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Are New Cars Sold at Auctions?

If you are looking to buy a new car and save some money in the process, an auction is a good option. But you might think that most cars sold at auctions are used cars and you are not interested in buying a used car. You would be right when it comes to public auctions, but there is another way. There are Different Types of Auctions Out TherePublic auctions will mostly have used cars on offer, and there will also be cars with salvage title, which means that they must be rebuilt before they can be driven on the road legally. This is the opposite of a new car that you are looking for, however, there are auctions that offer exclusively new cars for sale. If needed interested individuals can click here visit our official website in order to know about Best used car auction. The difference between these types of auctions in significant. While the public auction is open to everyone, new cars are few and far between. The closest you could get to a new car at most public auctions are cars that have come off lease and are only a couple of years old. But these cars are sold very quickly. Contrary to public auctions, there are closed dealer auction that sell new cars. However, a regular buyer will be barred from entering such an auction as entry is granted only to those who have dealer licenses. Forging Ties to Get InIf you dont have a dealer license everything is not lost for you. Accessing these auctions has become easy, and a new car at a wholesale price is within your grasp. There are dealers that will let you accompany them to such an auction who will bid on your behalf with your money, on cars you are interested in. once you find a car that you like, the dealer can bid on in up to the limit that you have previously agreed. There are some good deals to be made this way. The advantage of such auctions is that dealers are bidding against each other and they are usually looking to get the cars for as low price as possible so they make a significant profit on mark up. At times, even if you bid only slightly higher than them, they will let it go. In the end, you buy a new car at a wholesale price, meaning it is significantly lower than what you would have paid for the same make and model of the car at the dealership.

The Bidding Processthe bidding itself is straight forward, however, before it starts you want to do a proper research and find out as much as possible about the cars you fancy. This enables you to determine how much you are comfortable with paying for a car, and lets you know what other dealers could be offering. However, keep in mind that there might be others like you slightly outbidding the dealers which could in the end push the price above your budget. You should know when to give up and wait for a new car. Since you want to buy a new car as cheap as possible it makes no sense biding over your budget and not saving anything. So to answer the question from the beginning, new cars are sold at auctions, and if you play your cards right you can get them at wholesale price. Try online proxy bidding websites to access them.