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'Beyond CSR' was delivered at the World Communication Forum in Davos in March 2014 as part of a panel on Communicating Ethics, Values and Tolerance - Society and Business


  • 1. Beyond CSR Suds Sarronwala WWF International Davos March 11, 2014 World Communication Forum

2. Normal 3. The New Normal 4. The New Normal Business Sustainability 5. 2013: 6. WWFs theory of change 1 Billion PRODUCERS Retailers Brands Manufacturers Traders Processors Investors 300 ~ 400 COMPANIES 7 Billion CONSUMERS LEVERAGE POINT TO RAISE MAINSTREAM PERFORMANCE 7. palm oil cotton biofuels pulp & papersugarcane sawn wood dairy beef forage fishsoy farmed salmon farmed shrimp tropical shrimp whitefishtuna 15 key commodities 8. Starting MatureDeveloping WWF involvement in standards 9. Targeting audiences for change End target: Corporate Government Institutions Influencer Target: Supporters , Civil Society WWF 10. General sentiment: WWF should work with companies important way of advancing its mission Transparency is a key issue Demonstrating the impacts of work with companies Other Issues: independence, reputation risk *IpsosMORI 4 country focus groups study for WWF, 2012 Consumer reactions to WWF working with companies 11. WWF IN SUMMARY WWF is in over 100 countries, on 5 continents +100 WWF was founded In 1961 1961 WWF has over 5,000 staff worldwide +5000 WWF has over 5 million supporters +5M Photo: Michel Roggo / WWF-Canon 12. Thank you WWF. All photographs used in this presentation are copyright protected and courtesy of the WWF-Canon Global Photo Network and the respective photographers.