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<ul><li><p> Nicol Quirico | telefono +39 039 99 20 612 | | |</p><p>Bestiary of the blue hourHeure bleue... the short moment when the sun has not yet risen: it is no longer night and not yet day...</p><p>In this particular moment nature seems motionless, as if it was not ready to weak up but undecided if contin-uing the night sleep.</p><p>Animals, the habitants of the night, stop making their noises, and the daily ones have not yet started singing:all is silent all is calm, apparently, as holding up their breath...</p><p>But inside this blue, another kind of animals come to life.... strange and funny creatures, borne in fairytalesfor children. Stories that become alive both in reality and fantasy. During the Heure Bleue, these creatures joy-fully show up, assuming their dignity, unsuspected faces and philosophies. The end of the night make theseaspects more noble, while the rising sun incredibly standardize and fade them.</p><p>Through the camera fantasy becomes reality, photography shows the awesomeness of the place and savepart of these fairytales.</p><p>The Heure Bleue... the place where perception twists and you can enter a suspended dimension in which youcan see, listen and experience emotions that others cannot.</p><p>The Heure Bleue... pleas, insert the coin...</p></li></ul>