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  • Bedroom Design Ideas for Teenagers

    Decorating a new teen's bedroom is different with children and parents. Rooms for

    children are usually decorated with a lot of accessories and bright colors, for the elderly tend

    to be dominated by dark colors. Well, plainly how to decorate a bedroom for a teenager? We

    will try to answer the question properly in this article. I hope this can help you find the

    answer. You need to know that most teenagers do not want too much items in their rooms,

    they've been quite satisfied if they already had a room that serves to mingle with their friends

    and room to learn. You just need to know a few things that are favored by teenagers, such as

    color, apply your favorite color on the walls of their bedrooms. Teenagers usually prefer

    neutral colors, such as cream and gray. However, we also often met teenagers who love the

    dark color (but not so dark) such as blue, red and orange. Some teenage girls may have a

    great interest in pink color.

    There are many things that must be considered in designing a teen's bedroom, which

    is one of them, you have to know first the teenager tastes or preferences. For example if the

    teen's love music, we can apply the concept of music in the room. The point is you should be

    able to adjust the decoration with the teenage hobby because it affects the comfort of

    teenagers when they are in bed.