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What happens when we apply design principles, tools, and processes to our lives? In this talk from WebVisions Chicago 2014, I share the details - and spin a few stories - on how we can each design ourselves and become change agents in our lives.


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2. Paul McAleer@paulmcaleer@designingyou@centralis_ux 3. Apply design thinking to your lifeSome rights reserved by Digital Cat@paulmcaleer 4. A case study for a very large projectSome rights reserved by seler + seler@paulmcaleer 5. Kickoff & observationsSome rights reserved by APM Alex@paulmcaleer 6. Stakeholder interviewsSome rights reserved by Phillipp Messner@paulmcaleer 7. It was emotional.@paulmcaleer 8. Here are the findings.@paulmcaleer 9. Fear! Powerlessness! No goals!Some rights reserved by 10. Its real talk oclock.The project is me.Credit to @redsesame and @wilto for that awesome phrase@paulmcaleer 11. My stakeholders@paulmcaleer 12. The fear and powerlessness was real.Some rights reserved by Marcus Povey@paulmcaleer 13. A proven, repeatable process!Research Strategy Execution FeedbackSome rights reserved by paul bica@paulmcaleer 14. We're remixes of everything weencounter in our lives.Some rights reserved by Kevin Dooley@paulmcaleer 15. Research Strategy Execution Feedback 16. Some rights reserved by SmakuDRIVERSMIND BODYResearch@paulmcaleer 17. I was afraid. A lot.@paulmcaleer 18. ResearchNot choosing to do something isactually a design choice.Some rights reserved by Raoul Pop@paulmcaleer 19. Runners are assholes, andSome rights reserved by padsbrotherI'm one too.Research@paulmcaleer 20. Research2007 200820132014@paulmcaleer 21. Strong beliefs, weakly held.ResearchSome rights reserved by umjanedoan@paulmcaleer 22. Let's try something together for amoment.Research@paulmcaleer 23. Your body languageshapeswho you are!@amyjccuddyResearch@paulmcaleer 24. Noticing what I was doingResearch@paulmcaleer 25. Copyright 2014 Paul McAleerBreathingResearch@paulmcaleer 26. Research Strategy Execution Feedback 27. StrategyCopyright 2014 Paul McAleerMake small plans.Be open in every moment.@paulmcaleer 28. Your brain isnt perfect,and neither is technology.StrategySome rights reserved by Chris Devers@paulmcaleer 29. StrategyLet it all out and define your visionSome rights reserved by Ignatio Palomo Duarte@paulmcaleer 30. StrategySet your intentionsSome rights reserved by James Gordon@paulmcaleer 31. StrategySome rights reserved by Dustin QuasarI have found thata true intention isenduring, flexible, andcommunicates personalvalues.@paulmcaleer@jessclively 32. Research Strategy Execution Feedback 33. Align your goals with your intentionsSome rights reserved by Casey Bisson@paulmcaleerExecution 34. Align your actions with your goalsSome rights reserved by Casey Bisson@paulmcaleerExecution 35. ExecutionMake things smallSome rights reserved by David Melchor Diaz@paulmcaleer 36. Some rights reserved by MikeMake things visible@paulmcaleerExecution 37. @paulmcaleerExecutionFind a tool that works for youSome rights reserved by Emily 38. Research Strategy Execution Feedback 39. FeedbackYou can't connect the dots lookingforward; you can only connect themlooking backwards. 40. Look for patternsSome rights reserved by Natesh Ramasamy@paulmcaleerFeedback 41. Copyright 2014 Paul McAleer 42. Be selective anddont let feedback run youSome rights reserved by Andreas Wetterberg@paulmcaleerFeedback 43. @paulmcaleerFeedback 44. The results 45. My interface has improved 46. My architecture is more flexible 47. Experiments will fail andthat will hurt 48. This is not finished andwill never be finished 49. Design your life 50. Research Strategy Execution Feedback 51. Be a change agent in your life 52. Thank you for your time!@paulmcaleer@designingyou!