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Benefits of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Classrooms Valerie RobinsonWalden UniversityJanuary 17,2016

Let the journey begin!

Student InformationMale5 years old Pre-KHome Language: Spanish Luis (not real name)Fluent in Spanish, speaks English. He was born in the U.S.He is the only child in the home with very little English spoken.

Background Information

Home LanguageMother and Father speak very little English.There is a aunt in the home who is able to translate.Student speaks English, but is fluent in Spanish as well.Socioeconomic StatusLow socioeconomic statusMom does not work, dad does construction workHe also receives free lunch

Group 1Group 2Clas8295Class 27688Class 38490

Academic ChallengesHe speak very low and it is hard to hear him sometimes.He has some challenges with writing his name.Student does well with memorizing information when asked

Student loves using the IPad doing center time and during small group time. ELL student is self-sufficient

Linguistic Student is fluent in SpanishStudent is in the developing stages of English languageSpanish is spoken at home.

CulturalUnderstanding Hispanic traditions an values.Diversity of food experiencesStudent is born in U.S. Parents wants the best for him in education

Funds Of Knowledge

FamilyStudent has support at home from aunt with academics and social behaviors.Student has strong work ethicThe parents are very active in the students education. They come to the school for all events or functions

ExperiencesHoliday and Cultural celebrations.Parents visit Mexico yearly.The student has not been to Mexico but once.Grandmother has great influence on the family. She was born and raised in Mexico

PracticalHas support at home with his auntEnjoys the IPadEnjoys StorytimeWants to learn and performs well for the most part.Funds of Knowledge

Literacy Expectations of the Common Core State Standards

[the] goal is to provide all English-language learners, regardless of their language proficiency levels, the same opportunities to demonstrate their content knowledge and skills as their peers who are native English-speakers or former English-learners. (Maxwell, 2013).

Standards set for all students including English Language Learners

Schools are Recommended by CCSS to Provide

Appropriate instructional support to make grade-level course work comprehensible.Additional time for ELLs to complete tasks and assessmentsModified assessments for ELLs to demonstrate content knowledgeOpportunities for ELLs to interact with other English speakersOpportunities to build upon background knowledge, strengths and prior experiences.Qualified teachers who practices found to be effective in improving students achievement (Common Core Standards Initiative, n.d.)

Strengths and Challenges Related to Literacy Expectations Of the CCSSStrengthsStudent is able to write his first and last name.Student participates in small group and large group activities.Students knows all his alphabets and most letter sounds.Students loves working with apps. On the IPad.Student works well with other English speaking students.ChallengesStudent has some difficulties with the English language.Student is a little resistant with speaking in front of the class.Student has problems with onset and rhymesStudent is the only ELL in the classroom.

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Laureate Education (Producer). (2014s).Valuing linguistic diversity[Video file]. Baltimore, MD: Author.


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