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<p>SNEHOM LLC</p> <p>SNEHOM LLCLanguage Learners Club bySocial Networking Homes</p> <p>Tessa Jaison, ready to take off to HyperspaceCo-Pilots: Lin-lin &amp; Sebastian Panakal</p> <p>The glow in her face, the fire in her eyes proof enough for the thrill of e-Learning Journeys!</p> <p>Lin-lin, a teacher from Taiwan, welcoming Tessa into Hello Little World Skypers family</p> <p>Introducing Tessa: VII Grade student of Guardian Angels Public School, Manjummel, Ernakulam</p> <p>Lin-lin shares her screen Skype window for setting the audio in Chinese</p> <p>Lin-lin introduces Tessa to Everyday Grammar by Voice of America, the lesson Tessa is to learn together with Bill, a 12 year old boy in Taiwan.</p> <p>Bill and Tessa getting to know each other</p> <p>Teachers type into Chat - messages to help Tessa follow the Chinese accent of Bills English andTo help Bill follow Tessas Kerala accent!</p> <p>After the lesson discussion with Sebastian Reflective Learning. Tessa is to write a blog detailingHer online experience and the link to be shared with her friends in Taiwan for them to comment</p>