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Berea Braves Offense BASICS. 2012. Offensive Basics. In this document we will discuss the basics of our offensive system We will cover main ideas like huddling, formation(s), motion(s), and cadence - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Berea Braves Offense

CadenceThe Cadence we use will consist of a series of callsThe Cadence can be used for AUDIBLE / DIRECTION / ETCWe use Cadence to shift and/or set motion as wellWe Shorten Cadence in 2 Minute (Attack) OffenseThis is our basic Cadence:DOWN (Sets the Alignment / Line go down to 3 point stance)SHIFT (If Called)Color and Number (Could be dummy call or carry significance)Color and Number (Same)SET (Readies everyone for Snap)GO (Snap Point) Could use multiple Go's

Example (DOWN, RED 18, RED 18, SET, GO)

PreviousNextBasicsThe HuddleThe Basic Huddle will consist of the Center "Calling" the Huddle at a depth of 8 yards from the ball. The Center is responsible to keep the Huddle "Sharp". Only the C and Q should be speaking in the Huddle.Q will get signals and make the call one time and allow Center and Wide-outs to exit huddle. Q will then call play one more time for everyone else and break the huddle.

Line of Scrimmage

PreviousNextBasicsFHQXZYMotion(s) and Shift(s)Motion(s) are relatively simple in our system, we use three basic motions: JET, ROCKET, and Destination(s).We TAG the player in motions (Z, F, H)JET motion is motion across our formationRocket Motion is Motion Deep to I formationDestination(s) are simply movement to a desired point in the formation which are called by the hole numbers (i.e. Z Jet, F 4, H Rocket) Examples

Z JETH ROCKETF 4PreviousNextBasicsFHQXZYFormation(s)We use a Basic System for formation(s) at Berea. We will have the five offensive linemen, the Quarterback (Q), Tight End (Y), Wide Receiver (X), Flanker (Z), and two backs Fullback (F) and Half-Back (H).

We use a basic Right / Left concept where the Y and the Z are "married" or align together in the formation and go to the right / left call while the X and H are also "married" and align opposite the side of the left / right call.

We will use different personnel groups to get different looks

We will use Tag Words to move some specific kids within each formation

PreviousNextBasicsDefensive GapsGaps



9 8 7 5 4 4i 3 2 1 0 1 2 3 4i 4 5 7 8 9These Gaps and Techniques are used by defense for alignment and defensive responsibility. As an offense, we need to understand these so we can be better prepared to attack a particular defense.

PreviousNextBasicsLine Splits / Hole NumberingOffensive Numbering System:

Splits: 2-3' 2' 2' 2' 2' 2-3' Holes: 9 7 5 3 1/0 2 4 6 8These are the numbers for the point of attack in the running gameThe 0/1 Holes are basically through the center positionThe 2/3 Holes are aimed at the inside leg of the guardThe 4/5 Holes are aimed at the outside leg of the guardThe 6/7 Holes are aimed at the outside leg of the tackleThe 8/9 Holes are aimed for the outside leg of the tight endPreviousNextBasicsPersonnel PackagesWe use multiple personnel packages to get more kids involved and to get different looks for our offenseWe feel this helps to teach specific kids, specific things and lets kids work toward their strengthsSome years we will be limited in personnel and simply not use every packageWe also use special packages week by week as neededWe FOCUS on three Main GroupsBRAVO: Our Base Personnel (Q,F,H,X,Y,Z) ALPHA: Double Wides (Q,F,H,X,A,Z) A is the Alpha (second Wide Receiver) who replaces the Y.CHARLIE: Two Tight Ends (Q,F,H,C,Y,Z) C is the Charlie Player (second Tight End) who replaes the X.

PreviousNextRIGHT FORMATION (BRAVO)Basic Rules:X is ALWAYS a wide player, 8 12 Yard split from offensive tackle.Y is ALWAYS a tight player, 2 3 foot split from offensive tackleH and Z are to be 2 x 2 from the closest offensive linemen

We use personnel groups to get into different looks (Example would be to put in an extra X to replace the Y, that would give us a Double Slot Look We will use Tag words to move players aroundFHQXZYPreviousNextRIGHT FORMATION (ALPHA)X is always a wide player, 8 12 Yard split from offensive tackle.

A or X2 replaces Y in the Alpha Package and by rule becomes a wide player

Remains a Right Formation as it changes nothing for the other players

FAHQXZPreviousNextRIGHT FORMATION (CHARLIE)Y is always a tight player, 2 3 foot split from offensive tackle

C or Y2 comes in for X in the Charlie Package and by rule becomes a tight player

Remains a Right Formation as it changes nothing for the other playersCFHQZYPreviousNextPosition TagsWe also Tag certain Positions to move them without need for a new formationWe TAG our H and Z the most (most learning here a reason we use multiple personnel groups)Q, F, X and Y only have a few tags to learn

H TagsQ TagsX TagsZ TagsF TagsY TagsPreviousNext11