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A presentation about some of the best upcoming MMORPG games of 2014 by the website


  • 1. Most Anticipated MMORPGs 2014 The Best Upcoming MMORPG Games Due to be Released 2014 and Beyond By

2. Most Anticipated MMORPGs 2014 Star Citizen 3. Most Anticipated MMORPGs 2014 Confirmed 2014 Release Dates Star Citizen an upcoming MMO space sim that focuses on trading and spaceship combat in first-person perspective set in a persistent world. Its gonna be f2p. Star Citizen is being developed by Chris Roberts, the man behind the popular Wing Commander games, and his team at Cloud Imperium Games. Runescape 3 (mobile) yes, the ever-popular browser-based MMORPG Runescape is coming soon to your tablets and mobile devices pretty soon. The HTML5 version of RS will be officially released in 2014 though it can already be played via Google Chrome. Skyforge a new MMORPG with a release date of 2014 (more news coming soon) Camelot Unchained funded through Kickstarter, the upcoming MMORPG called Camelot Unchained (the name will actually be changed later) is a fantasy and horror-themed epic realm vs realm MMORPG. 4. Most Anticipated MMORPGs 2014 Camelot Unchained 5. Most Anticipated MMORPGs 2014 Upcoming Games Release Date TBA Lineage Eternal: Twilight Resistance an upcoming MMORPG by South Korean developer Ncsoft. LETR will have siege warfare, large scale battles, dungeons, and more. It has a top (isometric) view similar to that of Diablo. Bless this has been in development since September 2009. BLESS has gotten a lot of attention from news websites because of its amazingly realistic cutting- edge graphics. Everquest Next the latest planned MMO in the bestselling Everquest series of games, Everquest Next is supposedly going to be the largest sandbox style MMO ever designed, according to Sony Online Entertainment CEO John Smedley. Titan Blizzard is currently developing a top secret project codenamed Titan. Not much is known about Titan apart from the fact that it will not be a prequel or sequel to World of Warcraft. Development began in 2007 but the actual release date is unknown. World of Darkness MMO a stylish, dark fantasy MMORPG set in the same fictional universe as Vampire: The Masquerade. Many role-playing fans are excited about WoD because it will focus on social interaction, politics and intrigue, as well as PvE and PvP. 6. Most Anticipated MMORPGs 2014 BLESS 7. Most Anticipated MMORPGs 2014 For more information please visit 8. Most Anticipated MMORPGs 2014 Best MMORPG 2014 Video (Upcoming Games)