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practical internetting and geekery for media plannersa lunchtime seminar @zenithoptimedia london


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2. whatpeoplewanted to find out about 3. 4. 5. 6. brands = people people = media Interestingness is the currency of the internet Sharing is the culture that underpins the internet 7. Effect Cause Separating strategy and tactics 8. interestingness and sharing 9. Where really smart people share really smart things 10. Some more inspiring places 11. or just look at what these guys read 12. ..this bit 13. or these Zed/ZOblogs 14. and keep reading these 15. this stuff is interesting because these people are interesting people > search engines at finding interestingness 16. places to share stuff 17. this isnt methis is me reputation = result of sharing stuff 18. Twitter = sharing onsteroids 19. = + + the question is not whether to use it it is how many things you can use it for 20. = (clue: not advertising) 21. Follow interesting people 22. Sort them into relevant groups 23. then listen for a bit before joining in (like we tell brands to) 24. because its all about joining in. blog comments (like we tell brands to) 25. then add yourself to lists 26. networks 27. @graemewood: anyone got any "bad examples" of brands using social media? case studies from: networks cross agency, country and category borders ZO Planner: what should my client avoid on Twitter? in 15minutes Planning Director, Universal McCann Asia-Pacific Planning Director, WPP Hong Kong Digital Strategist, Geronimo London Digital Planner, RedWeb PR, UK Account Director, TriMedia PR, UK 28. making stuff 29. this isnt why YouTube is so important this is 30. I cant writecode , but makingwidgetsis really easy 31. this looksdifficultbut took anhourto learn 32. visualising stuff 33. 34. 35. 36. Ive got loads more of these. 37. measuring stuff 38. Client iGoogle dashboard 39. low cost, professional quality , , freedemo great forpitches 40. Ive got loads more of these too. 41. I keep them here. 42. your turn Twitter:@graemewoodBlog: GeekMedia Delicious:Irata Slideshare:Irata