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<ol><li> 1. Best Supercars In London </li><li> 2. Looking for best super cars in London? Then you landed on a right place because at Platinum VIP we offer some of the most incredible super cars on rent. </li><li> 3. The best super car from our point of view is Lamborghini Aventador , this car is really designed for speed lovers and is a perfect example of beauty , power and performance. </li><li> 4. You like this red beauty ? Its Ferraari 458 Itaila available for rent in just 800 Euro, so hurry up and ride your </li><li> 5. Among other super cars Bentley is always the popular one because it is affordable and only cost 650 Euro and it has all the luxury features that you would like to have in a super car. </li><li> 6. For More Super cars like these please visit our website link below : </li></ol>