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<ul><li><p>By Tawanda Musarurwa</p><p>HARARE Zimbabwe Plat-inum Holdings posted a 71 percent jump in platinum output to 89 000 ounces (oz) from for the quarter ended March 31, 2016 from 52 000oz in the prior com-parable period.</p><p>Zimplats' increased plat-inum output had a sig-nif icant impact on South African-based parent f irm Impala Platinum (Implats) which saw its production for the period rise by 17 percent.</p><p>Gross refined platinum pro-duction for the group stood at 353 000oz for the quarter </p><p>News Update as @ 1530 hours, Tuesday 26 April 2016</p><p>Feedback:</p><p>Zimplats Q3 output up 71pc</p></li><li><p>just ended, from 301 000oz same period in 2015.</p><p>Implats attributed the rise in the Zimbabwean divi-sion's output to " increased mil l ing rate and the release of stockpiled concentrates fol lowing a furnace outage in the final quarter of FY2015."</p><p>The local platinum produc-er's tonnes mil led during the quarter ended March 31, 2016 rose 30 percent to 1,65 mil l ion tonnes up from 1,26 mil l ion tonnes in the prior corresponding period.</p><p>Mil l throughput over the nine-month period under review increased by 27 per-cent to 4,77 mil l ion tonnes, compared to 3,74 mil l ion tonnes in the corresponding prior period. </p><p>"The higher throughput was directly attributable to the measures implemented to recover production loses as </p><p>a result of the safety closure of the Bimha Mine in August 2014," reported Implats. </p><p>Platinum in matte for the nine months ended March 31, 2016 was 42 percent higher at 220 000oz, com-pared to 155 000oz in the prior comparable period. </p><p>The platinum giant said Zim-plats continues to engage with the Zimbabwean Gov-ernment with regards to the indigenisation implementa-tion plan and "the securing of a more conducive regu-latory and fiscal framework for the mining industry in Zimbabwe".</p><p>Implats holds an 87 percent stake in Zimplats, as well as 50-50 joint venture with Aquarius Platinum in another Zimbabwe-based platinum producer, Mimosa Platinum Mine.</p><p>At Mimosa tonnes mil led </p><p>increased by 8,7 percent to 676 000 tonnes for the period under review.</p><p>Platinum in concentrate production for the quarter increased as a result of the increased mil l throughput to 30 000oz compared to 28 000oz in the same period last year.</p><p>Tonnes mil led during the nine-month period ended March 31, 2016 increased by 3,3 percent to 1,99 mil l ion tonnes, compared to 1,92 mil l ion tonnes in the corre-sponding prior period.</p><p>Implats reported that the increased throughput at Mimosa resulted in 2,3 percent higher platinum in concentrate production of 90 000 platinum ounces com-pared to 88 000 platinum ounces in the prior compara-ble period. </p><p>2 NEws</p><p> Farms Mines Businesses More!</p><p></p><p>OR CALL+263 4 870 580</p><p>We wont let you down! Delivered in 72hrs, countrywide!</p><p>NEED FUEL?</p><p>Blend, Diesel, Paraffin</p><p>Tel: 04 852517 /</p></li><li><p>BH243</p></li><li><p>BH24</p><p>TAA:DI251386-Y22</p><p>4</p></li><li><p>BH24 Reporter</p><p>HARARE -Zimbabwe is now the biggest investment des-tination for Chinese firms in agriculture in the region, but some of the investors have called for removal of risks associated with the sector for them to do more, an official has said.</p><p>The director of Chinas department of international cooperation in the Ministry of Agriculture, Mr Ye Anping, said yesterday that the Southern African country had many advantages in agricul-ture compared to its neigh-bours.</p><p>He was answering a ques-tion from The Herald while addressing journalists from 22 African countries who are attached to the China-Africa Press Centre for this year.</p><p>I have information that Zim-babwe has good and a better infrastructure compared to </p><p>its neighbouring countries, also the production system is complete in Zimbabwe, said Mr Ye. </p><p>So, this is why many Chi-nese enterprises are very interested in investing in Zimbabwe in agriculture. Actually, China is has bigger investments in Zimbabwe compared to its neighbouring countries.</p><p>But Mr Ye said the Chinese investors had noted some gaps in the investment cli-mate in Zimbabwes agricul-tural sector.</p><p>First, the policy of agri-</p><p>culture in Zimbabwe is less transparent and it is uncer-tain and this is the reason why many Chinese enter-prises have their own con-cerns, he said. </p><p>The other issue the Chinese enterprises have on Zimba-bwe is that when they want to expand their business they find it hard to get loans from financial institutions in Zimbabwe.</p><p>However, the fact is, it is not only agricultural compa-nies, but other enterprises that have a huge interest ...</p><p>...Continued on page 8</p><p>Zim now biggest investor destination for Chinese agric firms</p><p>5 NEws</p></li><li><p>BH24</p><p>Notice is hereby given to all beneficiaries of ROCKLANDS AND NEW RETREAT low density housing schemes that the payment of </p><p>servicing contributions by majority of the beneficiaries is lagging behind the schedule. The stipulated period of paying servicing contributions </p><p>was between 01 December 2015 and 31 March 2016. The slow payment progress affects the commencement of the projects because of </p><p>insufficient funds in the Dedicated Account. After dual meetings held between council and the respective development committees of Rocklands </p><p>and New Retreat housing schemes between March 2016 and April 2016 a consensus was reached that the payment period for water reticulation </p><p>servicing contributions be extended up to the 30th of June 2016. Beneficiaries who have not yet paid their contributions are therefore advised to </p><p>do so by 30 June 2016 without fail. It is also imperative to note that council has unilateral mandate to repossess stands allocated to those </p><p>beneficiaries who do not comply with payment of land development levies and servicing contributions as stipulated. </p><p>Stand servicing contribution remains at US$400 and US$299.87 for Rocklands and New Retreat respectively. </p><p>Council also notes with concern that a number of beneficiaries are not paying land development levies as stipulated in the lease agreements that </p><p>they entered into with council. Beneficiaries are hereby reminded to pay their levies failure of which council will not hesitate to take legal action </p><p>against them to recover the money. </p><p>For any queries related to the matter above please do not hesitate to send us an email on or call </p><p>us on any of the following telephone numbers, (065) 218/239/404/434 or pay us a visit at the physical address provided below: </p><p>Manyame Rural District Council </p><p>Stand 34, Beatrice </p><p>"Let us work together in the creation of self-sufficient communities by bringing the drop of life at our households." </p><p>F.GUTA </p><p>THE CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER </p><p>PAYMENT OF SERVICING COSTS FOR ROCKLANDS AND NEW </p><p>RETREAT WATER RETICULATION PROJECTS </p><p> NOTICE </p><p>CAL-DI378697-X19</p><p>6</p></li><li><p>BH24</p><p>NOM-DI380284-M25</p><p>PUBLICATION OF AWARD OF CONTRACT FOR CONSULTING SERVICES FOR PROJECTS FINANCED BY THE AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK</p><p>INFORMATION NOTICE</p><p>Publication date: The date this notice appears on the AfDB website Technical Points: 86.06</p><p>Country: Republic of Zimbabwe Price read out: USD 1,606,675.00 Excluding local VAT</p><p>Executing Agency: Zimbabwe Multi-Donor Trust Fund Management Unit USD Evaluated Price: USD 1,606,679.00 Excluding local VAT</p><p>(MMU) Final weighted score: 88.85</p><p>Name of Project/Study:Urgent Water Supply and Sanitation Rehabilitation Ranking: 1</p><p>Project Phase II (UWSSRPII) </p><p>Loan/Grant Number: Grant: 5850155000251 Name: SETEC Engineering GmbH &amp; Co KG</p><p>Name of Request for Nationality: Austria</p><p>Proposals (RFP): UWSSRPII/005, Consulting Services for Capacity Address: Feldkirchnerstrasse 50, 9020 Klagenfurt</p><p>Development, Non-Revenue Water &amp; Customer Care In Joint Venture with</p><p>Management for Greater Name: H. P. Gauff Ingenieure GmbH &amp; Co. KG- JBG</p><p>Harare and Investment Planning for Redcliff. Nationality: Germany</p><p>Selection Method: QCBS Technical Points: 87.81</p><p>Price read out: USD 1,895,560.00 Excluding local VATrd</p><p>Date of publication of EOI: 3 August 2015 USD Evaluated Price: USD 1,895,560.00 Excluding local VATth</p><p>Final weighted score: 87.20Date of publication of RFP: 7 October 2015th</p><p>Ranking: 2Technical Proposals opening date: 18 November 2015th</p><p>Financial Proposals opening date: 14 January 2016</p><p>Name: Niras A/SDate of approval by the Bank of th</p><p>Nationality: Denmarkthe draft negotiated Contract: 11 April 2016rd</p><p>Address: Bredgade 30, 3 Floor, 5, 1260 Copenhagen</p><p>In joint venture with:Name of Selected Consultant: Vitens Evides International BV</p><p>Name: Rodeco Consulting GmbHNationality: Netherlands</p><p>Nationality: GermanyAddress: Reactorweg 47, 3542 AD Utrecht</p><p>Technical Points: 82.56Contract Award Price: USD 1,606,675.00 Excluding local VAT</p><p>Price read out: USD 1,688,042.00 Excluding local VATContract Start date: May 2016</p><p>USD Evaluated Price: USD 1,688,315.00 Excluding local VATContract Duration: 18 months</p><p>Final weighted score: 85.08Summary of Scope of Contract Awarded: Task 1: Design a Non-Revenue </p><p>Ranking: 3Water Reduction Programme for Harare;</p><p>Task 2: Design and deliver an O &amp; M</p><p>Name: SMEC International (Pty) LtdHuman Capital Development Programme</p><p>Nationality: Australiathat will provide training for administrative</p><p>Address: 220-226 Sharp Street, Cooma, NSW 2630and financial staff;</p><p>Technical Points: 71.94Task 3: Design a Medium and Long Term</p><p>Did not reach the pass score of 80 so the Financial Proposal was not opened.Water Supply and Sanitation Investment</p><p>Plan for the Redcliff Municipality.</p><p>N.B.: Any consultant who wishes to ascertain the grounds on which its proposal was not </p><p>selected, should request an explanation from the Executing Agency. In any event, the Total Number of Proposals Received: 4</p><p>Bank reserves the right to review any complaint of a bidder at any time following the </p><p>award.For each Consultant:</p><p>Name: Vitens Evides International BV</p><p>Nationality: Netherlands</p><p>Address: Reactorweg 47, 3542 AD Utrecht</p><p>7</p></li><li><p>8 NEws</p><p>ALL CIVIL SERVANTS, GOVERNMENT </p><p>PENSIONERS &amp; ZIMBABWE NATIONAL </p><p>ARMY , ZIMBABWE REPUBLIC POLICE, </p><p>AIRFORCE OF ZIMBABWE, ZIMBABWE </p><p>PRISON &amp; CORRECTIONAL SERVICES COME </p><p>&amp; APPLY FOR YOUR LOAN</p><p>FOR PAYMENT OF SCHOOL FEES, EXAM </p><p>FEES, UNIFORMS; PURCHASE OF </p><p>AGRICULTURAL INPUTS &amp; UNFORESEEN </p><p>INCIDENTAL EXPENSES</p><p>EXISTING CUSTOMERS CAN ACCESS OUR </p><p>TOP UP LOAN</p><p>APPLY EARLY TO AVOID LAST MINUTE RUSH</p><p>FMC FINANCE </p><p>46 KWAME NKRUMAH AVE, GROUND </p><p>FLOOR LAW SOCIETY HOUSE, HARARE</p><p>BINDURA: 0772 139153</p><p>BULAWAYO: 0777 273919</p><p>CHEGUTU: 0776 755825</p><p>CHINHOYI: 0772 163344</p><p>CHIPINGE: 0776 755826</p><p>CHIREDZI: 0772 194688</p><p>CHIVHU: 0772 194686</p><p>GOKWE: 0782 711711</p><p>GURUVE: 0733 056591</p><p>GWANDA: 0782 762962</p><p>GWERU: 0782 709903</p><p>HARARE: 0772 139157</p><p>HWANGE: 0782 768237</p><p>KADOMA: 0776 755822</p><p>KAROI: 0776 755823</p><p>KWEKWE: 0782 703620</p><p>MARONDERA: 0776 755819</p><p>MASVINGO: 0772 194687</p><p>MT DARWIN: 0776 755827</p><p>MUREWA: 0772 156458</p><p>MVURWI: 0772 163345</p><p>MUTARE: 0772 145001</p><p>RUSAPE: 0776 755824</p><p>ZVISHAVANE: 0782 784320</p><p>TOLL FREE: 08080073</p><p>Consumer</p><p>LOANSInstant Turnaround</p><p>BRIT DI368</p><p>233-F1</p><p>3</p><p>Continued From Page 5</p><p>in investing in agriculture in Zimbabwe.</p><p>Mr Ye said the situation was not peculiar to Zimbabwe as different enterprises have different challenges and difficulties in other African countries.</p><p>He said in some African countries, it was difficult for Chinese companies to remit foreign currency, while in others they were not allowed to bring their own workers.</p><p>Zimbabwe has since adopted the Look East Policy which is meant to increase its contact and business, mainly with China.</p><p>Mr Ye said he believed that the land reform programme was done according to Zim-babwes own situation and that its aim was to increase productivity, guarantee food security and raise peoples income.</p><p>China, Mr Ye said, was work-</p><p>ing on a new round of food assistance to some Southern African countries, includ-ing Zimbabwe, that were affected by a devastating drought last season.</p><p>We provide free of charge food to African countries through multi-national or bilateral channels, he said. Through multi-national channels, we use the channel of the United Nations food programme to offer food as assistance to African coun-tries.</p><p>I think some of you have already heard that in the southern part and the east-ern part of African coun-tries we have seen some abnormal climate change issues recently and this has resulted in severe food shortages, so China is now issuing a new round of free assistance of food to African countries and this is through multi-national and bilateral channels.</p><p>Mr Ye said the Asian eco-nomic giant was increasing </p><p>its cooperation with African countries in agriculture.</p><p>He said since 2006, his country has established 25 agricultural demonstration centres in 24 countries which have so far trained more than 50 000 experts and farmers.</p><p>Chinese agricultural experts and technicians were being send to African countries, while some from Africa were coming to China for further training, said Mr Ye.</p><p>The Government in January signed a deal with a Chinese firm to set up eight satellite agricultural demonstration centers and experimental farms across the country.</p><p>Debont Co. Ltd, the Chinese agricultural company run-ning the four-year-old Gwebi Agricultural Demonstration Centre, signed the agree-ment to partner eight other local agricultural colleges for the demonstration centre's expansion.</p></li><li><p>BH24</p><p>1. This invitation for Bids follows the General Procurement Notice for this project 5. A complete set of the Bidding Documents in English may be obtained by </p><p>that appeared in the United Nations Development Business online (UNDB interested Bidders through the submission of a written application (with the full th</p><p>online) No. AfDB496-07/14 of 24 July 2014 and on the African Development name and address of the appl icant) to the emai l address: </p><p>Bank's Internet Website ( on 30th July 2014. . No fee is due. The bidding documents will </p><p>2. The Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, Government of the only be available electronically.</p><p>Republic of Zimbabwe has received a grant from the Zimbabwe Multi-Donor 6. The provisions in the Instructions to Bidders and in the General Conditions of </p><p>Trust Fund (Zim-Fund) administered by the African Development Bank (the Contract are the provisions of the African Development Bank Standard Bidding </p><p>Bank) to finance the Urgent Water Supply and Sanitation Rehabilitation Project Document: Procurement of Goods or Procurement of Works, and the </p><p>Phase II (UWSSRPII). The Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, Operations Manual of the Zim-Fund. Bidding shall be by International </p><p>Government of the Republic of Zimbabwe intends to apply part of the proceeds Competitive Bidding.</p><p>of this grant to fund: 7. Bids must be submitted to the address at 9 below on or before13:00 hours, </p><p>British Summer Timeon 7 June 2016, and must be accompanied by a security of </p><p>Contract Ref. UWSSRPII/016:Supply of Pipes and Fittings USD12,000 (twelve thousand United States Dollars). Bids sent electronically will </p><p>not be accepted.</p><p>3. The Ministry of Finance and Economic Developmenthas appointed Crown 8. Bids will be opened in the presenc...</p></li></ul>