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How Langstone Technology Park is being social responsible. "If you can you should" - Gary Medlow, Fasset.


  • 1. Gary Medlow - Fasset

2. Langstone the Heart of Havant business community 3. 3000 employees and 200 visitors arrive daily 178 toilet cubicles use 1,440 toilet rolls per month 752 tons of waste is generated per annum 2,300 catering transactions per day Noise and light pollution Supply chain and logistics. 4. What we do to build a sustainable future 5. Actively promote alternative travel to work initiatives Responsible sourcing e.g. Haven - renewable green energy suppliers Recycle >2 tons of food waste recycled per month Over 52% of our waste is recycled Recycling centres on site. ISO 14001 6. Making a positive difference to our community 7. Developing a culture of health, safety and wellbeing 8. Nurturing skills and talent 9. Principles Cannot continue as we are today Our childrens future is important Education is key. 10. Gary Medlow - Fasset 11. We are on a responsible business journey