioned in Ayurveda and research is going on to

    get scientific evidence.

    Para-vidya refers to spiritual knowledge. The spiritual wealth of

    India is immeasurable. It aims at helping man realize his real nature as

    spiritual and not physical or mental. The Shad-darshanas (six orthodox

    systems of Indian philosophy) elaborately deal with the nature of the

    individual (Jivatma), the universe and God (paramatma), their

    interrelationship and how one can free himself from all suffering. They are

    Nyaya, Vaisheshika, Samkya, Yoga, Mimamsa and Vedanta.These works

    accept the authenticity of the Vedas. The latter are known as the Sruthis

    which means that which is heard. They were revealed to the Rishis in

    their meditative states and are not composed by any human beings.

    Hence they are also known as Apaurusheya (not man made).

    There are four Vedas-Rig veda, Yajurveda, sama veda and Atharva

    veda. Yajur veda has two divisions namely Krishna Yajur veda and Shukla

    Yajur veda. Each of the Vedas is composed of four parts: The Samhitas, the

    Brahmanas, the Aranyakas and the Upanishads. The first two parts deal with the rituals and they form the Karma-kanda portion of the Vedas. The

    latter two parts form the Jnana-kanda (concerned with knowledge)

    portion of the Vedas.

    The Nyaya shastra is a logical system of inquiry into the truth.

    Using common examples it establishes the existence of God as the

    creator. Sometimes the cause may not be seen but its presence is

    inferred for example we infer that there is fire on a hill because we see

    smoke emanating from it even though we do not see the fire.

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    The system goes into the root cause of suffering and says that

    identifying oneself with the body-mind complex leads to bondage and

    suffering. One can be free from sorrow by acquiring wisdom.

    According to Nyya, there are four means of obtaining information. Those

    are direct perception (pratyaka), inference (anumana), Analogy

    (upamana) and testimony of a trustworthy source (sabda).

    The Vaisheshika system as mentioned above describes the atomic

    structure of the universe. It says that the interaction of the atoms leads

    to different types of materials known as Dravyas. Gods will controls the

    behavior of atoms. These Dravyas include the elements space, air, fire,

    water and earth and mind, time direction and soul. The characteristics of

    all these are described in detail.

    The Samkhya system says that creation is brought about by Prakriti

    and Purusha. Purusha or Paramatma (God) is the cause and Prakriti or creation is the effect.

    According to this system the world consists of twenty-four entities.

    The five organs of action (hands, feet, speech, excretion and procreation),

    the five organs of sense perception (sound, sight, touch, smell and taste), the five vital airs, the five sensations (Tanmatras) and the four inner

    organs (Antharendriyas) of Manas, Buddhi, Chitta and Ahamkara add up to twenty-four and constitute the world.

    Each of the five sensations (Tanmatras) is associated with an

    element-sound with space, touch with air, sight with fire, smell with earth and taste with water.

    When soul which represents the twenty fifth principle gets attached

    to the above mentioned twenty four entities an individual comes into existence.

    Paramatma or God represents the twenty sixth principle. The soul has to detach itself from the twenty four principles and reach the Paramatma in

    order to escape from all suffering.

    The Yoga system of Patanjali contains step by step instructions on

    how a soul can free itself from suffering. It consists of eight steps and hence is also known as Astanga Yoga (Asta means eight and anga refers

    to components or steps). Yoga is defined as the control of thought waves. By stilling the mind one can experience ones true nature as bliss. This should not be confused with Hatha Yoga which refers to yogasanas mentioned earlier which are meant for maintaining physical fitness.

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    The Yoga system recommends a code of conduct to be followed by

    spiritual aspirants. Without following a proper conduct one cannot expect to progress spiritually. The system then describes the process of

    meditation also known as Raja Yoga. Raja yoga is a scientific method of reversing the flow of current in the nervous system so that one is not

    disturbed by the inputs from the senses. With regular practice one can experience peace and joy within.

    It may be difficult for todays people to understand the Yoga of Patanjali. Though there are many translations there is scope for confusion. Paramahansa Yogananda has written lessons on the techniques

    of meditation. These lessons are in English and most people can understand easily. These lessons contain important information on several

    aspects of life and include inspirational poems, advice regarding diet, exercises which later help in meditation and the need for leading a

    balanced life. Irrespective of religion and country of origin, anyone can

    get these lessons from the Self Realization Fellowship in Los Angeles USA or from the Yogoda Satsang Society in Ranchi India.

    The Mimamsa system deals with the rituals mentioned in the Vedas

    and educates us on Dharma or righteous conduct. It deals with the law of Karma or cause and effect. We reap what we sow. We reap the

    consequences of our actions. Hence we should perform only good deeds.

    Those who perform good deeds on earth will enter a better world (heaven) after leaving their physical bodies. Those who perform evil

    deeds enter hell.

    For a long time scientists thought descriptions of heaven and hell

    are fairy tales. But now many scientists are beginning to accept that there

    are different dimensions of existence. What we perceive with our senses

    is not the only reality. Scientists are convinced that it is possible to

    communicate with departed souls and gather information about other

    dimensions of existence. One neuro-surgeon Dr. Eben Alexander has

    written a book entitled Proof of heaven.

    To Heaven and Back: A Doctor's Extraordinary Account of Her

    Death, Heaven, Angels, and Life Again: A True Story is another book by

    Mary C. Neal M.D. There are many more books on this topic.

    Vedanta represents a giant leap in the process of intellectual inquiry. The quintessence of Vedanta is that God is the only truth and that

    the entire universe of myriad names and forms is an illusion.

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    Many examples are given to explain this truth. In semidarkness a

    piece of rope can be mistaken for a snake. In the same manner Brahman

    is perceived as the world.

    The three states of the human mind are used to describe the dream

    like nature of the world. While dreaming a person may see himself in

    another role or have different experiences. When he wakes up he knows

    that what he experienced while dreaming was not real.

    When a person wakes up spiritually he realizes that this world is

    only a dream.

    Scientists in the field of quantum physics have realized that more than

    99% of an atom is empty space. Hence most of what appears to be solid

    is actually empty space. This may sound incredible but is true.

    Science has also shown that matter and energy are interconvertible.

    This shows that the same entity can manifest in different ways. The unity

    behind the diversity of creation can be seen at many levels. Every human

    being is different. But all human bodies are made up of the same

    materials. In fact all living beings are made up of the same materials-

    carbohydrates, proteins, fat, minerals and vitamins.

    Ultimately we can reduce all materials into atoms. All atoms are

    made up of the same elementary particles. Hence all materials can be

    reduced to elementary particles. It is always possible to think of a smaller

    particle because size is relative. Hence anything which has dimension can

    be divided further. Finally we end up with energy. If matter can be

    converted into energy and vice versa which one came first-matter or


    Every change is relative and we cannot perceive change without a

    changeless background. Hence matter or energy cannot be considered as

    the ultimate source of everything. That ultimate source is referred to as

    Brahman in Vedanta. As Brahman cannot undergo any change creation is

    only an illusion superimposed on Brahman.

    Some scientists have started questioning the materialistic theory of

    the universe. For a long time scientists believed that consciousness is

    produced by the biochemical reactions in the brain. This has been

    conclusively disproved and it has been shown that consciousness survives

    brain death and is independent of brain function. Hence the materialistic

    theory is giving way for the biocentric theory. There is a book entitled

    Physics proves God by Ron Pearson.

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    The Upanishads, the Bhagavadgita and the Brahma Sutra are

    considered as the authentic works on Vedanta. They are referred to as


    The exact number of Upanishads is not known with certainty but

    about 108 are mentioned out of which about 13 are considered as

    important ones. The Upanishads clearly state that Brahman cannot be

    known by our senses or mind. The double slit experiment in quantum

    physics gives a glimpse of this truth as matter is found to behave both as

    particle and wave.

    Brahman is described as the eye of the eye, ear of the ear and the

    mind of the mind. Brahman is also described as that from which all beings

    emerge, that which sustains all beings and that into which all beings


    The Bhagavadgita is part of Mahabharata which is one of our epics.

    It contains 700 verses (seven hundred) and gives lot of information on

    the four paths which lead man to God- Karma Yoga, Bhakthi Yoga, Jnana

    Yoga and Raja Yoga.

    It also deals with down to earth topics the type of food we should

    eat in order to remain healthy, the need to avoid all extremes and

    observe moderation in work and sensual enjoyment. It is being hailed all

    over the world as an important book on management lessons. It has been

    highly praised not only by prominent Indians like Mahatma Gandhi but also

    Aldous Huxley, Albert Einstein, J. Robert Oppenheimer, Ralph Waldo Emerson,

    Carl Jung and Herman Hesse.

    The Bhagavadgita tells us that true happiness can only be found within

    ourselves. It exhorts us to free ourselves from attraction and aversion to sensory

    objects. It advises us to treat pain and pleasure alike with equanimity. This may

    sound strange because it is natural for people to seek pleasure and try to avoid

    pain. But analysis of neurophysiology reveals that both pain and pleasure are

    electrical impulses in the nerves initiated by stimulation of nerves and lead to

    some electro-biochemical changes in the corresponding areas of the brain. There

    is no fundamental difference between these reactions but yet some impulses are

    interpreted as painful and some as pleasurable.

    The chapter on Bhakthi Yoga describes how a person can become

    dear to God. It clearly states that one should be totally free from hatred

    towards any being and extend friendship and compassion for all. It is

    clearly stated that the same spirit dwells in the hearts of all living beings.

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    If people realize this they will make an attempt to eschew hatred and


    For a long time western people thought that Krishna is an imaginary

    character and Mahabharata a fairy tale. Archeological investigation has

    revealed the presence of a city under the sea where Dwaraka was said to

    have existed. This proves that the description of Dwaraka is true.

    The Brahma Sutras is a collection of 555 aphorisms in four

    chapters. It organizes the information in the Upanishads in a systematic

    manner. The sutras describe the nature of Brahman, the qualities one

    needs in order to undertake the study of Vedanta, cause of human

    suffering and how one can ultimately overcome all sorrow by realizing


    Several commentaries have been written on all three works

    (Upanishads, Bhagavadgita and Brahma Sutra) by many people. The

    commentary by Adi Shankaracharya is considered as the most authentic.

    Shankaracharya is one of the greatest intellectuals of all times. Within a

    span of just thirty two years he wrote commentaries on the three texts of

    Vedanta, composed some books on knowledge of self (Viveka chudamani,

    Atma Bodha, Drik-Drishya viveka) and also many hymns.

    Systematic study of the Vedas and Shad-darshanas takes several

    years. Many universities in other countries are also offering courses on

    these subjects. It is not possible for all people to undertake such

    elaborate study. There is no need to get disheartened. It is not mandatory

    to study all these to earn the grace of God. One can follow other paths

    like Karma Yoga (rendering selfless service to others) or Bhakthi Yoga

    (path of devotion to a personal God) depending on ones temperament.

    The most important message is that man can experience lasting

    peace and joy only by realizing his true nature as spiritual and not

    physical. He should remember all the goals of life namely Dharma

    (righteous conduct), Artha (earning money), Kama (fulfillment of sensual

    desires) and lastly Moksha or realizing his true nature. When man forgets

    Dharma and Moksha and concentrates only on Artha and Kama he

    becomes a devil. A world full of such people will be a hell.

    India has also given a very rich and scientific system of music.

    There are seven basic notes-Sa, Ri, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha and Ni. Of these Sa

    and Pa remain unchanged in an octave and are referred to as Prakriti

    Swaras. The other five have two forms each and are referred to as Vikriti

    Swaras. The permutation and combination of the 12 notes gives rise to 72

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    parent ragas. From these parent ragas thousands of ragas are derived

    leading to an incredible and bewildering range of tunes.

    The origin of Indian classical music can be traced to the Vedas.

    Later Bharatamuni wrote a treatise called Natya Shastra containing about

    6000 (six thousand) verses. The exact period of this work is not known

    but believed to be between 200 B.C and 200 A.D. It also deals with the

    bhavas (emotions) that may be evoked by music. This treatise is based

    on the much older Gandharva Veda (appendix to Sama Veda) which

    contained 36000 verses.

    The benefits of classical music on the body and mind have been

    demonstrated using modern techniques. Different ragas (combination of

    notes) evoke different emotions with corresponding changes in EEG


    Listening to soothing music during delivery may bring down anxiety

    and pain of labor and reduce the need for medicines. Clinical researchers

    at the U.C.L.A. School of Nursing in Los Angeles, and at Georgia Baptist

    Medical Center in Atlanta, found that premature babies gained weight

    faster when they listened to soothing music.

    Classical music has been reported to have had positive effects on

    the growth of the fetus as well. Rock music has been shown to cause

    discomfort to the fetus.

    Cows exposed to classical music have yielded more milk compared

    to those cows not exposed to such music. Hence listening to classical

    music may increase breast milk production in lactating mothers.

    We often come across a mother who complains that her baby is

    crying continuously. Such babies usually do not have any physical illness

    and thorough physical examination does not reveal any abnormality.

    Many people forget that even a small baby has mind and that the delicate

    mind can be affected by the negative vibrations in the house.

    The effects of music can neutralize the negative vibrations and fill

    the house with positive vibrations which can soothe the minds of people in

    the house. Ragas like Neelambari and Anandabhairavi are known to

    induce sleep.

    Many studies conducted by behavioral scientists have shown that

    children who learn music are less likely to use tobacco or alcohol and

    develop greater interpersonal skills.

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    Sir Jagdish Chandra Bose performed some experiments to show

    how music affects plant growth. Using an instrument called crescograph which he invented he showed that good music enhances plant growth

    while bad music retards plant growth.

    Dorothy Retallack of Denver, Colorado, also conducted many experiments in the field of music research to show the effects of different

    kinds of music on a variety of household plants. The experiments were conducted under strict scientific conditions, and the plants were kept

    within large closed cabinets in which light, temperature and air were automatically regulated.

    Some plants were exposed to rock music and others to soothing semi classical music. The plants listening to rock music refused to bloom.

    Those on semi classical music developed six beautiful blooms. By the end of the second week, the plants exposed to rock music were leaning away

    from the radio and showing very erratic growth.

    The plants hearing semi classical were all leaning towards the

    sound. Within a month all plants exposed to rock music DIED. If music can be shown to affect plants, then such effects have to be due to the

    objective influence of the tones directly upon the structure and function of cells.

    Dr. Masaru Emoto a Japanese scientist performed a series of

    experiments to find out the physical effect of words, prayers and music on the crystalline structure of water. He took photographs after water

    exposed to different kinds of vibrations was frozen to study the crystalline structure.

    He showed that water exposed to good music formed beautiful crystals while water exposed to bad vibrations formed asymmetrical and

    disfigured crystals. As the human body is made up of 60% water we can imagine the effect good music can have on our body and mind.

    It is observed that good music relaxes and opens blood vessels,

    while listening to bad music like rock or pop music closes the blood

    vessels, leading to stress and mental fatigue.

    Music therapy is being tried for various disorders like hypertension,

    migraine, anxiety, insomnia, autism, depression and attention deficit

    hyperactivity disorder. Classical music has also been found to be useful in

    controlling epilepsy. Rock music is known to trigger epilepsy in some

    people. Music has been shown to alter the levels of neuro-transmitters

    (chemicals responsible for the transmission of impulses in the nerves),

    pattern of EEG and functional MRI.

  • 12

    As increasing crime rate is a worldwide problem authorities in some

    countries have tried playing classical soothing music in public places. The

    authorities were pleasantly surprised to note a significant drop in the

    crime rate. This has been tried in New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom

    and USA. It may be worth trying this in other places also.

    Many teenagers listen to rock music. Research has shown that

    rock music leads to aggressive behavior and increase in crimes.

    The uniqueness of our classical music is that it goes beyond body and

    mind to reach the soul which is a persons real identity. The great

    composers of our music sang out of devotion to God. They did not

    compose any song for making money.

    Through their compositions they exhorted people to conquer the six

    inner enemies-lust, anger, greed, attachment, egoism and jealousy. They

    explained the real nature of this world, the goals of human life and

    motivated people to realize the ultimate goal of life which is experiencing

    our spiritual nature. It is the yoga of devotion. Hence it is also called as

    Nada Yoga.

    Since time immemorial India has been loudly proclaiming that God is

    one but people call him by different names. If all the people in this world

    understand this simple truth violence in the name of religion will come to

    an end.

    It is the duty of each and every Indian to always remember this

    simple yet profound message from the Vedas- Ekam Sat Viprah Bahudha

    Vadanti (truth is one people call it by different names). This message

    should be prominently displayed in every house, every school, every

    college, every other institution (both private and government) and at all

    public places. It should also be boldly displayed in our Parliament and all

    state assemblies. It should be printed on the first page of our

    constitution. This message should be printed on every currency note,

    every passport every other ID and every text book. We should even

    encourage people to stick this on their vehicles.

    Our wise ancestors told us that God cannot be defined or

    described in any way. The upanishads proclaim in unequivocal terms that

    the eyes cannot see, ears cannot hear and the mind cannot comprehend

    God. God is also described as that from which all beings emerge, in which

    all beings exist and into which all beings finally merge.

  • 13

    Without understanding this some overzealous people are telling others

    that God should be called only by a particular name and should be adored

    only in a particular manner. Such people are sowing seeds of division and

    hatred. Some politicians are also following the divide and rule policy for

    selfish gains. It is high time all right thinking people come together to

    counter such narrow minded and selfish elements in our society.

    Indian scriptures describe four methods to reach God-the path of

    devotion or Bhakti yoga, the path of dedicated action or Karma yoga, the

    path of intellectual inquiry or Jnana yoga and the path of scientific

    meditation or Raja yoga. A person can choose any method depending on

    his temperament and reach god. Just as a place can be approached from

    different roads depending on ones location God can be reached by

    different routes.

    It is inconceivable that God who has created so many varieties of

    plants, fish, birds etc. expects all his children to reach him only by one

    road. There is a serious risk of traffic jam! There are different kinds of

    sweets in the world. The sweetness is due to sugar but other ingredients

    vary. God is like the sugar in the different sweets which are like different

    forms of God. It is ridiculous to say that all people should eat only one

    type of sweet.

    Our ancestors have taught us that the whole world is one family.

    We have always prayed for the well being of all the people in the world.

    We have never prayed to God to bless only our country. The whole world

    should learn this lesson from us.

    The caste system has been misunderstood by many people. The

    four castes mentioned- Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra are

    based on the qualities of the person and his occupation. The

    Bhagavadgita does not speak of upper or lower caste. Just as in the

    human body different organs perform different functions people of

    different vocations are needed for any society. We cannot say those who

    construct roads and bridges are not important. There is no country on

    earth where you do not find people of these four categories.

    It is said that by birth everyone is a Shudra and only by his qualities

    he qualifies to be called Brahmin. No one can claim to be a Brahmin just

    because he is born into a particular family. Nowhere is it said that God

    loves people of any particular caste more than those of other castes. In

    the Bhagavadgita it is clearly mentioned that God loves all equally.

  • 14

    We should stop dividing people and fighting in the name of caste.

    Everyone has social obligation. We should care for each other and share

    our wealth with the less fortunate people. One of the mantras in the

    Vedas expresses this sentiment beautifully- May All become Happy, May

    All be Free from Illness, May All see what is Auspicious, May no one

    Suffer. By bridging the gap between poor and rich we can to some extent

    reduce crime rate.

    There is a saying in Sanskrit-yatha raja thatha praja which means

    as is the ruler so are the citizens. If we look at our leaders we can easily

    understand why our country is in such a bad shape. Many people sitting in

    the Parliament and state assemblies are facing serious criminal charges.

    Many of them are misusing their power to escape the clutches of law.

    They are manipulating the beaurocracy and the police to get away with

    their crimes.

    When those in power become corrupt those under them also tend to

    be corrupt. The effect percolates down and the entire government

    machinery gets ruined. Implementation of welfare schemes will be

    seriously affected and people will suffer.

    The subject of Raja-Dharma (duties of a ruler) is dealt with in detail

    in ancient Indian texts including Ramayana and Mahabharata. The

    qualities to be possessed by a ruler are explained. It is high time we have

    a course for those aspiring to be MLAs and MPs so that they learn how to

    conduct themselves.

    But we take pride in being the largest democracy in the world. If we

    keep on blaming our politicians for everything we do not deserve

    democracy. Democracy is not for irresponsible citizens. Each and even

    person who is eligible should go and cast his/her vote. But before voting

    he/she should think not twice but several times before choosing a

    candidate. Every voter should firmly resolve that he/she will not cast a

    vote in favor of a candidate with criminal background.

    It is our responsibility to elect people of honesty and integrity whose

    track record is above board. If there is no such candidate in a

    constituency all voters should refrain from voting. This is how we can

    exercise our right to reject if there is no such provision. We should make

    proper use of the constitutional and non-violent weapon in our hand

    namely our vote. By just shouting Mera Neta chor Hi (my leader is a thief)

    we are only insulting ourselves.

  • 15

    It is highly desirable for eminent people from different walks of life to

    form a forum of responsible citizens in every constituency. Ideally this

    group should include retired judge, IPS and IAS officers, teachers and

    other eminent people from different walks of life. These people should not

    have any political affiliation. They should command the respect of most

    people in the constituency. Their only aim should be national interest.

    They should closely monitor what the elected person is doing for the


    They should invite the elected representatives at regular periods

    and ask them what they have done for the constituency and what are

    their plans for the future. People from that constituency should also

    participate and interact. The media (both print and electronic) should

    cover the event fully. If the performance of the elected representative is

    not satisfactory people should reject him in the next election.

    People should not believe those politicians who try to divide the

    country on the basis of caste, religion and language. Unity and integrity of

    the country should be uppermost in our minds.

    Perhaps we also need some reforms in our electoral system. If a

    candidate is declared elected without getting more than fifty percent of

    the votes cast can he really be considered as a true representative of

    those people? In the same way if any party comes to power by getting

    less than fifty percent of all votes cast is it a truly representative

    government? This issue needs to be discussed seriously.

    In such a situation we may consider re-poll with only the parties

    occupying the first two places being allowed to contest. We should also

    think of putting in place stringent criteria for allowing a person to contest

    an election. Quite often we come across a situation where a party with

    three or four elected representatives holds the government to ransom

    because the government does not have majority.

    To sum up our country is in a mess because of not paying heed to

    what our enlightened forefathers have told us. It can only be saved by

    following the injunctions of our Rishis. In fact the whole world can only be

    saved by ancient Indian wisdom, which is scientific, universal and always


    A revolution should start from every family. We cannot bring about

    social transformation without transforming families which are the building

    blocks of any society. We should take an oath to firmly adhere to the

  • 16

    eternal values this country has stood by for millenniums- Truth, Righteous

    conduct, Peace, Love and Non violence.

    Our ancestors gave lot of importance to integrity of family. Marriage

    as per the Indian tradition is an elaborate ritual unlike in many other

    countries. During marriage the prospective couple takes oath to be loyal

    to each other till the end. The word for wife is Dharma-Patni which means

    she should take her husband along the path of Dharma.

    Woman was given a very important place in ancient India. It is said

    that where women are respected there God is happy. She is the backbone

    of a family. Mother is hailed as the first teacher of a child.

    If every woman strongly urges her husband to adhere to values we

    can hope to create a healthy society. If instead most women expect their

    husbands to earn money by hook or crook to satisfy their unending

    desires society will be ruined.

    Divorce was almost unheard of in ancient India. Divorce after

    birth of a child can have serious adverse impact in the mental health of

    child. Every child needs love and attention of parents who should take

    primary responsibility for shaping the character of child. Those children

    who do not receive sufficient parental attention are more likely to go

    astray and be a nuisance to the society.

    Our scriptures recommend five types of yagnas daily for the house

    holders. These are Deva yagna, Pitru yagna, Brahma yagna, Manushya

    yagna and Bhoota yagna. These can be performed by worship, reading

    scriptures, looking after parents, serving other people in society and also

    giving food to animals.

    Premarital and extramarital sex was strongly discouraged in ancient

    India. Today we often come across pregnancy in unmarried teenage girls.

    This is highly undesirable as one should be physically and psychologically

    mature to nurture a baby in the uterus and after birth. Without a

    committed life partner looking after a baby will be extremely difficult.

    When a person has extramarital affair his/her attention towards the

    family will be compromised. Children will be the worst affected. Without

    adequate parental care they are at risk of suffering from serious

    psychological problems and becoming criminals.

    Our ancestors knew the importance of maintaining the physical and

    mental health of pregnant women in order to get healthy offspring.

  • 17

    Pregnant women were told to spend some time everyday for spiritual

    activities like reading scriptures, listening to devotional songs and

    chanting the name of God. Some Vedic chants are specifically meant for

    pregnant women. Now scientists agree that vibrations can affect the fetus

    in the uterus. It is also accepted that psychological problems in the

    pregnant woman affect the fetus through changes in the hormonal


    It is extremely important to bring up children properly so that they

    become good human beings and responsible citizens. This is the only way

    to create healthy society. In order to do this, children should be given

    healthy food for their bodies and healthy food for their minds.

    As far as possible children should be given food prepared at home.

    Eating outside should be minimized. We should lean towards organic

    farming to minimize the hazards of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. It

    is better to avoid artificial flavors and food preservatives as far as

    possible as these have been shown to cause behavioral disorders in

    children. While preparing food Vedic chants or devotional songs should be

    played as vibrations affect the food. Those who prepare food may also

    chant the name of God.

    Parents should constantly endeavor to create good atmosphere at

    home. Frequent quarreling among parents can have adverse impact on

    the delicate minds of children. Those children brought up with love and

    understanding are less likely to go astray.

    It is very important for parents to spend enough time for instilling

    values in the minds of children. Children are very receptive to what they

    are told and parents should drive home faith in God and fear of sin in

    their minds with the help of stories. Parents should teach their children

    that there is only one God and he can be called by many names. They

    should be told about the cosmic law of cause and effect and made to

    understand that they will reap the consequences of their acts.

    What children see and hear constitutes food for the mind. Children

    should not be allowed to see violent movies or play games with violent

    themes. It is highly desirable to encourage children to learn our music-

    either vocal or instrumental. Constant exposure to good vibrations like

    Vedic chants and our classical music can have a positive impact on the

    personality of children. On the other hand constant exposure to bad

    vibrations like rock music can lead to criminal tendencies.

  • 18

    It was considered as the duty of children to look after aged

    parents. Parents take so much of trouble for bringing up their often

    sacrificing their personal comfort. Children have an obligation to look after

    their parents in their old age. Today most children do not care for their

    aged parents and hence the number of old age homes is increasing.

    Our educational system also has to change. We should give

    sufficient importance to value based education. Spirituality should be

    taught in all schools. For young children it is enough to tell them that

    there is a power behind all creation.

    Faith in God should be instilled in the minds of young children.

    Using simple examples we can make them understand that such a

    magnificent universe cannot come into existence without an intelligent

    force. We can show them a flower made of paper and explain that just as

    the artificial flower was made by a human being the natural flowers have

    to be made by an intelligent being.

    We can also show them how a robot works and tell them that the

    human body is far more complicated than a robot and cannot simply

    come into existence without a guiding power.

    Children should be told that we all reap what we sow and hence we

    should perform only good deeds. They should be taught that God is in

    every being and that if we hurt any being we are actually hurting God.

    Children usually ask why we cannot see God or hear his voice. We

    can explain that our senses have many limitations and that we cannot

    deny the existence of something just because our senses cannot perceive

    it. For example we can say that dogs can smell what we cannot and bats

    can hear what we cannot.

    It should be clearly explained that God can be called by many

    names and worshipped in various ways. We should tell them that God is

    aware of all our thoughts, words and actions. We should make them

    understand that the only way to please God is to love all beings. We

    should not allow religious intolerance to take roots in the minds of


    College students can be taught about the scientific evidence for the

    existence of soul. It is extremely important to introduce scientific

    spirituality in all medical colleges. Doctors should first understand what

    man is before they can treat people properly. We should try to get the

    definition of health by the World Health Organization reviewed to include

  • 19

    the spiritual dimension. If the authorities do not oblige we should reject

    the WHO definition of health and adopt our own definition.

    Doctors can play an important role in educating people about

    healthy life style. The focus should be on all dimensions of health

    physical, mental and spiritual. Mental health cannot be protected without

    giving sufficient attention to spiritual development.

    Some basic information about the great heritage of this country

    should be taught in schools and colleges. Autobiography of a yogi by

    Paramahansa Yogananda is a very interesting and highly inspiring book

    which can be introduced at the level of college. This book has become a

    standard reference book in several universities in other countries. In the

    year 1999 a panel of distinguished scholars selected this book as one of

    the 100 best spiritual books of the century.

    After completing their education the students in ancient India were

    told- Satyam Vada dharmam chara (speak truth, practice dharma). They

    were also exhorted to revere the mother as God, father as God, teacher

    as God and guest as God. Imagine what would happen if all of us followed

    these injunctions.

    All of us are responsible for the current state of our country. We

    should stop being a country of buck passers. Every person should take up

    some responsibility not only for his/her family but also for his society. We

    should place national interest above everything else. We should become

    responsible parents, responsible teachers, responsible voters, responsible

    citizens and responsible professionals. Then we can hope to have

    responsible politicians. It is futile to simply go on blaming politicians for

    all the ills of our country.

    Bharat mata is wailing out of anguish. It is the duty of all her

    children to educate and enlighten themselves with her ancient and

    timeless wisdom and be worthy citizens of this worthy nation. Thus we

    can wipe her tears and bring back the smile on her face. One who knows

    absolutely nothing about the great heritage of this country is unfit to be

    called a citizen of this country.

    It has been scientifically proved that vibration can affect matter and

    living beings. Good vibrations have beneficial effects and bad or negative

    vibrations have undesirable effects. Constant exposure to negative

    vibrations can have disastrous consequences on the human mind.

  • 20

    Hence we should constantly strive to get rid of all negative vibrations

    and replace those with positive vibrations. Vedic chants have been shown

    to produce calming effects on the minds. It has been demonstrated that

    performance of Yagas leads to reduction in bacterial counts in the

    atmosphere and also accelerate plant growth.

    We need not be surprised if scientists discover that regular

    performance of these Yagas reduce natural calamities, ensure timely rains

    and good crops. Perhaps that is why ancient India was so prosperous

    before the civilized people (?) from the more developed (?) countries

    came here and tried their best to completely destroy everything that is


    But the great heritage of this country can never be destroyed. This

    country will rise like a phoenix from the ashes and take its rightful place

    as the moral and spiritual leader of the whole world. Its wisdom will

    radiate to every nook and corner of the world bringing light, peace and

    hope for humanity. It will lead the rest of the word from untruth to truth,

    darkness of ignorance to light of wisdom and from mortality of body

    consciousness to the immortality of soul consciousness.

    Let Vedic chants reverberate throughout the length and breadth of

    the country. Let the sweet tunes of our music sweep across the entire

    country. Let the hearts of all Indians overflow with love for their country.

    Let us all come together and rebuild this great nation.

    We should be very conscious about our role towards the

    environment. Apart from keeping our own houses clean we should keep

    our towns and cities clean. We should cooperate with the authorities and

    avoid indiscriminate littering and spitting. Many diseases are due to poor

    environmental sanitation. Development should not be at the cost of


    We should develop good systems in all sectors. Everyone should

    follow the system instead of trying to bend the system to suit his personal

    interest. No one should think of exploiting the system. We should learn to

    be disciplined and punctual.

    Our puranas contain stories with moral lessons. They instill love for

    God and fear of sin. The most important message of the puranas is help

    ever and hurt never. Till recently mothers used to read such stories to

    children to convince them regarding the need for leading lives based on

    values. Todays children read useless comics and watch useless cartoons.

    This is one of the reasons for our downfall.

  • 21

    Our Ithihasas (historical texts) contain several pearls of wisdom. The

    information in these texts (Ramayana and Mahabharatha) covers a wide

    range of topics including state administration, guidelines for people of

    different professions, code of conduct for members of family etc. Regular

    discourses on these epics should be conducted in every place.

    Subhashitas are collections of Sanskrit verses covering a wide range

    of topics and are a goldmine of useful information. The wisdom in these

    verses is priceless. Using simple examples they drive home important