better, faster, cheaper infrastructure with apache cloud stack and riak cs redux

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BETTER, FASTER, CHEAPER INFRASTRUCTURE: APACHE CLOUDSTACK + RIAK CS John Burwell ( [email protected] | @ john_burwell )

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Software is eating infrastructure. Migrating reliability and scalability responsibilities up the stack from specialized hardware to software, cloud orchestration platforms such as Apache CloudStack (ACS) and object stores such as Riak CS increase the utilization and density of compute and storage resources by dynamically shifting workloads based on demand. Together, these platform can saturate compute and storage of 1000s of commodity hosts with strong operational visibility and end-user self-service. This presentation explores cloud design strategies to achieve high availability and reliability using commodity components. It then applies these strategies using Apache CloudStack and Riak CS.


  • 1. BETTER, FASTER, CHEAPERINFRASTRUCTURE: APACHECLOUDSTACK + RIAK CSJohn Burwell([email protected] | @john_burwell)

2. Who Am I Senior Software Engineer @ Basho Technologies Member, Apache CloudStack PMC Ran operations and designed automated provisioning for hybridanalytic/virtualization cloud infrastructures Led architectural design and server-side development of a SaaSphysical security platform 3. ... but I submitted a ticket. 4. Better adjust to shifting requirementsDeliver resources and recover from failure fasterUtilize cheaper commodity componentswithout compromising reliability 5. 1administrator per10000 servers 6. Composable Infrastructure Resource Pooling Rapid Elasticity Self ServiceAutomated late binding of responsibilities to hardware 7. Doesnt vSphere/XCP/XenServeralready do that? 8. Software Is Eating Hardware Moores Law has pulled fault tolerance up the stack Commodity Hardware Reduced cost Services wider range of workloads Dynamic resource allocationSpecialized Hardware Reduces Agility 9. Traditional WorkloadManagementNetworkHypervisor