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<ul><li> 1. Presentatio n for the 2014 Canadian Network for Innovation in Education Conference BEYOND LIBRARY WALLS: MEETING LIBRARY LEARNERS OUTSIDE OF TRADITIONAL SPACES </li> <li> 2. Kathy Gaynor TRU Reference &amp; Web Services Librarian Elizabeth Rennie TRU Instruction &amp; Outreach Librarian WHO ARE WE? </li> <li> 3. What are traditional Reference Services and how are they changing? Where are we meeting our library users at TRU: 1. On Social Media 2. Through chat services 3. Roving reference 4. Non-library spaces (Residence, Student Services, etc.) 5. Embedded in their classes Discussion: where are your students finding the library? How do you facilitate this? TODAYS PRESENTATION </li> <li> 4. REFERENCE: THE BIG PICTURE </li> <li> 5. REFERENCE AT TRU </li> <li> 6. doesnt mean that they arent struggling to find appropriate scholarly resources to support their academic work. JUST BECAUSE THEY ARENT COMING IN TO ASK QUESTIONS </li> <li> 7. We still need to find a way to reach and teach students. If students arent coming into the library, we need to find other places to meet with them. Trends in library literature, software, and services move fast; there isnt a shortage of new ideas to try. The challenge is to identify which new ideas to try, how to assess whether theyre working for us, and to find the best solutions for serving the students at our campus. THEREFORE: </li> <li> 8. Social Media Chat services Roving reference Non-library spaces Embedded librarians How would these projects work in your specific teaching environments? How else have you encouraged your students to connect with their library? BEYOND THE REFERENCE DESK AT TRU </li> <li> 9. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA </li> <li> 10. SOCIAL MEDIA </li> <li> 11. 2. CHAT SERVICES: ASKAWAY &amp; MEEBO </li> <li> 12. Questions asked by TRU students through AskAway and questions by students across the province answered by TRU Librarians: CHAT SERVICES </li> <li> 13. 3. ROVING REFERENC E </li> <li> 14. ROVING REFERENCE </li> <li> 15. 4. NON- LIBRARY SPACES </li> <li> 16. NON-LIBRARY SPACES </li> <li> 17. 5. EMBEDDED LIBRARIAN S </li> <li> 18. EMBEDDED LIBRARIANS </li> <li> 19. THATS OUR CONTEXT; WHATS YOURS? </li> <li> 20. Would any of these approaches work in your situation, or have you implemented similar initiatives at your institution? What other ideas have you considered or tried to get students into the library or to bring the library to students? How did you determine whether it worked or not? Are there specific challenges you face in your teaching context for developing information competencies in students? HTTP://LIBGUIDES.TRU.CA/ BEYONDLIBRARYWALLS </li> <li> 21. CONCLUSIONS </li> <li> 22. A record of todays discussion Our presentation slides More details on all of the programs and initiatives discussed today Kathy Gaynor: Elizabeth Rennie: Questions? THANK-YOU! </li> </ul>