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  • Because I believe.. I can........

  • In 1967, An Austrian body builder participated in Mr Universe for second time.He was runner-up in 1966.

  • He won competition and become the youngest person to win Mr. Universe title at age of 20 years.

  • During a press meet, When he was asked for his next plan.He confidently replied in broken accent I am going to become greatest actor.

  • Journalists laughed at his reply as. the young man do not have any link to Hollywood. His accent was poor. According to them a bodybuilder cannot become a good actor.

  • Few years later the same young man surprised them by performing lead roles in movies ..THE TERMINATOR, TRUE LIES, COMMANDO, etc.

  • This Austrian man later, also become the Governor of California. He was Arnold Schwarzenegger..

  • The Hollywood agents and Casting People told me that I had no chance as my body is too unusual and my accent was funny buI. I do not listen to them Because.. I believe I can

    -Arnold Schwarzenegger