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<ul><li><p>July 16, 2014 The Reflector D3Harvest Days</p><p>ALDER CREEKVETERINARY</p><p>360-687-3141</p><p>Mary Ann Haggerty, DVM</p><p>Audrey White, DVMJacki Tegarden, DVM </p><p>209 SE 1st St., Battle Ground, WA 98604</p><p>Your PETSFRIENDS!</p><p></p><p>Philip Meltzer, DVM </p><p>Extended Hours!Mon &amp; Thur-Fri: 8am-8pm Tues &amp; Wed: 8am-5:30pm Sat: 8am-4pm</p><p>CH52</p><p>0891</p><p>Proudly servingStumptown Coffee</p><p>25% OFFAny handcrafted</p><p>beverage.</p><p>11504 NE 119th StreetAt the corner of SR-503 &amp; 119th</p><p>11504 NE 119th StreetAt SR-503 &amp; 119th</p><p>Expires July 30, 2014</p><p>CH52</p><p>4647</p><p>CH52</p><p>4814</p><p>JOIN OUR CAVITY FREE CLUB! </p><p>Always Accepting New PatientsWayne F. Truscinski, DDS Jerey N. Kockritz, DDS </p><p>2312 W. Main St., Suite 121 Battle Ground 687-4721</p><p>No Cavity ClubJuNe WiNNer</p><p>Sofia Southwick</p><p>Heather BromleyJosie GoodeLincoln GoodeDawson Nesbitt</p><p>Hannah SmithJacob SouthwickHannah Wilson</p><p>~ Other Winners ~</p><p>CH52</p><p>4726</p><p>9 - 1 1 p.m. on the Battle </p><p>Ground NAPA music stage. </p><p>Parking along Main Street is encouraged for all cruise partici-pants, registrants should feel free to park on all sides of the cruise route after 7 p.m. The Burn-Out Pit will also return to this years Car Cruise, and participants will get a chance to burn some rubber in the urban Basics parking lot. Price and Cody Gray, another event organizer, said the owners of urban Basics are complete-ly giving their entire storefront a makeover just for the Harvest Days events and Car Cruise.</p><p>Several different groups have confirmed that they will par-ticipate in the Harvest Nights Cruise, including Battle Ground Classic Cruizers, The Pharaohs Street Rodders, the Columbia River Camaro Club, Kyron Hor-mans group and others. </p><p>Also on Friday evening, sev-eral different businesses in Old Town Battle Ground will stay open late for customers who are attending the Car Cruise. </p><p>Diane Harris, owner of Old Town Battle Grounds, said that the past two years during the Harvest Nights Cruise they have served sandwiches, beer and wine in their front yard. This year, she said they will extend </p><p>their late-night hours for the Saturday festivities as well and will stay open until 10 p.m. on both Friday and Saturday. </p><p>Keno leighty, marketing/pro-motional director for South Pacif-ic Cafe &amp; lounge, said they will use their parking lot again this year to host a huge cruise night party. The party will include a beer garden and food. last year, leighty said they had about 200 people attend.</p><p>According to organizers of the Harvest Nights Car Cruise, the cruise was created for three reasons. First, they wanted to bring the heart back to the Battle Ground community by providing a fun, family-ori-ented atmosphere to Harvest Days; second, they wanted to help support the area businesses </p><p>and give them an opportunity to promote their business and prosper; third, they wanted to pick area charities within the North Clark County community to benefit from the event.</p><p>This year, two different groups will benefit from the mon-ey raised during the Car Cruise the North County Community Food Bank and the City of Battle Ground First Responders. </p><p>Price said the Car Cruise event wouldnt be possible with-out the volunteer hours put in by numerous City of Battle Ground staff, as well as help from the Clark County Sheriffs Reserve. She said they are always looking </p><p>for more volunteers to help with the event.</p><p>Although Wrench Works is the presented sponsor for this years event, Price said more than 30 sponsors are helping to make the Car Cruise event possible.</p><p>Its great seeing all of the </p><p>car-related shops coming together to support this event, Price said. </p><p>For additional information on the Battle Ground Harvest Nights Car Cruise, visit or visit their Facebook page, Battle Ground Harvest Nights Car Cruise.</p><p>BG Harvest Nights Car CruiseWhen: Fri., July 18, 7-11 p.m.</p><p>Where: Along Main Street from 5th Avenue to Grace Avenue</p><p>registration: Register online at, registration closes July 16</p><p>Cost: $15 to pre-register online, $20 for registration day of the event</p><p>More inforMation: Visit or visit Facebook page, Battle Ground Harvest Nights Car Cruise</p><p>at a GlaNCe</p><p>Harvest Nights Car Cruise could see 500 participantsPopular Harvest Days event will be held Friday, July 18 Joanna MiChaUDstaff reporter</p><p>last year, the annual Bat-tle Ground Harvest Nights Car Cruise, held as a part of the Har-vest Days Celebration in Battle Ground, attracted more than 450 participants and their vehicles, and raised enough money for the cruise committee to be able to present $2,000 to both the North County Community Food Bank and the Battle Ground Veterans Memorial Project.</p><p>This years Car Cruise, which will be held the evening of Fri., July 18, could see an even bigger turnout. </p><p>We anticipate even more registrants this year, said Amy Price, one of the Harvest Days event organizers. We are capping it at 500 for pre-registration. The crowds will be insane.</p><p>P r e s e n t e d by Wrench Works and the Battle Ground Chamber of Commerce, the third annual Harvest Nights Car Cruise will help get this years Harvest Days festivities going on Fri., July 18, from 7-11 p.m., on Main Street. At about 6 p.m., event organizers will be-gin closing off Main Street from 5th Avenue to Parkway Avenue (Parkway Avenue to Grace Av-enue will also already be closed off for Harvest Days events). The cruise route will go from the Mc-Donalds intersection through Old Town Battle Ground to Grace Avenue, looping back around via 1st Street.</p><p>Registration/staging will open at 5 p.m. at Battle Ground High School, 300 W. Main St. Regis-tration is currently open online at The registration fee is $15 if pre-registration is done online, or register the day of the event for $20. Registration online will remain open until Wed., July 16, and there will be plenty of sig-nage to direct people to the cor-rect registration location the day of the event. Registration will be capped at 500.</p><p>From 7-11 p.m., Car Cruise participants will cruise onto Main Street and will be tuning to the cruise at 99.9 FM provid-ed by Flashback Entertainment. The Fabulous Farelanes will be the spotlight entertainment from </p><p>JULY SPECIAL</p><p>$50 for Filling or Exam </p><p>or Cleaning or Extraction</p><p>Implant with Crown </p><p>$1500</p><p>For New Patients Without Insurance Only</p><p>With this coupon. Oer ends 7/31/14</p><p>CH52</p><p>4061</p><p>Photo courtesy of Mark Anthony Gonzales, The Way iVision It Photography</p><p>Last Years Battle Ground Harvest Nights Car Cruise attracted more than 450 registrants who cruised up and down Main Street during the second annual event. This year, event organizers are expecting even more registrants. </p><p>Photo courtesy of Chris Bauer</p><p>CoMMUnitY MeMBers and families enjoyed cruising up and down Main Street during last years Battle Ground Harvest Nights Car Cruise. This years cruise is expected to attract close to 500 participants. </p><p>CH52</p><p>4795</p></li></ul>