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This BellaTEX Stage Curtains Fabric Selection PowerPoint has been produced to assist theatrical dealers in helping their customers choose the right fabric for their stage curtain projects. View the full video with even more information and a helpful quiz on our website or on our YouTube channel ( About BellaTEX: With Dealers Across The Country, Buying Stage Curtains Doesn't Have To Be Difficult. Buying stage curtains may not be the most glamorous job in show business but to the performers, the graduates, and the achievers who work so very hard for their moment in the spotlight... to them, the role you play matters. BellaTEX has professional dealers all across the country to make sure your new stage curtains fit properly, meet applicable fire/building codes, and are professionally installed so they look their best and perform flawlessly. I Just Need a Curtain! Why Is It So Confusing? Seems like buying a curtain should be easy. Then you get into it, and there are dozens of Curtain Types, hundreds of Fabric Options, trim, valances, and then decisions to make about Flame Resistance. For a PTA leader or drama teacher who may only make a purchase of this nature once or twice in a lifetime, it can feel overwhelming and a little scary--what if you make a mistake? I Just Want to Know How Much It's Going to Cost! To make things harder, getting a quote from a dealer can be like pulling teeth. And if you make even a small mistake in measurement or choice of options, you can be on the line for significant additional expenses to fix the problem. Take the Confusion and Worry Out. Fortunately, you don't have to direct the show alone. Quickly estimate how much your stage curtains may cost. Then check out our handy How to Measure Guide to obtain the information you need to get an exact quote. If you need help sorting through your options, check out our Product Details section, or let a helpful BellaTEX stage curtain expert guide you. Purchase with Confidence. For complete confidence, contact your local BellaTEX dealer to take advantage of our Get It Right services. In most cases, the dealer will visit your site, make recommendations, and take measurements on your behalf. When that's not possible, the dealer will walk you through the steps to do it yourself. Either way, you can then budget with confidence, knowing that we'll get it right the first time. BellaTEX Stage Curtains provides Quality, Beauty, and Service you expect from a product which should stand the test of time.


  • 1. FABRIC SELECTION For Stage Curtains

2. Between all the curtain types used on a stage, all the different fabrics available, and balancing your clients needs with their budget, choosing the right fabric for a project can seem overwhelming. 3. Some dealers choose the same few fabrics again and again for all jobs, simply because those fabrics have worked in the past on some jobs. Dont fall into this habit. Learn about all the fabrics available so that you are choosing the optimal fabric for the job, not just the fabrics you have chosen before. 4. To select optimal fabric for a job, you must learn the characteristics of each fabric. You must also understand how all the fabrics relate both to one another, and also to the clients needs. 5. First, lets see how theatrical curtains have evolved over the years. 6. Until about 15 years ago, all theatrical curtains were made of cotton fabric. Then, synthetic fabrics came along, and the possibilities for theatrical curtains were obvious.


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