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Bentley cars, the final word in luxury. Now in UAE through royalhouse car rental company Dubai. Read through to discover more on Bentley cars.


<p>Bentley Cars</p> <p>Bentley CarsBentley - HistoryBorn in 1919, since then leaders in luxury automobiles</p> <p> Bentley motor founded in 1919Powered by English and German technologiesFlying Spur</p> <p>Flying SpurFinal word in performance and luxurious driveStable and Serene</p> <p>sound proof installations in the doors and floor best powered engine management system0 - 60 mph in 4.3 secFlying SpurBrought to you by royalhouse rent a car DubaiCall us @ 800BENTLEY or VISIT US @ magnificent appearance impeccable driving control</p> <p>Bentley Mulsanne</p> <p>Bentley MulsanneThe best thing is you need not own a Mulsanne to drive one Simply call us @ 800BENTLEY or VISIT US @ </p> <p> combination of technology and power</p> <p> elegance and strength</p> <p> Charm of a bygone era</p> <p>Bentley Continental GT W12 Speed</p> <p>Bentley Continental GT W12 SpeedStop dreaming and rent a Continental GT W12 Speed from royal house rent a car 6.0 litre W12 engine 625 Hp</p> <p>Drive in all weather conditionsMax speed of 204 miles/hour</p> <p>fastest car- 8 speed, 4-wheel drive </p> <p>Bentley Continental GT V8</p> <p>Bentley Continental GT V8</p> <p>Go grand tours in luxuryHire a Bentley Continental GT V8 from Royal Housetough, luxurious and sensitive</p> <p>4.0 litre V8 machine</p> <p>Luxury Car Rentals DubaiRoyal House Rent A Car was established in 2012The only rent a car company in the UAE that specializes specifically on BentleysWe provide high-end, top of the line Bentley cars with outstanding customer serviceThank You</p>