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<ul><li> 1. Emulex Support andManagement DiscussionDecember 14, 2011</li></ul> <p> 2. Meeting Topics Emulex Satisfaction Survey Highlights......Judi Uttal Support Discussion.....Mike Geraghty Emulex Extra Program........Judi Uttal OneCommand Manager for VMware vCenterAndrew Eastaugh OCM for VMware vCenter DemoAlex Amaya Whats Next.........................Judi Uttal 2011 Emulex Corporation2 3. OneCommand ManagerUpdateAlex Amaya 4. Customer SatisfactionSurvey 5. The Emulex Satisfaction Survey Goal: Understand what is importantto our customers How satisfied they are withEmulex products and services Learn how our customers areusing or products to impactnew development Network Respondents: Administrator7% 878 End UsersDirector of IT7%Technical Server ConsultantAdministrator8% 23% Enterprise/Solution Architect 10%Other: 18%StorageAdministratorStorage16%Architect11% 2011 Emulex Corporation5 6. Sample of Participants Blue Cross BlueACS HallmarkT-MobileShieldPfizerADPJP Morgan ChaseTDS Telco BordersPier 1 AMD KaiserTahoe ForestCUNA Mutual Qwest AT&amp;T Permanente Health Capital OneRaytheonAbbott LabsLiberty MutualThe Scooter StoreChevron Renaissance AccentureLockheed MartinThomson RuetersCitigroup GroupAdventist Health LowesUS Bancorp Comerica BankRockwell Aetna Mary Kay UDP Conoco Phillips AutomationAllstateMayo ClinicUSAA Cox Comm.SamsungAmer. Fin. GroupMcGraw HillUSBankcorpDelta Siemens Amer. Honda McKessonUnisys Etrade Southern Cal.Assurity Life MonsatoUnitedHealthcare EMCEdison Auto Club National Semi. VerizonEdward JonesSprint BMWNationwideWachovia Bank Expedia State Farm Ins. Bank of Can. Northrop Grum.WalgreensFedExState Street Bank of Amer. PacifiCorpWalt Disney World FidelitySungardBank of the West Pacific LifeWellmont GEICOSymantec BarclaysPanasonicHealthcareHPSysco Co. 2011 Emulex Corporation 6 7. In a recent Emulex Satisfaction Survey of 87852% of End Users felt training was important or very important88% of End Users felt that technical support was important orvery important 95.4% 94.4% 93.5% 94.6% 94.3% 93.9% 88% 89.1% 89.5% 86.3% 81.9% 81.9% 76.1% 52.8% 2011 Emulex Corporation 7 8. End User Satisfaction withEmulex Fibre Channel HBAsPercent800 Satisfied orVery Satisfied97% 98% 94%96%90% 96% 82% 95%700 91%600500Not Satisfied400Somewhat SatisfiedSatisfied300Very Satisfiied2001000Initial Product Long-term OperatingPerformance Management UserInteroperability Value Overall Quality upon Reliability System Support Simplicity and DocumentationExperienceReceiptFunctionality 2011 Emulex Corporation 8 9. End User Satisfaction withEmulex Ethernet AdaptersPercent120 Satisfied or 94% 90%Very Satisfied 97% 97%94%91%100 92%90% 86% 80Not Satisfied 60Somewhat SatisfiedSatisfied 40 Very Satisfied 200Initial Product Long-term OperatingPerformance Management UserInteroperability Value Overall Quality upon Reliability System Support Simplicity and DocumentationExperienceReceiptFunctionality 2011 Emulex Corporation 9 10. Technical Support Statements Percent700 Agree or Strongly60091% 90% Agree97% 94%50094%400Do Not Agree300AgreeStrongly Agree200100 0Emulex Technical SupportEmulex Technical Support My Emulex support cases are Accessing the Web-based The Emulex Web-based engineer was technically was easy to accesstypically resolved in anKnowledgebase is Knowledgebase is helpfulcompetent, responsive and acceptable amount of time straightforwardprovided an acceptable solution 2011 Emulex Corporation10 11. Support Discussion 12. Technical SupportPhilosophical perspective on SupportCustomer Satisfaction Accountability Closure ConsistentJust in time knowledge and support1 to many Allow for the reuse of knowledge in an accessible fashionInvestment into the IP that is Technical Support Tools Training ExpertiseCustomer first 2011 Emulex Corporation12 13. Technical SupportHigh Level RoadmapInfusion of next generation of tools Case management On-line presence Transfer of knowledge (1 to many) Knowledge base Content Focused of detailed issues Broad verses narrow Ease of use Search capabilities Flow of information Self help functionality Just in time support and knowledge usageSupport models 2011 Emulex Corporation 13 14. Emulex Extra Program 15. Based on This Survey Emulex has Createdthe Emulex Extra Program An End User Support Program designed to give customers: Ability to Become a Certified Emulex Expert with access to Online Computer Based Training Centralization of Support Tools Access to Technical White Papers and Guides 2011 Emulex Corporation 15 16. Emulex Extra Program:Connects you with more tools, resourcesand support to make you an instant heroThe Emulex Extra Programgives end users a uniqueportal for accessingtraining, support, downloads and more. 2011 Emulex Corporation 16 17. Emulex Expert Certification Computer-Based Training Available Fibre Channel HBAs Ethernet Adapters OneCommand Manager 2011 Emulex Corporation 17 18. Emulex Expert CertificationTwo Technical Trainings AvailableOneConnect Ethernet: LightPulse Fibre Channel:OneCommand and OneConnect Installing the LightPulse HBA andInstallationOneCommand Manager Quick and easy instructions and A review of the instructions forexamples for installing the Universalinstalling the LightPulse adapter andConverged Network Adapter (UCNA) management software.hardware and management software.LightPulse HBA Configuration andOneCommand ConfigurationTuning Step-by-step instructions for An introduction to the configuration ofconfiguring the UCNA withthe LightPulse adapter, operatingOneCommand and tutorial on the system specific instructions, and asoftware features. basic review of how to tune the adapter.Maintenance and Troubleshooting Fault identifications and analysis forLightPulse HBA Maintenancecommon SAN errors, including running An introduction on how to use theand interpreting OneCommandLightPulse documentation set. Plus, andiagnostic tools.introduction to the maintenance and troubleshooting of the LightPulse adapter. 2011 Emulex Corporation 18 19. About Emulex Expert TrainingComprehensiveEntertainingModularRe-entrance Webcast Attendees completing one course by February 14th will receive a Starbucks Card. 2011 Emulex Corporation19 20. Customer Support Online Case Management Download Page 2011 Emulex Corporation 20 21. Emulex ExtraDemonstration 22. New Emulex Download Pages 2011 Emulex Corporation 22 23. Easier Navigation and Better InformationOrganization 2011 Emulex Corporation 23 24. New Interoperability Database 2011 Emulex Corporation24 25. White Papers and MoreWhite PapersAnd TechnicalGuidesSearch Toolfor easyaccess 2011 Emulex Corporation 25 26. Connect with EmulexAccess toEmulex SocialMediaNew EmulexExtraLinkedinGroup 2011 Emulex Corporation26 27. OneCommandManager 28. Percent of End Users Using ManagementApplications (Includes ALL End Users)80% 74%70%62%59%60%50% 46% 44% 42% 41%40%31%31%30%26% 23% 20% 20% 18% 17% 17% 16%20%10%0% 100%=774 2011 Emulex Corporation 28 29. OCM CLI vs. GUI Usage CLI Prior perception that CLI was the 5% dominant interfaceNO OCM Clear indication that usage is split 25%with GUI as the preferred interfaceGUI32% GUI +CLI 38% N=729 2011 Emulex Corporation29 30. Usage Frequency for OCM GUI Users478 Users7%15%22%Annually (once a year)26% Quarterly (once a quarter)Monthly (once a month)30% Weekly (once or more a week)Daily (more than once a day) 2011 Emulex Corporation30 31. OneCommand ManagerAdapter Management Software 32. Emulex Adapter Management SummaryOneCommand Manager (OCM) Next generation lifecycle managementapplication for Emulex HBA (FC) andUCNA (FCoE, iSCSI, NIC) devices Supersedes HBAnyware OneCommand Manager for VMware vCenter Native software plug-in Extends vCenter with lifecycle management for Emulex HBAs and UCNAs HBAnyware (EOL) Legacy management for Emulex HBA (FC) and CNA (FCoE) adapters No longer devilered 2011 Emulex Corporation32 33. OneCommand Manager (OCM) OverviewCentralized multi-protocol management forEmulex HBA and UCNA lifecycles Single tool manages all Emulex adapters - local / remote hosts Fibre Channel, FCoE, iSCSI, NIC Group and display adapters per-host or per-fabric GUI, CLI and browser interface optionsStreamline operations, optimize configurationsand increase server availabilityAddresses common datacenter pain points Flash HBA firmware online - no server downtime Push driver/adapter config changes to multiple hosts Switch UCNA personalities / protocols betweenNIC, iSCSI, FCoE on the same adapter Modify DCB settings (FIP, PFC) for UCNAs Change WWNs online without upstream impact Online adapter and fibre diagnostics 2011 Emulex Corporation33 34. OneCommand Manager for VMware vCenter Native OCM software plug-in for the VMware vCenter console Real-time lifecycle management forEmulex adapters from vCenter Builds on Emulex CIM providers andOCM features no new agents Extends the vCenter console withan Emulex OneCommand tab Display / manage adapters with multiple views and filters: View per VMware host; per VMware cluster; per Network fabric Firmware version, Hardware type and many other display filtersBatch update adapter firmware across VMware clusters Functionality and presentation 90% comparable with OCM Shallow learning curve for existing OCM users Goal to achieve 99% feature comparability during 2012 2011 Emulex Corporation 34 35. OCM for VMwarevCenterDemonstration 36. Whats Next Start Using Emulex Extra Today Enter to win $100 Gift Card by 12/31/11 Webcast attendees completing one Emulex Expert Course before 2/14/12 will receive Startbucks Cards Join the Emulex Extra linkedin group Connect with other Emulex users Learn about new papers, drivers, events and more We will post this presentation on Emulex Extra linkedin group after the meeting Go to Emulex Extra linkedin group for further questions 2011 Emulex Corporation 36 37. 2011 Emulex Corporation 37 </p>