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A look into a local cemtery located in Springfield Township.


  • 1. Beech Grove Cemetery


  • A perfect picture to display the condition of Beech Grove


  • A step down from Spring Grove but it serves the same function. A place for the dead to call home.


  • A lovely tree in the front right quadrant of the cemetery. Maybe the horticulture people could tell me more!


  • A lot of the grounds were bumpy and caved in. The ivy fences may not be aesthetically pleasingbut turns out they can be pretty useful.


  • I was so saddened to see this monument in such shabby conditions. As you can see, the cross has fallen and is now leaning to the side. I'm guessing it was the family who placed mailbox letters on the monument.


  • One of the few modern monuments I saw at the cemetery. This boy was only thirteen when he passed. It reminds me of one of the tram tour monuments.


  • The most recent headstone I found at Beech Grove. Albert Jesse Spell passed away in 2005. He was an Air Force pilot in World War II


  • I saw a lot of these types of monuments with a place for flowers at the bottom. Almost all of the said AT REST at the bottom.


  • The frontmaintenance building hosed only a push mower with no wheels and roof siding, which as you can see has not been used.


  • I wasnt able to find any information on the Cammacks but this monument steals the show. With a fence and a Spring Grove stature, this family definitely wanted to be buried in style (regardless of their surroundings)


  • This monument caught my attention because of its aged face. Cynthean Lee was born in Cynthiana, Kentucky! Coincidence? I think not.


  • Sergeant Edward Lee passed in 1865. He was one of many Colored soldiers from Kentucky. He is one of three buffalo soldiers buried at Beech Grove. His father was also a 1 stsergeant in the war (for the Union).


  • The headstones were all very closer. I am guessing the plot sizes are much smaller than Spring Grove. There were a lot of headstones basically right on top of each other.


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