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Corned beef

Swiss cheese


Russian dressing (or Thousand Island)

Rye bread



Sous Vide Corned Beef & Swiss Cheese Grilled Rueben by Sous Vide Guy

Beef Recipe



PREP TIME: 15 minutes COOK TIME:

Fill your sous vide water bath and preheat to the desired temperature dependent on your preference.

If youre using a store-bought corned beef, I recommend submerging the corned beef in a large bowl of water and placing it in the fridge for 24 hours. When cooking store-bought corned beef sous vide, it can be too salty without rinsing some of it off.

Vacuum seal your beef (without the spice packet added) and fully submerge in the sous vide water bath. Cook for the desired time.

(Optional) Add the spice packet to the corned beef and allow to chill in the refrigerator for 24 hours, as it aids in slicing the beef.

Remove the corned beef and pat dry with paper towels.

7, 8 or 10 hours (see above for details)

TO SERVE: Use a sharp carving knife to slice thin layers of the corned beef.

If eating by itself or with cabbage, add slices to a freezer bag and re-heat in your water bath at 57C (135F).

If eating on a sandwich, such as a Rueben, theres no need to reheat!

85 C (185F) 7 hours (Traditional style)

80 C (176F) 8 hours (Less flaky, tender)

74 C (165F) 10 hours (Smooth, slice-able)


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Beef Recipe

My names Derek, the guy behind Sous Vide Guy - a website fully focused on all things sous vide including hands-on product reviews, industry information, and recipes.

Im not a chef; far from it, in fact, and I think this is one reason my recipes and reviews relate so well with my readers. My background is in the technology sector and, by the time i got home from the office, I often found myself eating a lot of quick (aka unhealthy) frozen foods.

I turned to sous vide hoping to create easy, delicious dishes without having much cooking experience at all. Fast forward a few years, and I now have a sous vide book rolling out in the next few months and consider myself an expert in the industry. Oh, and I can also truthfully claim I am a very good cook now!

Sous Vide Corned Beef & Swiss Cheese Grilled Rueben by Sous Vide Guy9

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