beyond nps: what net promoter scores really say about customer service

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  • Beyond NPS: !What Net Promoter Scores Really Say

    about Customer Service!

    Tim Maly, COO & CFO10 March 2015

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    Gone Are the Days of Talking At Customers & Employees

    We are updating

    healthcare benefits

    We have a new


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    How do I make a 401K contribution?

    Welcome to the Days of Everyone Talking At Organizations

    I would like a new


    Whats our parental

    leave policy?

    Can I get personal leave?

    Im having trouble with my boss.

    I love the new review process!

    Our records should be electronic.

    What is your return


    The latest version doesnt work.

    The item shipped was poor quality.

    I would not recommend

    this company.

    Id like to see more options.

    Do you share my


    How can I sign my

    friends up?

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    If Organizations Dont Listen, Customers & Employees Leave

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    Overview | Reviews | Salaries

    Overview | Reviews | Salaries

    Refine Results

    All Company Ratings80Cookie Tracker

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    Ask Questions for Effective Conversations

    What change would

    improve our service?

    What benefits do you most


    Would you recommend our product?

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    Questions Lead to the Right Decisions

    I would like to sync my contact list.

    Yes, I am extremely likely to.

    National product roll out approved

    Increased customer satisfaction with new


    Increased employee retention with added benefit

    Parental leave is

    most important

    to me.

    Would you recommend our product?

    What change would

    improve our service?

    What benefits do you most


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    How likely are you to recommend ______ to a friend?

    % Promoters - % Detractors Net Promoter Score

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    A single number to track business performance

    Widely known measure of customer loyalty

    Track over time or compare against competitors

    The Value of a Net Promoter Score

    Simple Standardized Benchmarkable

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    Nextdoor Uses NPS to Improve Member Satisfaction

    ! Nextdoor is working on product changes based on feedback from the NPS survey

    ! Analysis of NPS survey results is now part of the product roadmap development

    ! NPS is now a core metric the company tracks along with typical metrics like unique users

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    NPS Combined with Customer Data Impacts Business "

    ! Drive happier customers ! Improve team performance ! Resolve service problems

    Net Promoter Score Other Data Sets Business Impact

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    The Worlds Biggest Brands Trust SurveyMonkeyIncluding 99% of the Fortune 500

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    A Simple, Powerful Survey Platform Now for Enterprises ""

    Powerful for Teams

    Data ownership Trusted security API Integrations

    Easy for Organizations

    Robust reporting Brand control Collaboration

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    Salesforce and survey data side by side

    ! Identify opportunities ! Improve team management ! Set business priorities

    The Leaders in Surveys and CRM Now Together

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    Connecting Data Between Surveys and Salesforce is Simple




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    8 10 11 13 14

    15 17 18 19 20 21

    22 25 26 27 28




    Select a survey Customize email Schedule survey See data in Salesforce

    1! 2! 3! 4!

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    Select a survey from your account then customize a

    message to recipients

    Access Your SurveyMonkey Surveys Within Salesforce

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    Set up triggers to send surveys to the right audience at the right time

    OR Schedule recurring surveys at

    intervals to create benchmarks and track performance over time

    Configure Rules for Survey Deployment

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    See Your Data and Take Action

    NPS by Account: !Track customer loyalty over


    Identify happy customers: Encourage customer advocacy

    Address unhappy customers: Correct negative experiences

    NPS by Rep: !Enable team

    management decisions

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    Access and monitor your data on the go with the Salesforce1 mobile app

    Get This Valuable Data Anytime, Anywhere

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    Improve Employee Engagement

    Test New Products

    Understand Customer Satisfaction

    Increase Job Satisfaction

    Great Organizations Have Conversations with Customers

    I would like the option to

    sync my contact list.

    Yes, I am extremely likely to.

    How can we support your career


    I would like more

    opportunities for

    professional growth.

    What benefits do you value most?

    Parental leave is

    most important

    to me.

    Would you recommend our product?

    What change would

    improve our service?

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    Get Started Today

    Get a powerful survey platform for your organization

    See Salesforce and survey data side-by-side