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Presentation at New York State Cooperative and Experiential Education Association's October 2012 Conference


<ul><li> 1. BEYOND EXISTING:Leveraging Social Media to BenefitStudents, Alumni &amp; Employers NYSCEEA 2012 ConferenceMonday, October 15, 2012</li></ul> <p> 2. Clarkson Facts Nationally ranked research university offering more than 50 comprehensiveprograms in business, engineering, science, liberal arts, health sciences andenvironmental studies at the undergraduate and graduate level The Clarkson School, an early college entrance program University Honors Program for highly gifted students from all majors International reputation in the fields of advanced materials science, biotechnology,environmental and energy, entrepreneurship and global supply chain management 3,500 undergraduate and graduate students and 270 faculty 19 varsity sports: two Division I (Mens and Womens Hockey) and 17 Division III Located in Potsdam, N.Y., the quintessential college town with four higher educationinstitutions within a 10-mile radius, at the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains2/4/2013 2 3. Clarksons Career Center2/4/20133 4. Social Media History Presence without a purpose before and after QuantifierBefore After Facebook July 09 Dec. 11 Jan 12 Present Friends:~32 341 Likes: ~147 545 LinkedIn Feb 10 June 11July 11 Present Groups:1 2 Members: 58543, 508 TwitterFeb 10 June 11July 11 Present Followers: ?1792/4/2013 4 5. Note worthy 91.5% of Likers are under the age of 34 Likers represent 20 countries2/4/20135 6. Strategy Slow Growth Faade w/ emphasis on Professional in natureopportunities Target audience Student focused recruiters and alumni Informal &amp; fun Students secondary Mix of information EngageSocialKnightLinkMedia Push contentHonorable Mentions: 6 7. Account7 8. Page 8 9. Facebook Initiatives1. Brand Proposition Fun information &amp; educational Create the relationship Events &amp; articles (fun, student focused)2. Brand Promise The 50% partner Job &amp; internship spotlights, relevant events, etc. Polls (pull to keep fresh)3. Brand Experience Audience focused Handouts, digital signs, friends of friends Mysterious Friends Only Events Etiquette messages Dress for Success 40+ attendees Dining Etiquette 16 attendees (first 15) 10. ArticleEmployerNewsletter Poll2/4/2013 10 11. Article Events2/4/2013 11 12. Press ReleasesPlacement Info/ Congrats2/4/201312 13. 2/4/2013 13 14. LinkedIn Initiatives: MentoringWho: Connect Clarkson students and alumniWhy created? Why LinkedIn?What: Encourage direct messages and discussions (pre-populate some)Got Alumni? Advertised through Alumni Chapters, Alumni LinkedIn Group,Career Fair, Alumni Reunion, Newsletter/Mailing IBM Consultant-Student matchingGot Students? Clarkson University clubs, organizations, sports Training NOT required, materials providedCombine with Alumni 5,000+ Group? 15. Offering AdviceEncouragement Networking15 16. Networking Seeking Advice Article /Education 16 17. LinkedIn Initiatives: Career CenterWho: Connect Clarkson students, alumni &amp; employersWhy: Increase employer awareness, encouragediscussions &amp; career explorationWhat: Post jobs, share employer focused articles, keeprecruiters abreast of university events &amp; trends,facilitate discussions 18. Job Posting Videos Off Campus- Job Search - On Campus18 19. Events19 20. How? Social Media Interns (2) Facebook LinkedIn 2 hours, twice a week Staff feed content/articles occasionally 21. OutcomesWorkshopRequests Appointments 89+34.5%Applications55% 21 22. On the Horizon Recruit the recruiters in LinkedIn Transition Facebook users to LinkedIn Facebook Tip of the Day Blogging . .22 23. Design your strategyDesign/StrategyImplementation/Tactics Do we need social media? Research &amp; review options and others What purpose does itserve? Administration &amp; staffing What are our desiredoutcomes? Goals and measurement How does it fit within Remaining relevantoperations or strategicplan? Focus on moderate growth23 24. Get Connected Friend: Golden Knight Like: Clarkson University Career Center (page) Join: Clarkson University Career Center (group) Join: Clarkson University Mentor Program (group) Connect: Follow: @cucareer Karla Fennell: kfennell@clarkson.edu315.268.64772/4/201324 </p>