Beth Juhl and Deborah Kulczak University of Arkansas Libraries Arkansas IUG June 18, 2010.

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  • Beth Juhl and Deborah KulczakUniversity of Arkansas LibrariesArkansas IUGJune 18, 2010

  • Simple External Search Formson library web siteas widgetson other library sites

  • KeywordAuthor Title Subject

  • Fancier Implementations Require Javascriptopen search in new window / tabscontrol the size / behavior of new windowsadd together search terms

  • Parse that Search URL! = search your III serverX? = its a keyword searchSEARCH= here comes the search%28 = ( %29 = ) %20 = [space] (arkansas) and (higher education)

  • Parse that Search URL! date after 1990&Db=2010 date before 2010&SORT=D default sort &l=eng language is English&m=a material type is text&s=m monographs , not serials&b=main location is MAIN

  • Pseudo-ScopingUse Location Codes to Pre-limit Keyword Searches

  • Location: Law Library Only All Libraries

    Part 1: The Search Form

  • // Search InfoLinks and Limit to Locations//

    Part 2: The Javascript

  • Formats / Material Types

  • Adding Terms Behind the Sceneslocal subject terms (faculty author)format and location (atlas and reference)types of material (feature film or dvd)

  • DVD in 538 fieldFilm genres from the 650 field

  • Test Video Search

    Keywords: Choose a Format: DVD only DVD or VHS okay Choose a Genre: Select a Kind of Film (Optional) Feature films Documentary films Adventure films Animated filmsPart 1: The form

  • // Search InfoLinks for videos//

    Part 2: The script

  • Adding Record Elements to Enhance RetrievalArkansas Newspaper ProjectDo you have any newspapers published in _______ from the years _________?

  • Arkansas Newspaper Project Part of the United States Newspaper Program, funded by NEHBased at University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, 1988-1994Mission to catalog and microfilm newspapers found throughout the state

  • Arkansas Newspaper Project Another component was OCLC Union ListingLDR (now LHR) created for each participant for each holdings formatIssue-specific notationUSNP format A SULOP tape load generated Library Has notes in our catalog

  • OCLC Union List Record

  • Newspaper Record in Our Catalog

    Lib HasMARC 752

  • 752 FieldDefined as Added Entry-Hierarchical Place NameRequired in USNP records forPlace of publicationArea of coverageMultiple 752s when place of publication changes or when several counties or towns included in coverageWe indexed in subjects and keywords

  • Lib HasMARC fields 860 and 866Not indexedCould be used for data entry

  • We Needed a New Field!Local subject field 690Already used for local collection names, local series, virtual bookplates, etc.Indexed in subjects and keywordsFormat selected was 690 |y 1930Didnt want to confuse with LCSH-type chronological subdivisions (|y 1931-1940)Easier for data entry (meaning fewer errors)

  • The QuestionOne or Multiple 690s?

  • New, Improved Record

  • Public DisplayMultiple 690s take up valuable real estate in WebOPAC, and they might be confusing to usersThe beauty of |y is that its not used in any other 690 fieldsWe decided to suppress decades by inserting a line in the webpub.def file

  • The ProjectUsed Create Lists to gather all the Arkansas newspapers (about 1,050) into a review fileA library technician completed data entry of 690 fields in a 2-month period (November-December 2009)We excludedNewspaper records in aggregator databasesLimited retention holdingsProofreading and building the search form took a couple more months


  • Actual search terms: su:newspapers su:"United States Arkansas Washington" 1880

  • MaintenanceMust remember to add decades whenNew titles are catalogedA new decade beginsProcedures in place for this!

  • Future Plans

  • Future Plans

  • Beth Juhl and Deborah KulczakUniversity of Arkansas LibrariesArkansas IUGJune 18, 2010



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