Beyond Buses and Taxis Beyond Travel Training Beyond The ADA MOBILITY MANAGEMENT.

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  • Beyond Buses and TaxisBeyond Travel TrainingBeyond The ADAMOBILITY MANAGEMENT

  • Mobility Management

    Redefine roles and responsibilities on the basis of customers needs instead of modes of operation

    Focus changes from routes and groups to individuals and destinations

  • Encourage staff to actively look for opportunities instead of only reacting to problems

    By making better use of existing resources, new transportation resources will become availableMobility Management

  • Mobility Management

    Coordinate transportation services with multiple programs and providers

    Assist service agencies in meeting consumer needs

  • Mobility Management Provide a reliable and consistent customer service experience, thereby increasing ridership satisfaction

    Educate the customer about their travel options and encourage them to self-select the most appropriate mode

  • Seizing the Day Getting The Most With The Least Expenditure There Is Always Plenty To Do So Be Selective Mobility Management

  • Some Examples

  • Fare - Free ProgramApproximately 80% of RIDES customers are ambulatory and can ride fixed-transit under some conditions Savings: >$150,000 per year

    Questions: Is this comparable? Is it fair to non-paratransit cusumers?

  • Taxi ServiceCan greatly reduce wasted travel

    Can provide same-day service

    Can get help from municipalities

  • Travel Training & Bus BuddiesDivert paratransit customers to fixed-route busesProvide same-day serviceRedistribute resourcesProvide a main-stream serviceIntegrate with Accessible Taxi Program

  • Monterey Mobility Management Center Travel Training Tickets sales ID badges Community presence Convenience for travelers and community Provides bricks and mortar face for Mobility Management

  • 211 Transportation ComponentIntegration of transportation component in social service referral systemEducate social service providers about public transportation options

  • Special SeniorSpecialized fixed-route defined by coalition members of senior communities Fewer stops and less travel time No transfers or waiting in elements Cost-effective due to more passengers per mile than ADA and fixed-route

  • Removal of Bureaucratic BarriersCurrently the biggest obstacle to coordination and consolidation

    Stone walls between transit agencies, schools, social services and private providers


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