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  • 8/3/2019 Become a Reader Script


    Become a Reader ScriptBy: April Olorunfemi

    [ Digital Still BECOME A READER] 20s

    Voiceover Narration: If you wanted a poem, you only had to look out of awindow. There was material always, walking or running, fighting or screaming or

    singing.. These words by Poet Laureate, Gwendolyn Brooks remind me of how artand literature are reflections of our everyday lives. 17s

    [Hallway long shot/Zoom] 6sVoiceover Narration: Come with me, if you will down the corridors of a typicalmiddle school. 5sOur first stop, the band room 5.5s[Medium Shot/Music book] 3s

    Audio: Students keeping time

    [Medium Shot of snare drummers] 7.4 sAudio: Drums solo 7.4 s

    [Songbook zoom/pan] 1: 18sVoiceover Narration: Ah, yes, the band room! Full of life, music, talented youngmusicians, and yes, books. Students use music books to study and practicemusical masterpieces. These books are filled with musical arrangements, lyricsand practice exercises to help our students become their very bestdont youjust love this tune 43s

    [Genre Poster Medium shot cuts] 14sVoiceover Narration: So, you may be wondering. What can reading do for us?What do you really get out of being a reader? Im so glad you asked. 10s

    [Book shelf pan] 26sWhat really lies within these shelves? Is there someone you can relate to? Is theresomeone who shares some of your experiences? Books have power. And the goodthing about it, this power can transfer directly to you.

    [Close up, James Lynn and shelves] 2.4sJames Lynn (Teacher/Character Interview): Star Wars Personal Narrative. 2.4s

    [Lady Pirate Digital Still] 14sVoiceover Narration: Who knew we d have our very own Luke Skywalker.Wow, whos this young lady? She appears to be magically appearing from thevery pages of a book. 14 s

    [Lady Pirate Full Shot, Running towards camera] 2s

    [Character sword fight] 3sJessica Hall/Lady Pirate: I came out of my book because reading causes you to

  • 8/3/2019 Become a Reader Script


    come alive.

    [Hallway long shot pan] 7.1sVoiceover Narration: I came out of my book because reading causes you tocome alive

    [Classroom slow pan full shot]41s

    Voiceover Narration: Again, books help us to become who we want to be,whenever we want to be it. I cant think of a better toy, a better friend, or sourceof entertainment. Can you? Hmm, a classroom. Im pretty sure your familiar withthe type of reading you do here with your classroom teachers. But did you knowacademic reading can also take you to higher heights, An old proverb says Noknowledge is wasted, it may sound weird but its true..So try not to be a pickyreader, selective yes, picky, no.

    [Pirate in the Classroom digital still] 9.5sVoiceover Narration: Well lets carry on, shall we. Hmm, I thought we left thosezany characters in the media center. Whos this fellow? 9.5s

    Bill Tumilty: Books really brought my imagination to life; Im dressed up as ErrolFlynn, from Captain Bloodand he was my favorite actor. 7s[Book titles close-up] 5.5sVoiceover Narration: Talk about being a true character. Lets here from anotherreader

    [Subject sitting with books/Medium Shot] 1.55sApril Olorunfemi:Personal Narrative 1.55s

    [Students and teacher playing musical instruments Medium shot] 31 s

    Voiceover Narration: Every reader has there own interests. I hope today youbegin to consider reading for the purpose of giving yourself new experiences,opportunities and access to information. Books add so much value. I told youabout the inspiration for art and literature and so, be inspired.

    [ Digital Still BECOME A READER] 20sTheres more to see, more to do, more to be than the world outside of yourwindow. Remember, no knowledge is wasted. Be a picky eater, but when it comesto books, make room for reading. 20s


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