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To all of you who are planning to go to the Olympics, you might want to brown bag.


  • 1. Fast Food in Beijing Pictures By: G. Pollak

2. The place to go! 3. Try Star Fish fried in shark oil 4. Baby Sharks, Deep Fried Star Fish& Sea Urchins. 5. Turkey Vulture Schnitzels Silk Worms SeaSnakes 6. Snake about to begrilled 7. Dog Liver with Vegetables 8. Goat Lungs with Red Peppers 9. Corn with Ginger sauce 10. Mixed Cow &Horse Stew 11. Dung Beetles Black Silk Worms Scorpions Cicadas 12. Scorpion Brochettes 13. Lizard Legs 14. Dog Brain Soup 15. Oysters, Squids and Iguana Tails 16. Assorted Scorpions & Beetles 17. Scorpions, Crickets and Beetles 18. Seahorses 19. Grilled Snake and Silk Worms 20. Bon Appetite!Enjoy the Olympics!