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<ul><li><p>Best Advice for Fashion &amp; Beauty Photography </p><p>Beauty admires everywhere. We love to see beauty in everything and we </p><p>allured to it. Many fashion designers create numerous latest trends and </p><p>fashion photography brings these changeable trends to us. Widely changes </p><p>fashion world always showcase their talent in fashion shows organized by </p><p>many fashion houses. Ravishing, Radiant and Glamorous Divas present the </p><p>latest trends of the fashion world. How is it possible to attend every fashion </p><p>show to get the information of whats been presented? Fashion photography </p><p>gives you the inner sight of each and every fashion shows. It gives you entire </p><p>information of what to wear according to latest trend of fashion. Who does not </p><p>want to be updated about new trend? </p><p>Fashion photography has been started in 1856 by Adolphe Braun, a French </p><p>photographer, to make the people aware of fashion world. There are </p><p>numerous fashion photographers all over the world but some has distinction </p><p>in it. Michael William Paul; A reputed Director and Photographer who has </p><p>earned reputation in the fashion world by his contemporary and creative </p><p>approach. MWP is an insightful entrepreneur and a dedicated human being. </p><p>Michael William Paul is a Director and Photographer, passionate about his </p><p>work for both editorial and advertising. He has changed the perception of </p><p>fashion and beauty photography. Michaels approach towards his works is </p><p>factual and honest. Reorganization and respect for new talent adds for value </p><p>to quality of work. He always admires being working with young artists. </p><p>MWP being an international fashion and portrait photographer has been </p><p>working over past 10 years with in the United Nations. He has started </p><p>shooting a Television documentary in Russia in 1998 when he was an </p><p>undergraduate; this encouraged the MWP to come in this field officially by </p><p>journalism, photography or film. He was hired as a photographer initially </p><p>later on; he turned an information and media consultant </p><p></p></li><li><p>While shooting as a Portrait photographer for largest womens lecture </p><p>series held in North America MWP got inspired by Jane Fonda, Shirley </p><p>MacLain, Isabella Rossellini, Maya Angelou. Michael William Paul has </p><p>tremendous knowledge about fashion and beauty. Many renowned </p><p>International magazines like Elle, Town and Country, Harpers Bazaar, Todays </p><p>Bride Flare, Arise, Wedding Bells has published his fashion photography both </p><p>editorial and advertising. </p><p> The special edition of book publication New African Fashion has selected </p><p>MWPs photograph of empowering three African super models(Hawa, Nana </p><p>and Sonia). He focused on producing and directing the photo shoots. He has </p><p>worked in front of the camera in the popular internationally syndicated </p><p>Canadian TC series In Your Space. MWP has given guest appearances for E </p><p>Network Television shows and VH1. </p><p>MWP has involved in many humanitarian ventures. He is the founder of </p><p>Universal Models for Peace (UMP), an international non-profit organization. </p><p>Michael has represent UMP in the Fashion world Forum at the United States </p><p>Headquarters on International Womens Day with moderator and Fashion </p><p>icon Fern Mallis and Carolyn Hardy of UN Women. He is the part of UN and </p><p>contributing his service to solve the world issues. </p><p>Michael William Paul has given the new heights to fashion photography. </p><p></p></li></ul>