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<ul><li><p>Commissinne della$ffinscfrer Rundfunk Kln, della Fundaocalouseculbenkian, Lbboa, e dela socbt del euartetto di Maiano.</p><p>Pcrlormance instnrc.tions</p><p>The instrument must be tuned in the following way: TE=F-_-</p><p>-"</p><p>It should be noted that it is clearly indicated in the score which G$'s must be played as an open string. All other G$'smay be fingered according to their context. No attempt has been made to transpose any part of the core. The writtenpitches are those which are to be heard, and therelore the player must find a suitable fingering wherever the third (G)string is employed.</p><p>Where the music is notated on two staves the player is to produce a percussive sound which follows the contours andrhythms of the lower stave, played by four fingers of the right hand on the body of the instrument.The best area </p><p>-</p><p>somewhere on the belly - </p><p>will be determined by experimenting where it is possible to produce four ditferentiated sounds(derived from ceremonial Kandyan drumming from Sri Lanka) which range from high to to*. During these sections theupper stave notates the simultaneous left hand finger percussion.</p><p>Spielanwci3ungen</p><p>Das lnstrument ist in folgenderWeise zu stimmen: ]F___7-</p><p>Es ist genau angeben, welche Tne Gis auf der leen Saite zu spielen sind. Alle anderen Tne Gis knnen ihremKontext gemB gegritfen werden Es lieg keine transponierende }lotation \lor, die angebenen Tonhhen entsprechendem realen Klang. Wo die drttte Saite (die G-Saite) benud wird, muss der Spieler daher selbst die passendenFingerctze linden.</p><p>An jenen Stellen, wo die Musik auf zrei Z|crl ndiert ist, sof der Srbr einen perkussiven Klang erzeugen, der denonhhen und Rtrythmen der unbn Zefe erfsgitf. Hbrtroa sdrd er mit vbr Fingem der recten Had auf denKorpus des lnstrumentes. Db am bsfien ge.ignt Sle zn lGrpus sol der Spbbi selbst finden, wobei esmoglich sein soll, vier verscfiiedere Todrherr wr hoclr t H, at orangpn. Oirse fecnnik ist dem zeremoniellenKandyan-Trommeln auf Sti lat*a nactremnnrglfrJrrsrd descr pqen ist in der oberen Zeile ein simultan zuerfolgendes Schlagpn mit den Rrgcrn r ffii lH nrdt</p><p>lnstnrzioni</p><p>Lo strumento der esero dbd .'ETNella partira rdhl---fr- rzrl otd e n.Tr.ri gli altri sot diesispossmo esl rst o t- d, {I b ffi. hn p.rb dela partitura statatrasposta Lc lrob c- n i {, f t tb E f 5fn tr crnque rnga usatala terza @dr ts4DoYe la mli:e il I tb l I t E l r </p><p>- </p><p>FEuo sefrendo le direzioni9 i ry d pn i , c f tl re 5 tc tD rrlnrilo La zona melioredovr esF rfE i b atf J rb r- h tnirl (derivati dai tamburikanlari nl </p><p>- </p><p>t l#D I -. </p><p>f pt i ffgcwna srperk re si trwalapaun*rribpb-ttntff.</p></li><li><p>scrttta per Rohan de Saram</p><p>Sequenza XIV accordatura, sempreper violoncello (2002)</p><p>c = 92 ca. mormorando e flessibile</p><p>Luciano Berio(1 e25-2003)</p><p>ptzz.m.d.</p><p>o-**) ptzz.</p><p>;- +--1 olzz. .' &gt; +-]*----r *-_---_r</p><p>r--l-r ;- , 3--1</p><p>+--_________.1</p><p>-____</p><p>o=120= </p><p>\lllpT</p><p>pizz,</p><p>pizz. pizz- </p><p>*---1 :&gt; + sempre</p><p>rall.prende l'arco</p><p>T-----..-.] przz.-l-</p><p>Pt!'* -- </p><p>pizz'*-r ord. (stop +) +o *E</p><p>3:::::1;</p></li><li><p>) = gZ(ma sempre molto instabile)ord.</p><p>pizz. arcoV{ arcotasto</p><p>V</p><p>tJf" ppp</p><p>nt----rtasto-r vib. arcomolto r ib. pont.:&gt;</p><p>-PgP</p><p>I!p ,!f ppp "tf- uf.pppS.V.</p><p>V</p><p>p</p><p>S.V.pont:-1</p><p>=&gt;FryParcoS.V.flaut:-r vib.</p><p>tasto s.v. ord.vib.</p><p>tasto -rs.v.</p><p>tl</p><p>?-?pp mfPont.-S.V.rV</p><p>arco</p><p>Pont.--1ll&gt;:&gt;</p><p>tSto-s.v. 'vtb.Vlt</p><p>-gp</p><p>)x -v</p><p>vT'p f-p p?pt-laut,</p><p>41f uT"p(vib. sul II) tasto r__ j-_..r (gliss. tremolo)pont. ;&gt;! ++.- h= ord. Ipgnt.</p><p>f-mf </p><p>- </p><p>PPP ed&gt;PP-f</p><p>ffp sempre 7rp e scorrevole*)i--)</p><p>III tt flrr.---- r- j --------r</p><p>+&gt;</p><p>&gt;\,</p><p>pont; arco.| o-'}. pont.:&gt;</p><p>q.ffio ttf"f&gt;p</p><p>"!f P*) slow the bowing and press hard on the string to produce noise</p><p>p?.setnpre Iry e</p><p>fscevo</p><p>trrn)</p></li><li><p>c-</p><p>tasto</p><p>pont.</p><p>rfarco</p><p>(vib. sul II)</p><p>1f &gt;opp</p><p>pont: l-- *-&gt;V</p><p>f'.</p><p>gp</p><p>l-I</p><p>tasto-r -l\</p><p>"f-</p><p>pont.--1</p><p>vib.tastoS.V.</p><p>pont:-sptcc. lt:\o&gt;</p><p>t"1-&gt;'</p><p>tr "tr==-p?p ff"p ??pS.V.tasto</p><p>P-pgp</p><p>pont:</p><p>Poont'...--- \,</p><p>f</p><p>p</p><p>g.y. </p><p>- </p><p>'fi.pont</p><p>- </p><p>?ru --sJlz,f </p><p>- </p><p>ppf tr"f P</p><p>) = sempre flessibile</p><p>arcovib.</p><p>s.\-.fasto___-_--_-____--r </p><p>v r-J __rpoco vib. e----; arco.- </p><p>ufzJf </p><p>- </p><p>PP JT #.f</p><p>t_q?</p><p>ff"f-PP</p><p>2''O</p><p>Luciano Berio Seque nza XIV per violoncello (2002)O Copyright 2002by Universal Edition A.G., Wien</p><p>ppp</p><p>a</p><p>Jr--',e'sa l:: :- </p><p>-= =Z </p><p>?':</p></li><li><p>f-J vib.</p><p>-?</p><p>pparcopont.-1</p><p>pont.-1&gt;</p><p>-? vib.I{)r</p><p>(vib.)tasto </p><p>-r?</p><p>r-5-r*)</p><p>/T\x9tasto </p><p>-r</p><p>,!f vftp ngf -? </p><p>f --..-</p><p>V ,'---.,/ </p><p>-r-</p><p>tStO-r ord.,ffi t-.i' ili</p><p>-</p><p>5-rr r</p><p>f 0,!? ? Fuf" f, iwp</p><p>r-)tasto__r pont.____1,---,/ .o_ </p><p>-( ll,I oont.-r-"S='tastc rvih.</p><p>f ?pps.v..--ttastio--</p><p>? ==- </p><p>?pp</p><p>J----.]Pont.-1 pont. __, pont.| '&gt; OfO, :&gt;</p><p>f-pfvib.-r</p><p>ord.tastoT----1:&gt;</p><p>"!f</p><p>oPont:-1:&gt;</p><p>{&gt;</p><p>-' l--.pont,</p><p>f\z__V</p><p>-- pHp</p><p>--?i-------</p><p>ITIIPont.--l tasto-r pont.------ltasto DOht.-- Oo</p><p>==-': :</p><p>t- </p><p>-</p><p>_fr -.p</p><p>-q= q riro:"tr sffzarcolrVoo</p><p>gp f&gt;f uf"f ry</p><p>@fzv^</p><p>ttTt*) the length of the fermatas is onll' sussested</p><p>l--5____-rarco Przz'</p><p>arco sptcc.o&gt;</p><p>o)&gt; pont.-1 3 P""t</p><p>JT</p></li><li><p>lCc-\0</p><p>?r72,:&gt;i</p><p>depone I'arco/T\* )= fio</p><p>+ (sempre)</p><p>rf, &gt;Effz</p><p>-_</p><p>"!/' "tr mfr-5arco</p><p>\.-. r FJnt.l^ '&gt;. t: a</p><p>+f</p><p>prende I'arcor:i\ sf</p><p>qg-' ?" ?'' 1ff2 I-!o o Uft</p><p>pont.-1</p><p>r- -i --rV-urrl</p><p>"trright</p><p>(t)&gt;oonFl</p><p>*) strike the hngerboard u'ith the palm of the</p></li><li><p>pont.-rr- -3 -----r b.f1\</p><p>^ottasto </p><p>-1 </p><p>ui6. r-J_--r^ </p><p>pizz.v:&gt;:&gt;</p><p>"Jl vftf-?t-- J--1</p><p>P tr"?(ritmico) t!</p><p>&gt;[Str)- t r\\ pont--1 r/.d:- tasto</p><p>-tW,tr</p><p>Lasto _.]a</p><p>l'l:&gt;</p><p>f&gt;or:- -i </p><p>-}f tasto -r o</p><p>IT</p><p>- </p><p>&gt;</p><p>IY J:y --p</p><p>-JT</p><p>?l-- -J -----r</p><p>llr-- -l </p><p>-rhIvl^ v v---A V I</p><p>? 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