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The February to March 2016 issue of Peterborough and District CAMRA Branch magazine.


<ul><li><p>ALSO INSIDE PUB &amp; BREWERY NEWS DIARY DATES JOIN CAMRA</p><p>Peterborough &amp; District Branch of the Campaign for Real Ale February / March 2016</p><p>187</p><p>TYDD STEAMLocal brewery celebratesSouth Pole adventure with </p><p>an Antarctic brew!</p><p>BEER IN THE USAPeterborough CAMRA Press</p><p>Officer tastes the best of Californian brewing</p><p>BREWING IN CYPRUSFacinating story on the trials </p><p>and tribulations of setting up a brewery abroad</p></li><li><p>The Simmonds Family present:</p><p>THREE GREAT AWARD WINNING PUBS serving Real Ale with fantastic prices!</p><p>Staniland Way, Werrington Centre PE4 6NA Tel: 01733 327696</p><p>Pub Of The Year 2014 and 2011Ten Real Ales from 2.00 a pint</p><p>Live Satellite Sports Live EntertainmentHappy Hour Monday - Friday 5-7pm</p><p>31 Station Hill, Brixham TQ5 8BNTel: 01803 852074</p><p>6 hand pumps and a regular 2 specialWeekly Live Music and EventsFacebook: The-Queens-Arms</p><p>The Queens ArmsTHE DRAGONHodgson Centre, Hodgson Ave PE4 5EG </p><p>Tel: 01733 578088Six Real Ales from 2.20 a pint</p><p>Live Satellite Sports Live Entertainment</p><p>Peterborough</p><p>&amp; District CAMRA</p><p>Pub of the </p><p>Year 2011</p><p>Peterborough</p><p>&amp; District CAMRA</p><p>Gold Award </p><p>Winner 2013</p><p>Peterborough</p><p>&amp; District CAMRA</p><p>Pub of the </p><p>Year 2014</p><p>Peterborough</p><p>&amp; District CAMRA</p><p>Gold Award </p><p>Winner 2013</p><p>South Devon </p><p>CAMRA</p><p>Pub of the </p><p>Year 2014</p></li><li><p>Editor: Jane</p><p>Published by: Peterborough &amp; DistrictBranch of the Campaign for Real Ale. </p><p>Produced on behalf of CAMRA by:Orchard House Media LtdEventus Business Centre, Sunderland Rd,Market Deeping. Tel: 01778 382758</p><p>Magazine Design &amp; Production: Daniel Speed</p><p>Advertising Sales Manager:Jane 01778 382718</p><p>Distribution:David Reading:Bob Melville - 07941 246693Printed By:Precision Colour Print LtdHaldane, Telford, Shropshire TF7 4QQCirculation: 7,000 copies distributed topubs, clubs and members throughout thePeterborough and District CAMRABranch area. A digital version of thismagazine is available to view and download at</p><p>Editors ramblings |3</p><p>Beer Around Ere is publishedby the Peterborough &amp; DistrictBranch of CAMRA Copyright 2016, The Campaign forReal Ale Ltd. </p><p>Views or comments expressedin this publication may not necessarily bethose of the Editor or of CAMRA.</p><p>The next issue of Beer Around Ere will beavailable on the 24th March. We must have your stories, news and advertisements by 1st MarchPlease send your stories and other copy tothe editor, Jane Brown.</p><p>Greetings!So here we are one twelfth of2016 gone already. Its beengrey and dreary so far and asyou look around there havebeen lots of gloomy faces.Guess they havent visited theirlocal recently! Reading pub</p><p>news makes me realise that there are many pubs inour branch area that I either havent visitedrecently or indeed not at all. I dont make NewYear resolutions but must try to make the effort toventure forth into the hinterland! I have to get outthe bicycle! Roll on spring! </p><p>For those of our readers visiting Cyprus this yearcheck out the article on page 28, definitely worth avisit. There is also an article on beer in USA, plusthe regular features.</p><p>I was reading in Whats Brewing that CAMRAwomens representative, Lisa Wadlow, has beenextolling the virtues of beer to Womens Institutes,introducing them to beer and food matching.Makes a change from Jam and Jerusalem! What agood idea, always pleased to see new ways of intro-ducing women to beer or should that beintroducing beer to women?</p><p>Did you Try January (see chairmans report) ordid you have a Dry January (bah humbug). </p><p>It would be interesting to know what our readersthink about these types of campaigns. Please let ushave your opinions on these or other topicspertaining to CAMRA related issues and/or arti-cles in Beer Around Ere. Also, if there is anythingyou would like to be included in this newsletter,please get in touch. Your feedback is alwayswelcome, be it positive or negative. </p><p>Cheers!JB</p><p>IN THIS ISSUEWelcome from the editor 3</p><p>Chairmans corner 5</p><p>Pub news 713</p><p>Brewery news 1416</p><p>New Year, new venue 19</p><p>Mysterious goings-on 20-21</p><p>Is craft daft? 22-25</p><p>Diary dates 24</p><p>Beer in the USA 2627</p><p>Micro-brewing in Cyprus 2829</p><p>Branch contacts 30</p><p>Join CAMRA 31</p><p>Visit our web site for up-to-date news: FEBRUARY / MARCH 2016 |BEER AROUND ERE</p></li><li><p>BEER AROUND ERE | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2016 Visit our web site for up-to-date news: </p><p>4 | Please support our advertisers</p><p>The Rose &amp; Crown in March</p><p>Easter Beerfest Friday 25th Monday 28th March 2016</p><p>PUB OPENING HOURSFriday, Saturday &amp; Sunday: </p><p>12noon-midnight Monday: 12noon-11pm </p><p>Pub food served 12noon-8pm BBQ available </p><p>41 St Peters Road, March, PE15 9NA Tel: 01354 652077 </p><p>20+ Real Alesand RealCiders</p><p>LIVEMUSIC</p><p>(Fri, Sat &amp; SunEvenings)</p></li><li><p>Chairmans corner |5</p><p>So we are now into Dry January (and for manypubs February as well). Whilst not berating theidea of abstaining from having a beer or twoduring the month if overindulgence during thefestive season is the reason, I can only emphasizehow much damage to the pub trade this can cause.Its a fact of life that the first two months of theyear are a bit Spartan in our pubs due to a lack ofcustomers. Abstain campaigns have a benefit forsome charities but, the other side of the coin is itmay encourage a lack of impetus to socialise.Many people actually dont go out at all during thefirst month of the year, whether through lack offunds or to have a dry month. This can onlycause even more hurt to pubs already under-usedby their local community. </p><p>There has been an alternative campaignsuggested by drinks industry journalist JessicaMason, namely, Try January which encourageslicensees to challenge people to try new drinks andfood and make the month more inspiring andexperimental. The campaign aims to challengepeople to try something new or different at theirlocal. The whole Try January campaign could insome way help prevent pubs seeing in the NewYear with low takings, whilst giving somethingback to the community by inspiring customers withtempting options. </p><p>CAMRA is once again calling for a further 1pcut in beer tax. Apart from Finland the UK paysthe highest beer tax rate of the top six brewingcountries in the EU. A cut of 1p can help strug-gling pubs stay open, increase investment inbrewing and pubs, and keep the lid on pub beerprices. </p><p>Over the next few weeks, as usual for this time ofyear, we will be surveying the pubs that have beenchosen by our members to be put forward forinclusion in the 2017 Good Beer Guide. In spite of avery poor response from our branch membershipwe did manage to get a variety of pubs that mayget recommended. These include some new anddifferent entries from previous years. Thanks to allthe members who took the trouble to send in theirvotes. </p><p>Our congratulations go to our new POTY (Pubof the Year), The Woolpack, in the old part ofStanground. Landlady Linda and Pete Goddardwere presented with a Gold Award in August 2015which put them in the running for POTY. The pubis a real olde world building steeped in history, andoriginally built in 1711. From the village morgue tothe local lock up and a small military museum by aformer landlord in the back room, the compactpub is a true community social centre. Normallythree or four hand pumps dispense a variety ofbeers, including a LocAle. The regular being onefrom Tydd Steam brewery. They hold a beerfestival each summer. There is a long garden whichleads down to the river Nene backwater, withmooring for visitors. An ideal spot on a warmsummers day. We shall be making the presentationto Linda and Pete on the 12th of February. Comealong and give your support. </p><p>Thats all folks, for now. </p><p>David MurrayBranch Chairman </p><p>Chairmans Corner</p><p>Visit our web site for up-to-date news: FEBRUARY / MARCH 2016 |BEER AROUND ERE</p><p>The festive decorations have been returned to the loft for the next eleven months. The Whittlesey pubs have had their Christmas 2 with the Straw Bear weekend.</p></li><li><p>BEER AROUND ERE | FEBRUARY / MARCH 2016 Visit our web site for up-to-date news: </p><p>VINYL NIGHTBring down your favourite recordsLast Friday of the month</p><p>UKELELE NIGHTEvery Thursday from 7.30pm</p><p>Winter beer fest2nd - 7th February</p><p>LIVE MUSIC WEEKLYCheck Facebook &amp; local gig guides</p><p>14 Ever-changing, gravity fed real alesthepalmerstonarms </p><p>6 | Please support our advertisers</p></li><li><p>Pub news |7</p><p>Christmas has gone, and all those who turned upfor their one annual visit to their local and found itclosed can now rue the 364 days when they failedto appear. Thanks to all those loyal readers whoclubbed together to present me with the completebox set of the Eurovision Song Contest, includingthe marking (I had previously confided that Iprefer the marking to the music). Nul point!</p><p>ACV UpdateThe current edition of Whats Brewing hasannounced that the number of pubs nominatedfor ACVs has doubled in the past six months,following the launch of a joint CAMRA/govern-ment initiative. After a slow start, this process isslowly gathering momentum in our own branchwith the Walnut Tree in Market Deeping beingthe latest addition, with sixty signatures. Lynn andDaron will be celebrating their seventh anniversaryat the pub with a party and a disco on the sixth ofFebruary. They will be running a Buy One GetOne Free promotion throughout the month oncask ales, cider, lager and wine, and at Easter theywill again be featuring their beer festival with 10+cask ales from the cellar. With all this going on,one would think that the petition was scarcelynecessary. But let us never forget that raising anACV is a pre-emptive act which safeguards pubsfrom being demolished or converted to another usewithout planning permission or communityconsultation. If planning permission is alreadygranted, it is too late.</p><p>Foody - pubsIt has become common now to recognize thatmany pubs, especially rural pubs, would notsurvive without serving food. Whereas this is atruism scarcely to be challenged, it is also a plati-tude likely to be overstated. A case in point isEmb in Burleigh Road. This place has beenthrough various incarnations, but when I firstcame to Peterborough it was an excellent local,with an excellent landlord (military disciplinarian)and an attractive garden; ideal place to take thechildren. It was taken over, gutted, and renamedthe Glass Onion. After that it became a bar</p><p>restaurant offering an enticing Caribbean cuisine.The last time I was in there they had a Digfieldbeer on hand pump. The proprietor told me thathe intended to discontinue this, making the placeeffectively a restaurant with a bar. Now, not onlyhas the draught beer been discontinued, so has thepub, closing down late last year.</p><p>Now the point I am trying to make is that onceyou become almost exclusively a food outlet youare missing out on a substantial amount of yourpotential custom. Once you stop offering a pint tothe occasional passer- by, not only are you missingout on a potential regular but you are also missingan opportunity to promote your food.</p><p>Another case in point is the Ram Inn in Whittlesey. I reported on this in Issue 185, withthe conversion of the function room into a restau-rant called the Shepherds Hut, and I predicted aprosperous future. But it proved to be a part ofthe world where a bistro just would not flourish,and it has since closed and changed hands. Thenew manager is Jamie Rudd who has years ofexperience in the trade and who has turned it backinto a pub, intending to go down the real ale trail.Ram Ale is the house beer, brewed by Caledonianand excellent value at 2.80 a pint. Jamie alsooffers two rotating guests and has turned therestaurant back into a function room with livemusic on a Friday night. The brewery clearlythinks this is a venture worth investing in, planningfurther improvements to the function room, aconservatory facing out on to the garden and acovered passageway linking it to the bar.</p><p>A similar decision has been made by BarryHubbard in Hubs Place. With two excellentrestaurants nearby, and sensibly priced meals avail-able in the George alongside, he has decided todiscontinue food now concentrating on servingexcellent beer ( it is the only pub I know where Ican guarantee getting a pint of Woodfordes) inone of the most comfortable pubs in the branch.</p><p>Visit our web site for up-to-date news: FEBRUARY / MARCH 2016 |BEER AROUND ERE</p><p>Pub News</p><p>F</p></li><li><p>8 | Pub news - continued</p><p>Darkest FenlandMy incursions into these dragon infested regionscontinued with a tour of the Wisbech villages. A freezing night in November took us to WisbechSt. Mary. The first pub we visited was theChequers, an Elgoods tied house in TholomasDrove. The building itself dates back to 1774 andit is a good example of a house that sold beer tothe public from its front room. This is clearlyvisible in the structure of the pub, with the mainbar leading into what was the original living space.To the right is a dedicated pool room; to the left,additional seating space which could easily beconverted into restaurant facilities. Landlady,Emma Cowans, has only been there for six monthsand is currently serving Elgoods Cambridge,Cambridge IPA and Fullers London Pride. Justdown the road is the Bridge Inn. It says outsideit is a family restaurant, but this is very much atraditional pub with an unusual triangularpromontory jutting out and marking off the maindrinking area from the games area, which alsofeatures Sky Sports. Landlady Rita Gammon hasbeen there for 23 years and is adamant that it willcontinue as a pub, ensuring its viability by rentingout the function room as an Indian Restaurantwith indoor access. She has Adnams Lighthouseas the resident beer and it seemed to be popularwith most of the customers. The villages thirdpub is the Wheel, formerly a blacksmiths shop asthe name suggests. The shop itself is now themain bar, with a long narrow saloon, clearly oflater addition, now the restaurant. Tastefully deco-rated with repro oak beams and horseshoes andhorse brasses, it is an Elgoods tied house servingan excellent pint of Cambridge. During the FirstWorld War it served as a military hospital.</p><p>The Woodmans Cottage is a large attractivepub in Gorefield. It formerly belonged to Enter-prise and went through a series of unsuccessfulmanagers before being closed and put on themarket, almost certainly destined for a propertydeveloper. Local resident Martin Walpole wasnthaving it as it was his Dads local, so he took thepub over in April and now runs it with his sister,Jane. He told me he has a three year contract withGreene King who have been massively</p><p>supportive, assisting him in all aspects of thetrade. The beers available were IPA, Old SpeckledHen, plus London Glory. A new beer at 4.1%brewed to invade the growing Doombar market, I felt it compared very favourably. We took theopportunity to eat here and would recommend itswide and varied menu. Make sure you have ahealthy appetite. Deeper...</p></li></ul>