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<ul><li><p>8/4/2019 Beinte Singko Call for Entries</p><p> 1/2</p><p>Beinte Singko: Festival of Memories, Creation of New Stories</p><p>Call for Entries</p><p>A festival of memories</p><p>A creation of new stories</p><p>Beinte Singko seeks to mainstream human rights and remind the people</p><p>of the horrors of Martial Law and take stock of its lessons so that those</p><p>dark years may never happen again.</p><p>Beinte Singko will use old photographs taken and poetry written during</p><p>Martial Law about the peoples aspirations for freedom and combine it</p><p>with new interpretations of the new generation to convey the message to</p><p>the people. Stories will be told through the works of artists and activists</p><p>who witnessed and even experienced the atrocities of martial law to</p><p>share their stories and influence the public, especially todays youth, toalways remain vigilant. It will also be a venue for the new generation to</p><p>give their interpretation and to express their opinions about the pressing</p><p>issues of human rights today.</p><p>Beinte Singko commemorates the downfall of the dictatorship by bringing back the memories</p><p>and stories of heroism of freedom fighters, human rights defenders, activists and revolutionaries</p><p>during that time.</p><p>Beinte Singko: Tinamaan ka ng Lente! HR Photo</p><p>Contestinvites students, human rights defenders and</p><p>amateur photographers to submit photos that depict</p><p>issues of human rights.</p><p>Tinamaan ka ng Lente! is on its second year. The</p><p>competition encourages the young generation to give</p><p>their interpretations about various human rights issues.</p><p>For the mechanics, please visit .</p></li><li><p>8/4/2019 Beinte Singko Call for Entries</p><p> 2/2</p><p>The festival will be conducted in schools from September to December 2011. On November 15,2011, Beinte Singko will exhibit 25 photos and 25 poems from TFDPs Museum of Courage and</p><p>Resistance collection, together with 25 photos and 25 poems chosen as finalists from the</p><p>entries.</p><p>This will be instrumental in empowering students through the inputs of various artists. TFDP,</p><p>having been established during the height of Martial Law, will look back at the struggles of the</p><p>people during Martial Law and learn from its lessons and encourage the young generation to</p><p>speak out and express their views through the arts, such as photography and poetry, about</p><p>current human rights issues.</p><p>For more information please contact:</p><p>TASK FORCE DETAINEES OF THE PHILIPPINES (TFDP)</p><p>No.45 St. Mary Street, Cubao, Quezon City</p><p>Tel: 4378054</p><p>Email:</p><p>Beinte Singko: Berso sa Kalsada, Tula ng</p><p>Paglaya is a poetry writing contest for students,political prisoners/detainees, their relatives, and</p><p>human rights defenders.</p><p>Theme: Sa tunay na demokrasya, walang napipiit</p><p>dahil sa paniniwala.</p><p>For the mechanics please visit</p><p>of-the-Philippines .</p></li></ul>