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1. WHAT IS A DIGITAL FOOTPRINT? A record of everything you have ever done online. You can never get rid of it Clean footprints help you in life. 2. HOW IS A DIGITAL FOOTPRINT CREATED? This can be created by- Posting Commenting Sites youve been on Posts about you Pages that youve liked 3. WHAT ARE SOME WAYS TO PROTECT YOURSELF FROMTHE FOOT? Putting privacy settings on your account Only friending people you really know Not letting people post things of you Not go on sites Think about what your going to post 4. HOW DOES THE FOOT AFFECT YOUR FUTURE? You may not get into college People wont accept you for jobs People might not be friends with you You could become a lonely cat lady or man 5. WHAT SPECIFICALLY MAKES UP A DIGITAL FOOTPRINT? It may consist of- Email Name Number Job Facebook status Pets Where you live Hobbies Pictures Etc. 6. GOOD THINGS CAN COME!If you have a good digital footprint it can help you. Gets you into a good schools. Good jobs. Many friends. Reflects well on your personality. Helps you live your dreams. 7. HAVE YOU EVER DONE SOMETHING ONLINE THAT YOUREGRETTED?? 8. HAVE A GOOD DAY!!! 9. SOURCES PAGE We got all of images from Google images and clipart