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  1. 1. RPC Honey Hunt Facebook Campaign Overview & Logistics
  2. 2. Berenstain Bears: Marketing Plan Facebook Campaign Overview Campaign Overview In order to attract children to the performance, the RiverPark Center needs to target mothers during the social media campaign. Due to various past performances at the RiverPark Center, women in the household have the most influence when buying tickets for families. According to a study performed by Edison Research in 2014, approximately 69% of American mothers used Facebook, more than any other social media site. Mothers use Facebook frequently, as 49% of mothers check Facebook several times a day. Using this information as a guide, the RiverPark would generate more ticket sales when using Facebook during campaign efforts. Facebook posts need to be timed strategically to attract mothers attention. The Edison Research report in 2014 found mothers prefer hands-free communication in the morning; only 17% of mothers use internet devices in the morning. Mothers are more likely to check Facebook later in the afternoon or in the evening. Due to this, Facebook posts should not occur no earlier than 4 PM and no later than 10 PM. The Facebook campaign will focus on a community-wide scavenger hunt, aptly named RPCs Honey Hunt, (#RPCHoneyHunt) after the first Berenstain Bears book, The Big Honey Hunt, in 1962. A Facebook event page will be created detailing the scavenger hunt to the audience. A buzz will be created for the community-wide scavenger hunt by pitching a story to the Messenger Inquirer early October. The hunt will begin October 12, 2015 and end November 9, 2015. Each Facebook post will contain a promotional reminder to the followers about Berenstain Bears, and a link to the event page. Riddles will be posted on the event page. The riddle will lead Facebook followers to a different location in Owensboro, where a QR code will be found. The locations will be related to healthy eating, due to Owensboro Healths sponsorship, along with Independence Bank to promote their Little Patriots program in exchange for RPC endorsement. A partnership between RPC and the various locations could be established so hunters could receive small prizes from the place of businesses, as well. Once scanned, hunters will be lead to a hidden page on RiverParks website, containing information on the Berenstain Bears performance, ticket links and information, and a printable PDF file for the numbered honey pot. After the five weeks of riddles, honey hunters with all printed honey pots can receive a prize related to the performance. Winners will be featured on the Facebook page.
  3. 3. Berenstain Bears: Marketing Plan Gaining awareness of Facebook campaign: Time table & logistics 1) Pitch story to Messenger Inquirer Pitch story at the end of September, so story will run first week of October. The scavenger hunt begins October 12th; story needs to run early enough in advance to create a buzz for the hunt. 2) Create Facebook event RPCs Honey Hunt Create Facebook event one week prior to start date, which would be October 5, 2015. On the event page, include explanation of the scavenger hunt, such as: Join the RiverPark Centers first ever Owensboro-wide scavenger hunt, The Honey Hunt! In honor of the Berenstain Bears performance at RPC on November 20th, 2015, families have a chance to make memories and have lots of fun with this endeavor. Starting on October 12th, RPC will post a weekly riddle, leading to a location in the Owensboro area. Travel to that location, and youll find a honey pot QR code to scan, leading you to printable honey pot. Collect all five honey pots, take them to RPC and your little honey hunter will win a special prize! The very first day the event is created, write a post to help explain the event on the RiverParks main Facebook page, such as: Join this event to become apart of the RiverParks first ever scavenger hunt, The Honey Hunt! In honor of the Berenstain Bears performance on November 20th, RPC wanted to have some fun for families everywhere! Check out this event for more information. You and your kiddos could become great honey hunters, and can special prizes around town! Make some memories and embark on this journey.
  4. 4. Berenstain Bears: Marketing Plan Partnership Preparation In September, the RiverPark Center marketing team needs to contact business owners to make sure they would like to be apart of the Honey Hunt, and whether they would like to offer a small prize for the honey hunters (since RPC is leading consumers to their location from the scavenger hunt). Because Owensboro Health is sponsoring Berenstain Bears, three of the five locations could be related to the healthy eating initiative, and possible flyers for Owensboro Health could be found by the QR codes at participating businesses. Also, another location could be Independence Bank, as the RPC continues to create a mutually beneficial partnership with the bank. The bank could offer information for their Little Patriots program at the QR code location, as well as another small prize (up to banks discretion). The final clue will be held at RPC.
  5. 5. Berenstain Bears: Marketing Plan Facebook Time Table Date QR Location 10/12/15 Reids Orchard 10/19/15 Nonas Market 10/26/15 Trunnells Farm Market 11/02/15 Independence Bank 11/9/15 RiverPark Center Post of the Day (include event link in each post) Are you ready to join the hunt? RPCs Honey Hunt begins today. Families, compete in the city-wide scavenger hunt with your children for a chance to win (chosen prize) in anticipation of the Berenstain Bears performance on November 20, 2015. Join this event for weekly clues, and share the event for a chance to win a secret advantage over the competition. Happy hunting! #RPCHoneyHunt (choose random sharer and give them second clue in advance) Today is the day! Families, time to embark on the Honey Hunt journey! Include pictures of your kids searching for the third honey pot with #RPCHoneyHunt and you may be featured on our Facebook page. Remember, tickets for Berenstain Bears on November 20th are on sale now here! (include link) Join this event for the weekly clue! RPCs Honey Hunt continues! Families, buy your tickets now for the upcoming Berenstain Bears performance on November 20, 2015 here (include ticket link). Join this event for the second clue in the hunt! RPCs Honey Hunt comes to a close. The fun doesnt have to stop, though! Buy tickets for Berenstain Bears on November 20th, a week from today! (include link ). Remember, hunters who bring all 5 honey pots to the RPC ticket booth win (special prize). Winners will be featured on our Facebook page. Check out this event page for the final clue! Its that time of week again! Time to start searching for the next location in RPCs Honey Hunt. Join this event to receive the fourth clue.
  6. 6. Berenstain Bears: Marketing Plan Clues for Honey Hunt (all riddles posted on event page) 1. Clue #1 for Reids Orchards Apple Festival (third weekend in October): 10-12-15 Red delicious, granny smith, pink lady, oh my! Celebrate autumn with tasty treats, art & crafts, and carnival rides. Find this honey pot at this festivals petting zoo! 2. Clue #2 for Nonas Downtown Market: 10-19-15 Come to the market by the great Ohio, where the farm comes to your table! Delicious smoothies, bakery items, Kentucky dcor and local home grown food can be found at this location in RPCs Honey Hunt. 3. Clue #3 for Trunnells Farm Market: 10-26-15 Take a journey out yonder and explore the farm lands of Utica. Nestled in the country by a corn maze, youll find this next location full of fresh product and pumpkins galore! 4. Clue #4 for Independence Bank: 11-2-15 We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal. Take a journey down Frederica, youll find this building of independence, where each December a Christmas tree can be found in the tallest tower. 5. Clue #5 for RiverPark Center: 11-9-15 Come to the river, where there is a theatre of epic proportions! Appreciate the arts and make a lifetime of memories at this next location. Hint: You may want to bring all five of your honey pots to this last location.
  7. 7. Berenstain Bears: Marketing Plan Example information QR Code and PDF File On the following pages, an example of the PDF honey pot and the QR code fly- ers can be found. With each different clue, the honey pot number needs to change. There needs to be five separate QR codes, as well, as each location leads to a different num- bered honey pot. Along with the printable PDF of the honey pot, the webpage needs to first congratulate the honey hunter, tell them to print off the PDF and also include infor- mation on Berenstain Bears and how to buy tickets for the performance. For each QR code flyer, the flyer should be placed in a highly-visible location at the location, and should be adequately sized to attract attention.
  8. 8. Riverpark Center 1 Congratulations, honey hunter! You have figured out the first riddle. Here is honey pot #1! Save this picture on your mobile device to print it later once you have found all five honey pots. Happy hunting!
  9. 9. #RPCHoneyHunt QR Code Here Scan me for the first honey pot!


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